Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Show on Yoga

Anything of a regular nature must get sabotaged, and so it was with Thurdsay yoga, as the instructor did not show today. But the freakshow on the streets was lined up in readiness of my earlier than normal departure. First off, I got the he and she of blondeness some 50' ahead of me, walking side by side on the sidewalk, with an intervening woman with a large brown and black dog. The "he", was the operative of the putative rooming house, my residence location until 05-2007, and said individual was known for standing behind doors when I was opening them, following me to the supermarket, "happening" to be exiting his putative room when I was exiting or entering the house and a few other "coincidences" that tested plausability as a house resident. The "she" was in a turquoise top, and I have no idea as to who it was as I don't know many regular women gangstalkers. I can only assume that the "he" was attempting to bask in the "she's" auric glow, as young blonde women are very often posted next to the lesser favored individuals, particularly ones with a track record of gangstalking me.

I got my shopping basket pushing vagrant show again, one in each direction, and in both cases the basket was full of plastic recyclable bottles, garbage bags and the rest of the usual debris they like to hound me with. Caucasian males were the assigned shopping cart gangstalkers in both cases.

And I got my dark-skinned race gangstalkers; at least four "stand-arounds" East Indians, one at the entrance to the apartment, and three on my way back, some dressed in absurd outfits, e.g. light grey suit with a white ballcap on, just standing there outside a church, and not his religion in all likelihood.

I also got the obese gangstalkers, two on my way back; first a woman a block away from the apartment block in black waddling along, then a mega-lardass MIB (male) "hanging around" in the lobby for whatever reason.

And I got the usual swarms of other demographics, and even some who might not be a member of the demographics the sickos like to draw from (large gutted males, vagrants, red-haired, big hatted, non-Caucasian races, obese, chinless, geriatrics etc.)

I did my Thursday afternoon strength training, aka the herding and parading game. It was the usual mix of agitated thuggy boys doing absolutely nothing but frenetically accomplishing nothing. One had to encircle me at least twice and also step through the location I had been standing on a few minutes earlier. They even have the same haircuts, a 1/4" buzz cut, one up from the skinhead show I usually get. Then when I move farther away, they then parade past me on the stationary bicycle. Another gangstalking method is to have the same thuggy boy repeatedly revisit the same equipment, and only perform a perfunctory level of exercise on each visitation. As I was wearing a near yellow shirt today, the yellow haired and yellow shorts wearing thuggy boy did his >5 visits to the nearby incline plane equipment.

At the OB Rec Center I saw that the cluster of six dark red vehicles in the same parking lot location is down to three or so, but others were dispersed with at least another 10 in front, further down the street and pointed in both directions.

And more emphasis on introducing obese gangstalkers today, and at the gym even. There must be some kind of "auric glow" off them, as they like to plant them around me, or passing by. In the gym the perps laid on one at the stationary bicycles, where they usually "get me", as in having me captive for some 10 minutes of aerobic workout time, a component of the structured workouts we do. No granny stalking at the gym today, but two in the lobby "gabbing" when I got back, and "oblivious" to taking the elevator that was availible. Bizarre to say the least. One, the blondish absurdity with tight curly hair like a helmet, has gangstalked me at least three times outside this apartment building, and this time, she was inside it, as if she lives here. And I am sure that she intended for me to see her jam her finger up her nose when I entered through the front doors, likely as repugnance test, to see if she could present herself as even more strange (unfavored?), which she did.

I got four more vagrants-with-shopping-baskets within the last block of returning to this apartment building. One was paralleling me on the other side of the street with a negro dude behind him. (All were headed in the opposite direction of a recycling center close by, likely a perp operation to give their glass bottle bashing noise legitimate cover). A "combination gangstalk", possibly to detect if their respective "auric glow" (or whatever the perps measure) could be compared in some way. One of the vagrant acts was the same one gangstalking me when returning from yoga, even if I was returning a half hour early, all the gangstalking acts were ready for me.

And the strength training class didn't have the coordinator present today, so one of the class members, theoretically a patient, took over the duties of distributing the exercise log books, pens and then leading the latter floor exercise session. And I would surmise his bright red shirt with black and red shorts was also part of the deal, as there were a few other red dressed class members.

At least one of the class was on "exoneration leave" and wasn't required to take part in the floor exercise portion. This dude, who started two weeks ago with a blonde woman, then took last week "off", and has now returned with quite a different haircut, with the sides mostly trimmed down. I have had other regular gangstalkers undertake haircut modifications before, and it is nearly always the same deal; they remove most of the hair from the sides of their heads. So it would seem that they are re-introducing this dude into the class again, and begining with a more radical hairstyle after a week of not attending class. It is as if the perps can detect the fact that I don't care for certain looks, appearences, (aka demographics) and even particular individuals, and attempt to gradually move them into my proximate orbit, taking measures to modify their appearence as much as is socially acceptable, and can also detect when I have "had enough" exposure to this particular demographic. As far as I know, I have not seen this person before he came to exercise class, though there was something vaguely familiar with the dude. I reckon his accompanying blonde woman was also to "borrow" from her "auric glow".

And more cross talk games were going on in the exercise room; two separate conversations just at the right level of loudness so one would clash with the other, and I was forced to concentrate on one alone.

More screaming at the perps as they kept hacking at my vision when attempting to read the group listing of like-harassed TI's. I thought this was interesting, as all these victims are as monitored as I am (and likely controlled too), and even reading their names and postings begat me this intensifed vision fucking, the worst of the day.

Here are recent vagrants-with-shopping-baskets on the street over this week so far.
I had a better picture of this one with the negro dude following behind as if a freakshow procession, and "somehow", even while looking in the viewfinder, that picture was spoofed, and all I got was the pavement, likely for perp color and energy calibration purposes.

This is an Asian woman attending to her shopping basket of recyclable plastic bottles. Again, I had a close up picture that was spoofed.

This was the one that "showed up" twice today, this time was his first gangstalking and he even asked me for money. The second time he appeared, he was within 100' of the recycling depot and yet was headed in the opposite direction. Which suggests that recycling plastic is not what this, and like acts, are about.

Last, but not least, is this operative who stepped out of "her front yard" (pictured), through the gate, and was "removing" a shopping cart that "somehow" was planted there. There was a shred of plausibility in this one as the residence was located within 100' of a supermarket parking lot, but it is amazing as to the confluence of events that happen in my proximity and have all the mark of the above pictured orchestrated events, just no plastic in the shopping basket. And note she is wearing a mid-grey sweater (hot day today, no less), over a black top in the now standardized overlapping garment arrangement, the underneath garment being shown as the black band above her ass.

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