Friday, August 31, 2007

Door Thumping Again

Five door thumpings/closures in the hallway, and 4 more as I type this very journal entry. Up from none all day until now. I also got the manager berating the sacrificial operative in the hallway just before lunch, and lo, if he wasn't up to the same act when I went online immediately following lunch. Call it continuity, attempting to get the same neural or body energy signature with my lunch inside me, which is nothing if not consistent with what goes on nearly every mealtime, just different noises for the perp's calibration games.

In consistent perp tradition, the rain came on just as I was departing the grocery store, having being nailed with more "forgets" when I was there yesterday, and it is still continuing through lunch time and to the present. In the past four years of harassment in this city, there have been at least 20 events where the rain began when I was either inside or just leaving a supermarket. Once there were at least four in succession for a given grocery store, and when I asked my in-town brother about this astonishing coincidence, all I got was the smirking grin.

As usual, it was only a 5 to 10 minute round trip to the grocery store that is only 200' away, and all the perp acts were out again; my door monitor/sentry, the open mouthers, the waddling males (this one in light green-yellow day-glow jacket), the various brown acts (straw hat and excessive head swivelling duty, and then when ahead, he stops on the sidewalk outside the entrance to the supermarket), and the rest of the human debris, operatives and shills alike. One almost regular item is the operative ahead of me at the checkout buying bananas for some kind of yellow color reference purpose, as was the case today. As I have been through so many of these gangstalkings of this kind, I don't get into a lot of detail unless someone has specific questions.

And for this short sortie, the color coordinated vehicles were lined up in parked and mobile formations; 2 to 4 white vehicles together, ditto for silver greys, blacks and then navy blues. The reds weren't out in force today, and perhaps the trip was too short for the perps to get a good red color registry. Who knows.

And the cashier from over 15 months ago at a store some 3 miles from here in the days of vehicle ownership was on duty at the checkout, a short chatty blonde girl that was always pleasant to deal with. This makes the third person working at that past grocery store that has "moved", or otherwise relocating their "work" to the grocery store I now frequent, only a short walking distance away. And I imagine there are many more, it is just that they are morphed-over, and I wouldn't have a clue as to who is who, unless the perps plant purposeful similarities which they sometimes do. It is all part of the game; identify the same eyes, mouth, hair, personality etc. with some physical alterations to then serve as "bait" for me to make mental comparisons. Last week, they put on an operative that was a gangstalker in the hospital of over 4 years ago, (when on the common phone, he declared for me to overhear that he was on an "unsecured line"), but this time they gave him a wig of long hair, and as soon as I recognized him, something whacked me in the left shoulder. That is the kind of reward I get for recognizing the same fuckers with only a few changed features.

I had my ginger beer break, now the official light brown colored drink for which the perps try out their remote color games, and lo, if there wasn't a similarly clothes colored gangstalker crossing the street in view, that being a forced gaze. This is not the first time such a color coordination has occured in these very same circumstances, except the gangstalker was more like 200' away, more than the 120' of last time. No doubt the perps will have me move next year so I can see further, and then carry on this fucking harassment to continue their deperavity.

I got some pictures from my camera loaded on the PC, and lo, if at least a third of them didn't "come out", being pointed at the sky, tall buildings or distant trees, which suggests that the perps need this picture more than I do. Other pictures get sabotaged; one in particular where two 30 year old Ford LTD's were traveling in-file, only a model year or two apart, with the same burgundy color and paint deterioration with partial panels of the flat color (gloss burned off), were photographed, and "somehow" only one was captured on film when I had both in the frame when the picture was taken. I suppose such a photograph transgressed the perp's ever mutable notions of how much of a coincidence is permitted to be photographed. This was quite unusual, as one rarely gets old vehicles in the same paint color and conditon in one day, and here were two, bumper to bumper.

Here are some recent photos, of the ones that came out. I count four blue colored vehicles in this picture, both parked and mobile. This is common to have a cluster within 60' of my apartment building at the first intersection. As I recall, the woman driver was turning right, and then waited on the crosswalk until she could proceed. And when "I" looked at the driver, she was staring at me instead of concentrating on making the turn safely. Which supports my theory that the vehicles are being guided per script and the driver is making it look as if they are in control of the vehicle.

Two same silver-grey vehicles lined up together, nothing new in that, but their window lines are very similar, just at different scales, (respective size), something the perps work at all the time. I didn't notice the operative sitting there in the parking lot until I looked at the picture. More "do-squats" at every turn, though this has the cover of a cigarette break, but sitting on the ground, an infrequent perp/operative position.

; Another camera picture sabotage, but this is included to convey what it is like when these operative/gangstalker convergences "happen"; the navy blue shirt and the brown shirt dudes in front were on lead-ahead duty for the half of the block, with an operative coming in from the right, and another coming in from the left, she also on deep brown duty. There was at least two more converging operatives that were not in the picture.

The concrete job for no reason whatsoever. I was by this way only two days previous and there was no need to undertake replacing this section of the sidewalk, but within a day, it was done, and the fresh poured slab with the orange colored trimmings were in place just for me. All part of the concrete stalking that goes on, and just to think, I had at least two pured slabs in my house ownership days.

And plenty of noisescape excitement as I manipulate these images into place. This was preceded by a mind-fuck to look at more body painting imagery, something the perps are having me do, as I have no particular interest in this topic. I can only assume there is some kind of connection the perps are looking for between images from the web, and those from my own image library, mostly of the gangstalking scene.

And I suppose "my" recent interest in uploading some of the images to is related to doing the perp's bidding with respect to handling pictures.

More "brownstalking" vehicles outside; two same color light metallic brown vehicles are parked in file, one behind the foliage of a tree, and the other behind it. Later, a white vehicle and a red vehicle came to join the string of parked vehicles. Just the usual.

Ther perps got me on a thought train that I might as well declare; this is (again) the topic of who knows what, especially when using the many shills that are pressed into service in this town. This is in light of recent mining, flooding and motor vehicle accidents in the past month or so. As regular readers will know, the perps have a total obsession over all things brown colored skin color included, and that especialy includes that which is formed inside each of our bodies. However, there have been some more "brown" moments in the news, and most are of a tragic nature.

At the risk of oversimplification, it seems that me especially, and many others, are being chased, monitored and even harassed about our color energetics with respect to this color. And the recent floodings in the UK are tragic, but when looking at the floodwaters in the news, why it was brown, the typicial color of flooding I suspect. OK, no big deal, another coincidence. Could be.

Then later, two concurrent mining disasters, one in Utah with some Hispanic crew members, and the other in China. The outcomes were tragic, as there has been no rescues. In the latter case, in these deep mines which are far removed from cosmic radiation at the Earth's surface, the unfortunate victims were of brown skin color. OK, no big deal, China's coal mining safety record is atrocious, and the US federal mine safety poobah's are in Pres. Bush's pocket. Could be a coincidence, two country's respective mining standards are competing to be the worst, and this manifested itself with tragic results at the same time.

Then a more localized tragedy in the lower mainland (Fraser Valley), where an East Indian wedding party was mowed down with a motor vehicle by one of the elderly members at night. A terrible sight, and I saw some of the footage a day later on the news where six were killed and 17 were injured. But, more brown skinned individuals who died in place for the most part. Could be a coincidence again.

But the point I am making is that there are a huge number of Asian and East Indian collaborators in this infernal gangstalking and harassment, and sooner or later one of them will likely be asking their handler as to just what is going on, there are too many "brown" featured disasters happening in a short time period. So what does the handler/operative tell the shills? It is our agency, but not us, or "just a coincidence" (har, har) or what? I was on this topic last night with respect to Princess Diana's unfortuneate demise and my then wife's rather involved emotional reaction, as surely she must of known her confreres were possibly, but not certainly, involved in this one. Anyhow, this is only a curiousity, but I am quite sure that with all the odd "coincidence" factors that occur in my life, that many of these world news and disasters have a perp research component to them.

And I am more certain that the perps like to have some of these disasters happen at significant sea or land depths, as the victims are sheilded from background cosmic radiation, though are still subject to the neutrinos which exists in all the space vacuum. All of this topic is rather cynical and gruesome, but there has been too many of these strange events connected to the color brown, and this is a topic the perps are totally rabid about in all its aspects. And to complete this cynical line, but not intending any disrespect, most schools start up next week and I am hoping there will be no more shootings over the month like there was last year (three at least in North America), another strangely coincident event that has some association in that the unfortuneate victims die in place, one of the perp's (IMHO) most pressing requirements of their macabre research.

Street hollaring follows listening to Puremusic again. A few hours of music, and mostly escape, though with mind fuckings on the last tab, the forward and backward arrows, minor league hassle, but not in character for me, as I never, ever "forgot" which page I came from, and where on the page. Now, such "mistakes" are rife.

And I even got a dog barking noise from somewhere in the apartment hallway, something very odd as there are no pets in this place. I am getting severly bummed out over nothing, which equates to a perp imposed mood state, as I see their dark hand wherever such inconsistencies occur.

More strange plasma projections from this LCD display are emanating at me, usually if I blink or some such excuse the perps create. That translates to vision impairments, so it is time to bail for the day, and call this one more day of mental servitude done.

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