Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not the Usual Shut-in Wednesday

I had a 1h 40min. nap forced on me earlier, another one of those that follows 20 min. of almost falling asleep while sitting on my chair, being online. This seems to be an important part of the nap attack, as it "happens" everytime.

I got some "out" time as my mother called to say she needed driving help to run an errand and feed my in-town brother's cat, as he suddenly went on a holiday with his Indian girlfriend. I haven't bought into the rationale for this one, and nor did I have any expectations this wasn't part of the harassment, just that I get to wander through his house while he isn't there, an activity of interest to the perps who have set this one up hundreds of times with other parties over the decades of covert surveillance and mind control games.

The cat was duly fed, and my mother's offer of coffee afterwards morphed into lunch, and that was likely the big planned event for the day. We went to a restaurant that is only a block away, the second such visitation in the past three months. I had at least four blonde waitresses coursing about in my view, and then there were selective introductions of males as "staff" in vertically striped shirts, and then finally a blonde male in a ponytail arranged into a bob. Our waitress was black haired, and she would regularly aggregate with a blonde waitress in my view. It is as if the blondes have a higher degree of karmic or auric "goodness", and it helps all other members of demographics, especially the unfavored ones, if they can consort with the blondes, as per script.

And the ponytailed males is one such unfavored demographic, though I don't know why as I am never aware of any intrinsic loathing, I have learned this from the perps and their propensity to feature certain classes of people, grouped under one of two groups, the favored, and the unfavored. The perps are aware of my subconscious reactions more than I am and often stage many of the unfavored demographic gangstalkers with a few of the favored gangstalkers.

There was also a "Tuscan" theme to the menu; Tuscan bean soup which my mother had, and I had the Tuscan chicken sandwich that was very tasty. Regular readers will recall that the perps have an obsession on presenting all things Italian, and many of my family have visited northern Italy even if all relatives are from the UK, if they don't live in this part of the world.

Then about the time our waitress began to ignore us, a group of four male operatives, in the usual "chummy" mode, arrived in the opposite booth, 8' away. The booths seat two people per side, but for some reason the sickos later added a third operative into their party, all three on one booth bench getting squeezed together.

A group of three not-so-attractive women arrived in the second booth that was opposite, and not directly in my view as I sat at the table. I reckon the perps plant their very obvious gangstalking operatives' party just to get me seething at the sight of them, and it was no surprise that they kept my attention directed toward them more often than I would myself. I also got some strobing in my eyes at one point, as the fuckers had bounced this intrusion off my glasses.

As usual, there were plenty of reflective surfaces in the restaurant, and I was duly apprised of the street action even if I wasn't facing it. There was the constant stream of red colored vehicles in the reflections, and the perps made sure that I got to see the blue metallic finish Volvo 240 parked out front. The driver also put on the loitering act which I was controlled to look at for whatever reason. This is the make and model series of my former vehicle, the one they chased me around in for over four years at all hours of the day and night.

I can't say the above excursion was too exciting, but it was a relief not to be putzing about online all morning, doing laundry as the only variant. I reckon the perps also wanted me for short driving excursions today, as well as some roadworks hold-ups, one requiring me to drive in the opposite lane, something they frequently set up for me or near me.

And there was also a plastics testing game going on; my mother making little effort to eat her meal, and having a "doggie bag", a styrene box to keep her uneaten meal in, and it was on the table for at least 20 minutes. I routinely get food bearing ganstalkers with these same white take-out packages in ambulatory gangstalking, and this was just more of the same, except at close quarters. The other food item they constantly employ gangstalkers to carry is coffee mugs, paper cups and mugs, collectively named as the Coffee Corps, all carrying them in the same way, held out in front of them. There were a few of these, and the mug color was varied, bright day-glo yellow being the most garish.

I am now in the post-dinner digestion window, something of great interest to the perps, though I couldn't care less. This time period is inundated with selective noisestalking, often loud mufflered vehicle noise trailing off into the distance. Earlier, the perps switched on the faucet in the bathroom, and had a stream of water coming out for over 40 minutes. I had my earmuffs on as I was lead to believe the water noise was something else and coming from outside my door. But no, it is the second time this act has evolved in the same way, and somehow, I wasn't allowed to recall my knowledge of this stunt, and only deal with the faucet. Just to get this straight, the perps remotely applied force to open the faucet, as I did not leave it running the last time I was in there, some 10 minutes earlier.

There is more water games going on of late; I was allowed to purchase a different brand of drinking water two days ago, with three Asian gangstalkers parked almost on top of this item when I arrived to pick it up from the shelf. The perp's longstanding "problem" over water sources that I take in might be getting resolved. They regularly fuck with my purchased drinking water and denature any mineral flavors in it. It always tastes different, bland mostly, after the first day of purchase.

Another new compromise of my abilities is in smell; yesterday, the perps put a red-shirted male gangstalker smoking a cigar (bizarrely) behind me while I was waiting at a pedestrian traffic control. I was only minimally aware of the distinctive aroma, and was not allowed to "think" that it was yet another perp intrusion as I always did. Now, my primal awareness of smell is remotely fuckable.

I just had some 30 pictures "get lost" between the SD media and transfer into Picasa. All the pictures of three or four red vehicles clustered together and other strange assholes who gangstalk me are all gone. I am fucking pissed to say the least. The remaining few that add to the harassment story are below.

Here are a pair; five grey vehicles parked in file with a green colored vehicle at the end. A mid-grey colored vehicle leads the "formation", and the next four are all silver-grey. Then, the perps pass a mobile silver-grey vehicle in front of the six parked vehicles. Someone dare to tell me this is random.

Here is the formation of parked vehicles tonight, at dusk time, before I drew the curtains owing to being spotlighted with a "reflection" of the tower. In the N-S direction, two white vehicles and a dark metallic red with the tree obscuring the light brown vehicle.

In the E. - W. direction, four white vehicles parked in file with a blue pickup leading, all partially obscured by a wall.

This is the latest; having the shills and operatives leave the vehicle doors open for extended durations, shown on the left.

Another variation is to have the operatives standing behind glass, and the type of glass is also important. This fucker spent at least five minutes posing behind his passenger side door, through the glass, all in the name of "courier work".

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