Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Time Again

Even if I got back some hours ago, there is a constant requirement of the perps to have me start the blog after lunch. Perhaps it is all that yelling at the assholes while they screw me over on typo sabotage during this high-interest post mealtime digestion period.

I am back from an overnight stay at my parents, the perp abettors and quislings that supply newborns into electronic slavery, me at least. I cannot imagine the huge degree of loathing that must go with all concerned when they got sucked into participating in this sadistic outrage; teachers, doctors, neighbors and on. I reckon they are all monitored for the event of interaction at least, and for teachers, it would be all their job, every weekday. No wonder I found so little joy in them, as they were stressed at the sight of me, IMHO.

As usual, my father was on his walking about the house in orthogonal directions, standing up for no apparent reason and other nonsensical behaviors that fit the gangstalker's profile. He clattered the teapot lid (in the next room) some seven times in the evening, and never moved it once, just sought it out and rattled it. And if this sounds much like the glass bottle bashing act that followed me from my last residence location, one could suspect there is a pattern here, using ceramic and glass as vibration sources in my proximity. It is now nearly a year of this more blatant form of noise making has started up in earnest, and the pretense of normality has been dispensed with for this particular gambit.

My in-town brother came for dinner and got right into being evasive and avoiding any greetings. As it turns out, his neighbor sold his house to a couple who are embarking on a total renovation, down to removing siding and walls. I wonder if this is also part of the perp's scheme, as it surely must, as there is nothing they like better than ripping something human habitable open, including motorvehicles when colliding with telephone poles. (One in-town car wreck of three years ago had the snapped pole swing back and tear the roof off). With the "monster" house invasion of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond municipalities) in the past two decades, where the extant house was pulled down and sent to a landfill, one would think the perps have had enough of house trashing and the energetics assays they conduct on such structures and the ground they sat on. Seemingly not, especially when they live next door to a victim surrogate, his brother.

Ditto for mining disasters; two in progress as I write this; the trapped miners in Utah, and similarly one in China. Both are coal mines, and my father was a coal geologist. Another no-fluke association, though I am not sure what role coal plays in the harassment games, apart from the black color, an often used reference color that the perps use in their crumb and dust bunny inundation games that go on around me, and that their MIBs use, even on hot summer days like today. (A woman gangstalker, WIB in fact, dressed in a long black dress and black sweater with a wide brim light brown straw hat.)

The vision impairment activity is starting earlier today, they once reserved this for evenings, but have decided to increase their level of fuckery, which they have been doing from the get-go.

I drove my parent's car into downtown, and then my mother took over driving once I got out. The usual street swarm was around me, about ten of the ambulatory gangstalkers "passing by" and ensuring that they crossed my path when I backed it up into a driveway to turn the vehicle around, at the request of my mother who claims dislike driving.

And I had a swarm around me on Sunday (yesterday) when I departed this building; I got the negro gangstalker at the elevator, all dressed in a white track suit, and then with me in the elevator, and then an Asian joined us wearing a verdant green shirt with a particleboard table with one leg off that he grasped and placed at an orthogonal angle to the other table legs. So...., here I was in tight quarters with two brown skinned individuals with a brown particle board table. Just such a coincidence.

Then when I got outside there were two red vehicles posted (parked) outside, a third one with a red colored roof pod, and a fat oaf just "hanging around", this time wearing shorts in his all black getup, including a briefcase slung over his shoulder, on a Sunday no less. My more expanded definition of a MIB is any male in black clothing, and not just the formally dressed strange faced individuals of post UFO visitation lore. The modern MIB often wears black fleece, and often with nylon reinforcement patches on it to offer more energetic variability.

As always, I had my fleet of color coordinated vehicles around me when driving in each direction. It is interesting to note that when I leave my parent's place I usually get at least three dark green vehicles gangstalking me with two minutes of driving, and I can only assume that is because I haven't had recent contact with the dark green office chair that I sit in when at my place. They need a dark green energy interaction response, and don't usually need one when sitting in a same colored chair for much of the day.

At the last concrete building residence, from 05-2005 to 08-2006, I also had a negro gangstalker two doors away, or at least ostensibly so. There were also Asians coming and going when I was next to the door when waiting for the elevator, so it was never clear that there was any single tenant there. And it is the same here; a negro neighbor two doors down "suddenly" appears, when the same apartment was that of an old biddy when she was gangstalking me on moving day in her voluminous burgundy coat. This must be the gangstalker's safe apartment, one used by the entire community to emerge when I "happen" to be in the hallway.

Regular readers will note that such an arrangement was also true for the last residence location, the putative rooming house. In one room, there were at least four gangstalker acts, and they "showed up" within the month, indicating that they weren't new tenants. The rooms were too small to have guests for any length of time. Another room was regularly used as a prop for the male long haired blonde gangstalker/operative, who still "shows up", when he isn't hiding behind a door as he once did. The main glass bottle bashing tenant was limited to two rooms, as indicated by his frequent emerging as I "happened" to be passing by his door. Funny how certain rooms in a building are reserved for a few, or even one gangstalker act, where others are simply for rotating the gangstalker act du jour.

I had my first hot tea break in weeks a few minutes ago, and has some chocolate to go with it. This digestion period is now the subject of overhead floor pounding, as surely the digestion of brown colored food is one of the more complex situations for the perps to assay the energetic activity. And there has been plenty of outside noise that went quiet for chocolate consumption time, and has now resumed. A big deal for small minds.

Now the overhead thud with a simultaneous zapping to get me pissed off enough to complain loudly.

Next day; another forced "forget" to post this. Fucking tiresome that I cannot be allowed to access my own, or what would be my own, predilections and habits.

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