Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Sudden Cloudy Day

It was to be more unrelenting sunshine, but instead, overcast skies. As regular readers will know, there is an astonishing amount of concurrence of perp harassment to the weather conditions, and I have identified weather engineering services that appear legit. I don't have a model of exactly what the perps gain from all their weather machinations, locally and elsewhere, but it seems that the light "fairy rains", not a normal occurence for this area, are often timed for when I set off for somewhere, or after I exit a store where I have spent some time shopping, say > 10 minutes. This occured over four sequential visitations, and I mentioned this to my in-town brother, an avid student of weather conditions and forecasting, and he blew me off as to statistical improbability of such a linkage of weather condition onset and store exit. (Same store).

I am getting the temporal lobe "floaties" again; the sensation of being stoned, zoned and not quite fully engaged, all done by suspending the energies in the temporal lobes of the brain, something that is applied remotely IMHO. This "happens" to be one of the few facts that I am allowed to recall from the intense Attention Deficit Disorder research days of 1999 to 2002, until the perps struck and made their covert agenda overt, or to me at least. In light of the harassment and mind-control agenda I came to know, the ADD aspect of my life has slipped to second place, and it could of been a managed situation, as part of the perp's managed personality they must of extensively cultivated for me. That way, they could then leverage more technology, in the form of MRI, CT and SPECT scans to further their sick minded agenda. Little did I know that there are agencies that break the law every operational nanosecond of their existence with realtime mind control and psychic energy research, and by my reckoning, have done this for over 200 years.

A full morning of excessive vehicular traffic noise so far, possibly grooming me for heading out to yoga and strength training this afternoon. And there is a daycare operation two doors away, or the appearence thereof, so the odd crying child noise has also been selectively introduced at intervals, which I am sure has some deep neural investigation ramifications.

The masers and plasma games continue unabated; I have a constant screen of blackish filamentous energy waves drifting about in my visual field, and sometimes they appear to originate off imperfections or scuff marks (both introduced) on the wall, though for the most part there is no definable origin of this constant magnetic energy "matrix" that has been imposed on me. It is interesting that my three gaussmeters were all sabotaged early in the harassment, when I measured 400 Gauss, and since then, I haven't "bothered" (read, mind-controlled lassitude in chasing this one down). And the takeaway lesson from that episode in late 2002 was that they can sabotage the instruments before I recieve them, or dynamically while attempting to take a measurement. In other words, the exercise of quantifying the extent of the proximate magnetic field becomes pointless.

More aerials are "showing up" all over the city, and even existing ones are being upgraded. In the latter case, the four that beam between two concrete towers into the workout gym were recently modified I noticed, which makes it mighty curious that a cell phone company would undertake such an upgrade inside of a year. Even the putative microwave dishes of the local phone utility have been "upgraded" to have additional aerials that are consistent with other "upgrades" in town.

And more noise eruptions in my mouth today; a sudden crunching when not eating and not moving my jaw isn't too unusual, as are the excessive swallowing and jaw clicking noises. These are happening at the rate such that "I" am not allowed to notice them, my awareness of environmental noise artifacts has been governed down, to the level of not being allowed to know what is happening in my own mouth.

I did my yoga and strength training; there were three new lugs in the latter class, and somehow, they knew to wear navy blue, which made for a total of five of eight wearing navy blue, shirt or pants. Then one of them tailed me home for over 20 minutes of walking time, and lo, if the lights didn't accomodate this operative in a red sweatshirt to catch up to me, at least twice. Then with the ever present native Indian walking his bicycle ahead of me (sixth time) also bedecked in a red jacket, I was covered fore and aft (20' ahead and behind, a red clothing colored male). Then once I passed this idiot show, I then got two young girls walking ahead of me in red and also swishing their winter coats about, and lo, if the red dressed Indian didn't "decide" to mount his bicycle and ride on the sidewalk in front of me, and then past the two girls, effectively travelling between me and the red dressed girls and wearing red himself. More of the distance dependent color games. And it should be noted that there was a 5' wide bicycle lane on the adjacent thoroughfare, and "somehow", this rube found it necessary to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk.So that made for nearly complete red clothing color accompaniment for 25 of 30 minutes of walking back from the gym.

And it seems a minor theme of the day was to make sure I knew that was followed and harassed. Another kid gave me a shove from behind when I was entering the recreation center, with the class instructor also on my tail. All these events keep happening to me, and how could that be explained in clinical terms?

An definite color scheme today was navy blue, or at least going by the coordinated vehicles, some 800 to 1,000 of them in faux commuting at 1530h in the afternoon. That kind of traffic intensity at that time of day just doesn't happen, especially for a municipality that hasn't grown any since the last census of five years ago.

And more light tan colored vehicles are "showing up"; two sidestreets in succession, the same light metallic brown, and same make of vehicle "happening" to cross my path as I was about to cross the street. I also got the beligerent "don't look" vehicle coursing in front of me; somehow, the driver knew he could safely cut me off while on a crosswalk while he cruised by, making sure to look the opposite direction only.

Other highlights of my outing were to have five black colored vehicles arranged in the parking lot outside while I was working on a machine near the windows; only three more stalls were visible, and one of them had a white vehicle and the other two were empty. Amazing, this ongoing color game, all the while pretending it isn't happening.

Then I stopped at the supermarket on the way back; and lo, if a brown skinned dude wasn't on my tail as I visited the chocolate (brown) section, and then he "shows up" outside afterward, shaking a can of root beer (brown), while his "buddy" had just finished drinking a can of the very same product. Then a swarm of three ended up in front of me, one being a brown shirted waddling male, and when I was to take a picture of the swarm, one member crossed in front to foil a more illustrative picture, and when I then moved to get a better picture, the perps had remotely turned off the camera, defeating the attempt for a swarm picture.

Making and eating dinner tonight wasn't near the imposed rage show of last night, almost mellow even, and with enough emotional calm to take on sweeping the kitchen floor of its brown crumbs afterward. Normally, the perps don't like me to sweep the floor here, but it was a more frequent event at the last apartment. Go figure.

The hallway glass bottle or crockery bashing has started up, and once I put on the ear muffs, the assholes then pounded the ceiling overhead so it could be heard through the hearing protection just as I was pulling the Windows border back. The ongoing game of creating extra fat Windows borders continues each time I login, "somehow" this setting never gets saved. And the perps usually make sure I am cranked up about it, and very often, they won't allow it to be fully abated, but instead I am forced to remove it in two or more passes, usually minutes apart.

Onto overhead floor pounding; amazing that it can be done to a 4" concrete floor, but is not the first apartment building where this has happened. And I am getting stalked with squeaky spring noises when I read the prescribed words, this time it is body parts.

More crockery clanging with coughing and hacking; I might as well be at a rooming house, except that the amount of same noise sources is reduced in this lofty quarter.

But I am getting fierce emanations off the LCD panel, ever since I got back from the strength training workout. The usual format is the perps are cranking up the base irradiation level, and the event of being out of their intense magnetic field, this apartment in other words, means that they cannot irradiate me to the same level when outside. And also, the activity of working out may likely cause the irradiation to disperse. Hence, they are catching up, and irradiating me heavily, such that it is difficult to read while coming from this LCD panel.

I experienced the same post-activity irradiations when I returned from hiking in 2006; there was an intensified irradiation of the same kind when I got back, and it got progressively worse by the week, up until I gave my vehicle to my daughter, and thereby ceased hiking. The hiking caused the irradiation to dissipate IMHO, and then the perps were irradiating me all the more to get me back to their prescribed level.

This base level irradiation concept would also play out in the second year of overt harassment; I was staying at my parent's place, the prime quislings, and after coming back from swimming I couldn't get to sleep, likely because they over-irradiated me. Then my father would go downstairs, fake using the bathroom (having walked by the one next to his room), and then ascend the stairs with another set of footsteps, who likely gangstalked me through the wall to get a better reading. Then this operative would stay there for some 5 to 10 minutes and then disappear, but that gave their irradiating crew a better calibration so they could adjust the level. Then I got to sleep within 15 minutes after being awake for an hour. This went on for weeks until I was allowed, per perp's script, to get a place of my own.

And there has been plenty of masers flitting about here this evening.

At yoga, the perps were up to their red light games, turning on the security system's motion detector, and then switching it off, and then display a plasma based red light that was about the same size only 3' away. More peekaboo games with red lights, and I get them all the time outside this apartment, as there is nearly always a vehicle heading E., away from this building, on a street that I can see for 400', and nearly always has its brake lights on for absolutely no reason.

At yoga I got the brother-like clown behind me, and lo, if he didn't have dark brown socks on, only 12" from my head when lying down. He got the hook within 20 minutes, and made out that he had enough, though he has gone the full hour many times before. The same fucker had light brown socks on when he stationed himself beside me about four weeks ago. Today, there were only two other class members; the oafish twit that does stand-around duty under the cover of having a back problem, and the >250lb woman who elected to park her ass in the hallway, making for a slalom between the two when exiting. Totally fucking rude, and totally blatantly obvious in keeping with the "notice us fucking you" theme the assholes have put on today.

At strength training the herd of "stand theres" were on duty, and there was at least two distinct clusters. One where 8 of them were loosely clustered in their distance dependent color games (~20' away) in mid-building of which only two were actually working out. The other cluster of 6 was close to the windows, again ~20' away, and only two were genuinely engaged in exercise. In this latter group, they had a black dressed Caucasian woman who had slowly worked herself away from me, stopping at every other machine, and then they had a total of four dudes in navy blue shirts clustered around her, two on her right side, two on her left side, and the five in total lined up like bowling pins. And outside of that location, the perps had five black colored vehicles parked side by side, one white one and three empty stalls. They don't often cluster black vehicles together, but today was a notable exception.

Closer to me in the gym, the perps were still working the same granny and planting her in my visual field while I was less mobile, on the stationary bicycle, and then a very dark East Indian man was on the "lean forward" bicycle some 8' away. It isn't hard to figure out the perp's games when one knows the particular demographics they keep presenting to me, and even easier when they keep hounding me with the same granny nearly everytime I go. No one else repeats as much as she does, not even the staff for chrissakes.

And the negro gangstalking at the apartment entrance has moved further afield, and now replaced with Asian stalking. Two days ago they put the negro stalker on at the supermarket, and not at the doorway or in close proximity to this apartment building. As a facsimilie though, they had a Caucasian gangstalker pack a flattened cardboard box out of the building as I arrived, this person then taking it behind the glass foyer to the recycle area. As I see it, it is another variant of brown color stalking, while egressing the building.

I constantly wonder what kind of snow job the perps pull on the "visible minorities" to get their gangstalking cooperation, never mind how much of my own personal details they reveal to explain how they created this brown color problem in the first place. The perps must make themselves out to be white knights of the just cause, and somehow don't allow any aspersions to surface that suggests they are also flooding cities with brown water, disrupting aircraft toilets in flight (Sewage on a Plane), creating mining disasters all over the world to sample Causcasians, Asians and negros in extended duress at depth, sending ferry boats and cruise ships to the bottom with a sacrificial pair of unlucky passengers, telling relatives of the mining disasters that all were saved when it wasn't the case, and the latest, taking out a bridge in Minnesota. And I am sure I am not covering the half of it, as there have been many other strange "disasters" that just don't add up, even in this city, but seem to have a connection to the stunts they pull on me and other TI's as well as placing particular pictures on the web pages I visit. (You guessed it, I get a disproportionate number of negro pictures on the news sites, and I don't read about Africa if I can avoid it).

I am on a riff here, and it is likely that when I re-read this, there will be something I will regret. I have found that the perp's can also warp one's judgement as to what is appropriate, and who knows if that has been applied to me as I reveal the perp's continuing brown color harassment.

Enough for a post, time to blog off.

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