Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Right Arm Pseudosweats

This imposed condition, of profuse sweating without feeling hot, took a new turn today; my right arm was dripping in sweat from lifting a coffee cup at breakfast, while my left arm was normal. This "condition" persisted after my shower while shaving and dental hygeine. Only when those activities were complete was my right arm returned to normal. Patterns like these are consistent in that a condition of assymetry is created, which from Tom Bearden's work, (PDF file) is what one needs to exploit and quantify the etheric energies, aka sidereal, orgone, scalar, lifeforce etc.

And more weird dreams in the night, with noisestalking added into the mix; this time it was over financial transactions, and the setup was that a company had split into three, and the same transactions were being applied, just to separate companies. As before, this is way too detailed and way too off my past dream subjects and nature to be anything but planted. Each transaction was noisestalked with the sound of a tractor trailer or other large vehicle outside, often in conjunction with the characteristic air pressure release noise, which is continuing into the daytime, even as I type this.

I was also treated to a nightime awakening and was made to thrash about in a highly agitated manner. Yet again, this is highly anomalous to any past, pre-overt harassment awakenings which were exceedingly rare in any event. I have never been in such a state in the nightime, and never have anywhere near so much energy then, let alone being totally pissed off. Highly irregular to say the least.

On with the air pressure release noises again, timed for the post-lunch digestion period. And the shopping cart rattling noise is being blended in over top, as it is of a similar sound profile, just a different source of vibrations. And it should be noted that the (shopping) "basket cases" have increased this week. There were four of them enroute when I drove from my parent's place on Monday, two days ago, and there were two yesterday on my walk, at opposite sides in opposite directions of the same intersection, the operatives putting on the wave to each other as if members of the vagrants-with-shopping-baskets brethren, that hardy breed of street scoopers.

As in NOT; it is arranged, and the baskets are invariably full of black plastic bags each full of plastic returnable bottles and returnable pop cans. It is a way of getting a variety of plastics in close to me, along with the vibration and noise of the shopping cart, and the rest of the perp benefits that accrue with the placement of metal mesh and cans in my proximity. I have noted in past blogs (with a picture) that the perps have arranged a permanent site of over 200 shopping carts at a Safeway that customers don't use as it is nowhere close to the store, but instead, is close to the street and my walking beat for two round trips per week.

A ginger beer break and now, increased noise from overhead (the hyperactive faux sliding glass door, extra buses and construction noise). This being the post-digestion period of said brown colored substance, a perp obsession event.

And I am getting the heavy push to get a nap, so I may not make it, in completing this journalling.

The nap "need" passed (oddly), but the noise continues, now with overhead pounding of the concrete floor above.

I read about the horrific event of the Duplessis Orphans, (and here) surely one of the darkest stains on the purported democratic rights of citizens in Canada, that continues to this day. The short story is that the government of Quebec asked, or more likely demanded, that the Roman Catholic schools supply orphan children for nonconsensual human experimentation which they did. This occured from the 1930’s through the 1980’s. And a TI by the name of Pierre Sampson is going to be visited by a email TI correspondent of mine in short order. But what I learned was stunning; he is still getting "harassed and stalked" after all these years, some 50 years later. This is incredible news; it means that the depraved agency behind the Duplessis Orphan torture outrage (some say "holocaust"), is the same operation that continues gangstalking and remotely applied harassment on TI's, me being one of hundreds, possibly thousands.

Pierre Sampson escaped from a hospital that killed many subjects when he was 14 years old, and I presume, left the province of Quebec, possibly for British Columbia. He did a presentation on his experiences in a conference call for TI's, which I "somehow" missed, most unusually, as I always seek credible sources related to nonconsensual human experimentation. I will do some more digging to find out if there is an audio track of this story.

And as I wrote the above two paragraphs up I got three sucessive siren cascades and four loud motorcycle noises trailing off into the distance. Translated, the above topic is of extreme interest to the perps, the very assholes who were behind the Duplessis Orphans horrors IMHO. Nothing that big, said to be 100,000 "disappeared" children over 50 years of experimentation, goes down without their hand in on it. Again, another speculative arguement, but it is consistent with what I have come to know since overt harassment began in 2002.

Onto science, or at least the precepts of those who have studied the human energetics condition, and have this to say:

On page 61 of Cosmic Pulse, Trevor tells us that the departure of a ray of energy from the human eye is an integral part of the process of vision. He refers to the book, Man or Matter by Dr. Ernst Lehrs in which Lehrs identifies the eye beam as the "visual ray". Trevor continues:

"This term is appropriate because the visual ray acts similarly to a radar beam, going out into space from the human being and extending consciousness out into space. Each eye emits energy, but one eye is the "master eye" and controls and the whole process. Through the visual ray, the living energy in you makes contact with external objects, reaching out and grasping those objects, as it were. The visual ray is of the same quality as the rays leaving your fingertips, but is much more sensitive and more functional because of its direct connection to consciousness. The visual ray is also under the direction, in a mechanical sense, of the exquisite human ocular apparatus."

And this may likely explain the perps ongoing obsession over my vision, my eye contact with others, vision impairments, having their shills and operatives wear shades in absurd situations, starings at me and other vision/observation games that pass for the current normal. And it does also explain why I see so much waving and pointing by the operatives and related gangstalkers. Fascinating, to say the least.

Another 40 minutes of actively ranting at the perps in the course of updating my personal accounts; this "happens" everytime, now for five years, where they rag the shit out of me by manipulating the numbers on either the online bank statement or Quicken, or both to then create considerably extra effort in finding errors and balancing the books between the two systems. And to no surprise, the perps jerked me around for an extra $220 of expenses, chocolate and the PC takedown last month ("failed" LCD panel switch).

And all the time, the extra strange dusk time lighting was arranged to fall on me and my keyboard as I am working through their fuckery, per above. Extra daylight is "imported" to fall into my E. facing suite in the guise of "reflecting" off outside apartment towers, the current height of regularly scheduled stupidity. I also get light that is flashing as if a stroboscope was operative outside. And all the time I was attending to financial transactions, the noise stalking was on; loud motorcycles, loud mufflered vehicles, the hyper bus service that erupts for the only route below this apartment and so it goes. My financial activity, right down to paying in the grocery store, is of huge interest to the assholes, the ones constricting my income in the first place.

And I wouldn't doubt that this morning's strange dream events, a detailed above, weren't a "warm-up" harassment exercise to support the above month-end financial transactions. All my life, I couldn't get columns of financial figures to add up, and now I know a troup of sick minded assholes was fucking my sanity at the time. Another mystery solved in part, though I don't know why they persist in pulling this depraved stunt.

And while the dusktime games continue, I am getting muscle spasming in knees, delivered by remote means. I often wonder how they know where all my muscles and nerves are from a control room, though I reckon when they conked me out for 10 hours or so when this all began, they must of digitized me, or mapped me in some way. No marks or hurts, save a sore left foot, in the center of it.

I found out that all of yesterday's pictures didn't turn out, save some more collections of red colored vehicles. Even the biddy trailing me on her infernal red colored motorized wheelchair did not turn out, and it was a direct shot, she being only 4' away.

Another missed photo was two shiftless males lounging on poles in the sidewalk; one had a cover story, (still looking like a fish out of water though), of being at a bus stop, and the other was further away, on MIB duty, wearing black and being the color reference for the asshole who was closer to me.

Time to call this a wrap; the masers and plasma games are busy, and it seems extra crud was applied to my glasses, something I get every two days, and it serves as the "cover story" for seeing flares and visual aberations, as well as a backlit effect, especially when doing Thursday yoga (tomorrow, another fluke).

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