Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten Hour Sleep Jerkaround

I got a long sleep to prevent me getting on with my laundry in advance of going to yoga. Last week, there was plenty of time in advance of Thursday yoga to attend to laundry and even wear one of the laundered items. The circumstances are always changing, but the perp's obsessions over this, food, colors, and their selective demographic groups is nearly always the same. Just different juxtapositions, sequences, contingencies and maser and plasma games.

The vision impairment games are also being applied, and this is not the constant trail of filamentous masers, point source masers and the abounding plasma beams. This is the new "normal", but vision hacking is not, and is the usual provocation to get me enraged, the number one perp ploy to extract greater energetic response.

The Thursday yoga and the strength training workouts are done, and I am back mellowing out after all of that exercise. And of course, while walking to each location, I got my gangstalk crowd, in both ambulatory and vehicular form.

But it was simply stunning at the gym today, and a total reversal of the percentage of the "do squats" and those doing exercise. Formerly it was >80% doing nothing but look busy, and today it was >80% working out at any given time. What an amazing transition in two days.

Though I was not free from being "chased" or certain gangstalkers parading around me; today it was a weird woman in black and hot pink with a burgundy colored leather streetwear backpack who kept placing herself in my view, or using the very equipment I had vacated only a minute or less before. And as the floor exercises were in the open public area, she came to visit me there too. No granny stalking, and not too many "open mouthers" either, though a few other regular gangstalkers filtered in, doing their waving and pointing, and another had to step in my way, even after seeing me. Totally fucking rude and blatant.

As usual, there was the 600 to 1,000 vehicles on vehicular gangstalking, ordered by color and vehicle type. And I got followed for ten minutes by a woman packing a red leather bag, not too different from the situation above, at the gym.

The perps still like to plant particular colors around me; one stalker at the gym kept on "featuring" his yellow colored footwear, and even absented himself and came back a few times. Later, it was the turn for another round, this time from a gangstalker with only a small portion of yellow on his runners. So.... if I don't like yellow as it seems (something I learned from the perps), it is my issue alone, and not anyone else's problem, so why am I being constantly harassed with this color and others?

And I don't ever expect to get an answer to that, and with all the noisestalking that accompanied me when typing it out, that suggests it wasn't my idea in the first place, but yet another planted notion.

And I notice more "improvements" to the antenae that have been erected in my honor (and possibly others in town). The 4 to 6 vertical antennae on top of the hospital, less than a year old, have been replaced with a fence rail like device, so I can only assume it is to deliver yet more powerful irradiations, magnetic energy being one as it has been detected in the past. Another prominent location, a seeming apartment building on a high perch of land with more antennae than a battleship, has been upgraded again, the second time in as many months, and it is looking less like a cell phone operation all the time.

There was the usual masers and plasma beams flitting about in both locations, and for the second time this week, I got a plasma flash strobing ahead of me as I was walking on the sidewalk after departing from the gym. I also saw a 3" diameter maser beam come through the wall and thread between at least three other operatives standing there before it struck me, to no result but the visible flash. But it does make me wonder what is going on behind my back, as there must be a considerable amount of light and magnetic energy interaction. And who knows, my observing this phenomenon could be compromised by defeating the very neural circuits that would detect it.

I got my shopping cart brigade on me, at least two in the last block before I got back from the gym. It is amazing how consistent all these "differing" vagrants all get their shopping carts arranged in the same city block location as I am on the same days of the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays when returning from the gym.

After yoga, I got a similar act; some dufous packing two black garbage bags, one in each hand, walking along as if it were totally normal. He wasn't putting on the vagrant act, so just what was it all about, save "plastic stalking" me, like his rougher kin, the faux vagrants. This particular time and location is when I get the military gangstalking me, and nowhere near a base. But now, it was the police putting on their show, a vehicle driveby, and then their bicycling corps. The Thursday post-yoga LEO (law enforcement organization) gangstalking is getting to the level of being totally predictable.

I am getting the knee torquing torture as I write this; the twisting of the lower leg only, forcing the knee joint into pain, and reflexive movement. It will go on for this for hours, and tonight some "neighbor" clunking is timed with the knee torquing, usually at the maximum twist before"I" react. Back to this fuckery, and for what?

And another setup, this by way of the TI organization; there was to be a conference call but I was the only person to call, so something isn't correct, and as these things go, the purposeful vagueness is getting to be the "new norm", the "accidental" fuckup routine again. Been there, done that, don't piss me around with these trite games. I haven't quite got to the bottom of this one as the logical thread is missing, as is the stated urgency in the email doesn't line up with the brief phone call I made. Just like another TI, one who phones, and never phones back after I returned the call. The new stunt for phone games is to ring when I cannot answer it (e.g. in the shower, deep into making dinner etc.), or otherwise leave a message, and then have me leave a message when returning the call. Orchestrated phone tag in other words, leading to a null result. What the objective of this is I don't know, just more consistent and strange behaviors across a large group of people, both in when they phone (inconvenient for me to answer it) and that they don't phone back.

And lo, if I got out of date phone number information which "caused" the above snafu. I reckon getting the right information was not as important as having a fuck up, surely one of the perp's longstanding stunts.

More music listening on Puremusic; the perps put on some background noises for me to hear over top of the music, delivered by headphones, surely another device that they co-opt for their own use, especially with magnets at my ears. They have taken out two other pairs of headphones, and I am particularly pissed that one of them is the every so accurate Grados, SR80 model. All the perps do is allow only one channel (side) to play, and it defeats the whole purpose for having them.

Enough for a day, and time to blog off.

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