Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Regular Thursday

A yoga and gym workout day today, the vigorous version of Tuesdays. It wasn't quite the freakshow of Tuesday, 08-14-2007, was, though plenty of gangstalking action around me all the same. Just not quite as blatant for whatever reason.

And I got to do my laundry first thing this morning, another perp obsession, with a minimum of fuss. The washing machine cycle "somehow" got delayed, and I was waiting beside it to finish its final rinse spin, all the better for the vortex energies to be remotely assayed IMHO.

The perps still cranked me up this morning, putting on plenty of sabotage and harassment; whacking me in the dick, jabbing me in the ass, pulling items from my grasp, adding some extra-conventional properties to the chocolate I had with breakfast, stunning me out and have me stand there just like one of their own, and so it goes.

At yoga there were the usual proliferation of masers and plasma beams, and now the vehicular traffic noise outside has been increased. The same vehicle now makes extra noise when passing by the yoga room. The woman next to me had to leave about halfway through, a continuing coincidence of late. My take on this move is that there are residual energies remaining in the carpet and floor, and the perps need to assess these in interaction with me.

Similarly, the perps and shills were all over me at the gym, and they continue to place themselves in areas I last was located, basking in my residual energies in the floor and workout bench. I got two lugs, one on either side of me arriving almost together, and they each started doing the same dumbell lifting. The perps used to leave me alone to work on the free weights, but are now posting their gangstalkers around me within a short time of starting. This too could be a situation of me leaving early, and they hanging around and walking through where I was standing.

And it was the usual arrangement; about 10 to 20% of the gym members were actively working out, and the rest were standing around, attempting to look busy, or even gabbing. And as usual, a few are "featured" and paraded back and forth in front of me, and then they go and sit at a machine and gaze about. There is at least one "gut strut", someone who comes to show off his gut in a side profile, more than once, and who does very little gym workout. Bizarre to say the least.

No granny stalking at the gym today, something I am always grateful for.

And I got another tatoo show at the gym; there are a regular few who have these green ones down their arms, almost totally covered, and lo, if they like to move their arms about hoisting free weights all the time.

The Blob was pulled for today's gym workout; this is a certain class member the perps are attempting to introduce in my propximity, and for some inexplicable reason, they have me cranked to loathe the sight of this particular operative. I don't even know him, and don't care to, so what is the deal? The perps likely planted this possible explanation in mind today; that he is a doppelganger for a "medical staff" member who was party to introducing the various traumatizations early in my development years, likely before three years old. Only they would know if such an individual was undertaking such an odious role in my life then, and they would also know what this person looked like. He has at least two demographics covered; large gut, >50 y.o. male, and he has also been pulled from his attendance last week, both sessions. The perps make sure he is kept well away from me, that he doesn't look at me, and that he gets partial attendence, arriving for a little more than half the class duration. Just to think, the perps have now paraded over a 1,000 males with large guts in their gangstalking, and the above explanation is a possible reason. Not my problem, so why am I being hounded over it, now for > five years?

I got the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles gangstalking me when transiting to the OB Rec Center gym and back. Color arranged, and also by front rake angle and headlight placement similarity. And clusters of four deep metallic red vehicles together, and similarly with whites, and silver greys, though the latter two are often mixed. And all the while, there was this "careful" insertion of a light metallic brown colored vehicle, often in conjunction with a dark green or a red vehicle. It is like the peanut butter and jam on my toast; the perps want to integrate these colors, one on top of the other, and simulate this with vehicles as props to accomplish the same (whatever that is) in other locations. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

And I am getting a little weirded out by some of my classmates at this strength training. At least two women put on the sometimes friendly act, and one even went out of her way to do so two days ago, and wasn't inclined to look at me today. All part of the show it seems. And the perps are also jerking me around to be more aloof and "traumatized", as in avoidant. And if anyone says hello, it is "somehow" a big deal to respond intelligently. So what gives, why cannot I be allowed to form my own social connections without them being fucked with, and not be marginalized by some assholes in a control room jerking my life around, as if they hadn't done enough already?

I got the "travelling plasma show" in front of me for the first 10 minutes of walking home from the gym. The perps place a reddish or greenish plasma object, 4" x 2" that sits some 4' in front of me as I am walking, and strobe it at a frequency that I find particularly annoying. I didn't think something so small could be disorienting, and who knows, there might be some other radiative properties to this "follow me" phenomenon.

Presently, some sunlight intensity games are going on, with an "all quiet order" at the same time; one of those eerie moments when a certain kind of strangeness settles in. And some contrast games, as this display is getting to be more prominent for some odd reason (irradiating).

My music listening was suddenly stopped; after an hour and a half someone decided that I had listened to enough music samples, and cut me off. Nothing new there, and why three CD players "crapped out", one being a NAD player, as reliable as they come.

It has been an evening of dark skies and sunlit apartment towers, with a little rain thrown in as well. It would seem that this was a repeat of another evening when the same kind of sky was "arranged" IMHO. It is the maximal light contrast the perps can arrange under the cover story of the weather. And they also added some "reflections" from the windows of the tower that also "happened" to beat onto me in the apartment. They even arranged an operative to be standing in front of this light source, totally sillouetted as a MIB. All the while I was listening to music samples, and this activity has been "occuring" (read, by way of mind-control), progressively earlier each night. It would seem then that the perps were working me from the dark evening times to the lighter dusk time, listening to music as part of the exercise to reach deeper neural regions. And of course there was some street hollaring thrown into the mix and was heard over the headphones. Last night's false fire alarm at about 2200h hours was at the tail end of my music listening, and likely feeds into tonight's research with the dramatic skies.

Now I discover that at least 20 pictures I took today "somehow" did not get loaded onto the SD disc. Missing, and never mind the gratuitious insertion of pictures that I never took; e.g. sky, wires, steeples etc. There was a picture of three metallic red vehicles clustered, and that is gone. Again, someone is controlling what I am allowed to take a picture of, and if they don't like it, they insert their own pictures.

Here are four vehicles lined up; two whites, one silver grey, and one black. Then another white vehicle closer yet. Can someone truthfully tell me this is random?

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