Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sunshine Games

I get awakened early for a reason; so the perps can play sunshine games from the east, and then engage in LCD constrast games at the same time. That is, they manipulate the whiteness of the background light of the LCD panel, making it mid-gray, and changing it;s grayness from left to right (gray to less gray respectively). And when I first logged on with the standard Windows screensaver of the cutover green field and the sky, they darkened it all the more, and at the same time turned up the sunshine to directly beat down on the LCD. This is not new, timing sunlight for their games of light and shade, just one of the more blatant attempts.

Then they planted the notion of pulling back the curtains when the sun was behind a cloud, and I reasoned that the assholes would soon change that by having the sun come out again, and then they shut down the browser, and back to that tiresome Windows screensaver again. Nice guys, just sick thats all, and they won't get help. They are still planting brown crumbs as a surrogate for getting their sick asses in here and figuring out what they need in hours, rather than years. And I note, they colored part of my right toenail as brown, the healthy part, the full length of it. Another example of being totally beserk and not wanting to show up in person and expedite their nonconsensual human experimentation. The brown problem, and the cowardice problem they have is not mine, so why am I being constantly fucked over for this?

And so it goes; cheese crumbs (white color) from last night "show up" in the kitchen this morning when all the counters were clean and inspected. And it is no surprise, as cheese use on the grater is beset with crumbs making two foot lateral "jumps", and since then, they have now expanded the cheese crumb games to have them "show up" after dinner when the cheese was 4' away from that location. Somehow, in their bent minds, it is OK to flick cheese gratings 2' but not 4'. This, coming from a billion dollar per year budgeted operation with thousands of operatives at their disposal to harass the living fuck out of me for over five years. Get it assholes? The white cheese problem is not mine, get your sick minded operatives in here in person and figure it out.

As another example of the distance dependent games over plausibility is making coffee (brown color again). In the past, the sickos have routinely flicked coffee grounds off the spoon as I am placing coffee in the bottom of the pot. Or, drops of coffee would "fly out" of the pot when near full. Invariably, the coffee would land no more than 6" from the pot. Now it seems that the sickos have now "grown out of" that particular juvenility, but they still need a sample of coffee outside the pot, some 12" away. So what happens? Some coffee grounds now "arrive" by unseen means on the stove top 12" away, often more than one, and usually arranged in three of the four cardinal directions. So who are they thinking that is watching so to modify the source and method of the coffee grounds flicking? It is utterly beserk, and continues in this same manner, managed by seeming adults with god-like powers to manipulate anything remotely, and yet they choose to hide behind "crumb arrivals" instead of "crumb flicking" when they need to sample from greater distances.

And the perps won't show up in person, but will continue to play games from their remote locations in the expectation that someone, and I don't know who, still thinks I am not being fucked with. I never would of guessed that there are covert criminal taxpayer supported rogue agencies that hound the living shit out of free citizens for their relentless obsessions over specific colors -especially clothing, doing laundry, taking a shit, eating and digesting food, and the myriad of day to day events and interactions, even turning a page in a book. And in my case, they have been at it for over 53 years. Fucking pathetic.

And still the sunshine games are continuing, now with a "background noise" of a garbage truck slamming dumpsters and likely shaking them all about. I wonder why they haven't started up the hallway noise and bizarreness yet. But instead, the siren cascades have started up.

Now that I have done my outing for the day, "earning" money from my parents for the activity of cleaning their windows and cutting their weeds, I got onto important matters such as sending a letter off to fellow Targeted Individuals who have a human rights campaign in Belgium. And for "some reason", after six months of lassitude, I finally got onto creating a one page description of the ongoing harassment. But before I do that, another identical stunt.

In this blog of three days ago I detail the the perp harassment over taking a crap before I headed off to my parent's place for Sunday dinner. And by dint of cosmic fluke, the identical toilet travails were imposed upon before I headed to their place this morning. A full on colon cleansing shit, more perp caused shit flicking, toilet plunging, and a shower to clean their mess that they plastered on my ass. The identical Fuckover Stunt over the identical circumstances in preparing to head to the same location and party. Being de-poo-ed before I take the bus again, now twice this week. How can anyone call this clinical and keep a straight face?

And I got my daily egress negro gangstalking outside my door today, the manager was giving him the goods over appearing like a bum in the lobby, then the manager rode with me down in the elevator. That makes him about the 15th negro in this 140 unit apartment building in a city that has about 1% blacks. Which suggests that the perps were looking at the interaction energetics between the manager and the negro "tenant", and then between me and the manager only 5 seconds after the first interaction. And it so happens, I was helping the manager often when I first moved in, including moving fridges.

I also got my plastic recyclables stalking today on the bus, This elderly Asian man in a tan colored outfit lugs his bags of plastic bottles onto the bus and sits right in front of me, placing them to the side so that the entire bag was visible and not blocked by his body. Only later did he shift the bag of bottles in front of him. And he got out at a location that has no plastic bottle recycling, just to make the point that I know that I am being hounded by planted operatives and shills. Two days ago there was another shopping cart of recyclable plastics placed on my walk to yoga, and an Asian woman was "tending" to her collection (more like hiding behind it). Another double, same stunt with same props with same race of associated shill in three days. Just like the shit show detailed above.

More conspiracy reading, this time the Oklanoma City bombing. Another tragedy that hasn't got its due in terms of an investigation by a commitee that was stonewalled by the FBI. This is an exhaustive and highly readable account of the later investigation, and the most stunning thing to me is that the FBI seized the on-street camera tapes and has not released them. Apparently, that is what they did for the 9/11 comission, implicating themselves in a coverup at least. I did not know the so-called "conspiratorial" evidence was so strong, having been fed the standard press pablum from this distance from the crime scene. One gets more exacting about the facts if it is local, even if not directlly affected.

I am getting the grit in the eyes harassment tonight, and will call this a blog for the day.


Harry said...

I'm glad you're chronicling everything, I have done so for the past four years. Look at my older blog for very much the same types of gnagstalking, street theater, and hour-by-hour documenting of methods, antics, and attacks. I wish you were near me and we could meet together in person.

AJH said...

Thanks; I will have a look at your blog. It is a strange existence, living this double life of harassment while all the participants are pretending nothing is happening, aided by governing what I say and the possibility that I will pop their reality bubble.