Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Perfect Phenomenon Confluence

That is a take-off from the Perfect Storm of course, as I really don't have any idea as to the efficacy of the perp's noise campaigns in realtime, unlike them; its just that there is an ongoing backgroundd of harassment all the time, so the next step is to create the "storm", a confluence of the added phenomenon.

The "neighbor" water use noise is now coming through louder than my own water use in the bathroom, a partial seizure of muscles and fingers in my right arm and hand has been applied, extra loud vehicle noise of passing trucks on the non-thoroughfare street outside, the third commercial garbage truck visitation this morning, the seagull's noise, though there are very few, vehicle beepings, masers in fuzzy ball form zigzagging in my visual field, more typo sabotage as I type this, plasma beams flitting aobut on this LCD display emulating and paralleling extant Windows borders and headers, and likely a few other noises that have been deleted from my recall, an ongoing jerkaround that is now playing a significantly greater role in my minute-to-minute existence.

And the Pseudosweats are being cranked up again, something that usually makes its presence known within five minutes of stepping out of the shower, as a collection of sweat beads form on my forehead, very likely to give that facial region a different energy signature while the perps continue their relentless quest to examine my shaving activity to infintesimal levels of detail. I cannot think what they haven't fucked over in order to examine yet more details, though they are now returning to old ground and fucking me out of "knowing" to shave my mustache region in the usual order, a forced "forget", the same stunt two days running. And then they remind me that they fucked my recall, and have me shave that area last, when the sink has been cleaned up. More sick minded inquiry from the assholes too gutless and to get in here. Instead, they have spent over five years on intensified harassment over shaving, and a myriad of other juvenile obsessions, and still haven't the gumption to front for their nonconsensual human experimentation, and thereby expedite it instead of enraging me all day, and every day with their sick minded stunts.

Another bridge disaster in the news, this one in China. And wearing my cynic's hat, could this be related to the one in Minnesota, just that brown skinned individuals got dumped into the drink instead of Caucasians? Knowing that the perps are 100% obsessive to the point of being individually and organizationally psychotic over the color brown and all its related ramifications and substances (skin color, shit, soil color etc.), it does have a ring of another managed disaster as a complement to the one in Minnesota. More speculation, but I am constantly reminded by the perps as to how often their favorite research color/subjects crops up in the news. (See blog titled Sewage on a Plane).

And it is no surprise that I was noisestalked over the very mention of the above referenced color, and that the masers were cranked up to be extra invasive and distracting while typing the above paragraph. This might even be the big "fuck moment" of the morning, as the perps got me up early again, and forced another curtain closure for two hours before the sun was not cascading onto this LCD display for yet more light contrast games.

Onto brown again, as another example of their obsessiveness and research intensity. While returning from the gym yesterday, I got a MIB coming toward me, a male in flat black casual clothing who was walking, or more like staggering, toward me, putting on the drunken act, and all the while, he had an empty paper coffee cup in his hand, and was holding in in front of him like the Coffee Corps do, though he was manipulating it in his hands, something that cannot be sensibly done when the coffee cup is full, per Coffee Corps procedures. Anyhow, he did his staggering routine, and as he got close he put on the head scratch and the nose scratch act, per standard perp operating procedure. I can only surmise that the objective was to get some kind of brown color energetic correlation between the empty coffee cup and me, as I had been de-pooed before I set off. And very likely, the MIB was also similarly prepared for this gangstalking campaign yesterday, as the fuckers went all out, planting operatives from yoga at the entrance to my apartment building, behaving like a doorman for chrissakes. And note, he didn't not smell of alcohol, usually something the perps like to add into my environment.

The big event for the perps must of been the delivery and related downstream activity of my underwear order. I am stating this because of the perp's long running obsession with this particular garment, and that they just trashed three pairs of my underwear, the black polyester ones. The waistbands for all three pairs "went" over this past week, and lo, if "I" didn't order the same kind from the same source again, four years later.

And the downstream events were such that I had a pair of (interim) black cotton underwear on until I tried on one from the shipment, having been mind-fucked into getting size M instead of L "somehow", but they did fit thankfully. And there was plenty of brown color action; the UPS deliveryman's uniform, the cardboard box, and even a orange-brown crumb on one pair, of the identical kind that "show up" on my black colored workout pants I use for yoga and the gym. And following the underwear trial, I made lunch using brown colored tortillas, and ate them next to where the brown colored cardboard box had been placed on the table 10 minutes earlier. Hopefully, that was enough brown action to last the day, but somehow I doubt it, and in the least, the perps will likely replicate all the shit stunts they have pulled on me with this new shipment of underwear. That is about where I want to leave it, but rest assured, I have no intrinsic interest in this particular garment and would not normally expound on it to the degree that the topic has recieved.

I am recuperating from an 1.5 hour forced nap, with the usual prelude of almost falling asleep in my chair, in front of this LCD display, and a likely component of this nap benchmarking the perps impose on me, now about 4 times per week. And as today is the "new underwear" event, I am sure this factors into the napping plans prescribed for me.

Then a web surf to discover the life of Peter McWilliams, as in past tense, dying from AIDS and writing what appears to be a libertarian manifesto which draws interesting conclusions about the so-called "war on drugs" to repressive actions by the police. There is no question in my mind that the CIA and other spook authorities obtain substantial revenues from running and operating illegal drug importation, and that there is going to be very little movement on this issue, no matter how logical the arguements for liberalization may be. The one book of his that interests me most is; Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country, and it will be some time before I get to read this, as I am being kept off book reading for the most part. The nature of his death seems to a "made for harassment" end, as he was disallowed medical marijuana by court decree, and that forced him to vomit often, and he sucumbed to death by suffocation from vomit. Another repressive action by over-zealous prosecution.

I am still on the constrained e-mail harassment, though I cannot prove for sure that e-mails are being blocked, it is just plain odd that so many people are not responding. I still get the spammers of course. It is the same deal for the social contacts, though the perps made sure long ago that this was constrained, and blatantly so; I had three hiking friends and they all stopped returning calls within weeks of each other. It is the way it goes, the perps have long prescribed who I met and came to know, and break longer term friendships by forcing moving on me.

And at the moment of planing to shut down my PC, the child's voices in the hallway starts up, as there is a putative daycare two doors down, and as always, I cannot verify it for sure. The few children's voices I hear from the hallway invariably have such elegant coincident timing with the typical noisestalked events the perps favor. So many of my past residences were bereft of authentic tenants, and I assumed that the irradiative emanations were too much for mere mortals, but instead reserved for groomed victims like myself. Even looking outside begets a constant vista of plasma projections, maser waves, point sources of light etc. which causes me to wonder what is going on in this city, and how much radiation are the populace/shills being exposed to. I thought it interesting in my last few weeks with the swim club in 2003, before I was exposed to their involvement, that at least three parties I knew were moving out of town. (Or else they were off to the perp's school for operative training, the usual intake time I have come to understand).

After an hour of listening to music tracks, the perps pulled a fire alarm stunt. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, the asshole in white in front of me stopped, and about 15 gangstalkers came up the stairs as it was declared to be a false alarm. The usual stunts were on; a male operative put on his white shirt, tie and business slacks, making out that he was in some authority position, this at 2200h for crissakes. The token negro gangstalker was put on, as was the decrepit handicap act, the one with the open mouth all the time. And before I got to the stairwell to go downstairs, a woman was exiting of all things, dangling a bag of carrots in front on the brown door. It never fucking ends, all these sick color and gangstalk games, all to drive me out of my apartment at this time of day.

But at least is was made out that there were some tenants in this building, though I am not convinced it wasn't purely a gangstalker show.

That is the excitement for today, and who knows, maybe some more stunts for tomorrow, Thursday, having both yoga and strength training.

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