Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Hot Day

Codified, a hot day means that I get soaked in sweat from 0800h on, usually starting with my right arm at coffee, and then progressing to my face and head after a shower. And in Thurdsay yoga, a decent workout, my shirt is soaked, even if there is no direct sunlight in the north facing room, a half story below grade. This won't be the end of the Pseudosweats today, as I also walk a half hour each way to my gym workout. Past history is that this imposed condition, sweating at the drop of a hat, will continue to October sometime.

Another tragedy, closer to home; the collapse of the bridge in Minnesota, and the final tally of deaths and injuries has yet to determined. I find in very interesting that at least three spans collapsed, two being the portions over the gorge, with the center span over the river. As a member of the TI community, those who experience orchestrated "coincidences" every day, my immediate consideration is was this bridge disaster rigged and how might it conform to known perp practices and objectives? In my case there is nothing about the timing and location that tips me off, but the fact that the perps routinely block off traffic lanes everywhere I go, and routinely re-route traffic into the normal oncoming lane under safely managed conditions, it is indeed a "coincidence" that there was bridge maintenance in place, and at least two lanes were shut down if I am correctly recalling the news. All I can say is that comparing perp traffic diversion activity in-town to that occuring on a bridge that collapsed is highly speculative. That doesn't explain how two extra spans collapsed, nor the fact that there were lane closures which meant there was less weight on the bridge than normal, so how did it collapse? I will leave that one there for now, and keep an open mind as to the events. If it is correct that the FBI are already investigating, as news sources suggest, then that raises the suspiciousness condsiderably. And as I review this, the overhead "neighbor noise" has started up; hmmm...

This blog self-published with two keystrokes for which I was mind-controlled to do, as I had no intention but to continue on today's events.

It was the usual 500 to 1,000 vehicles put on active vehicular gangstalking in my walk to the OB Recreation Center for strength training. The usual pods of white colored sedans, then red colored sedans, then repeat with mini-vans, then add in one light metallic brown vehicle in the string, and then do the same for dark metallic green and so it goes. I got my redi-mix concrete truck, two in fact, and the regular PVC pipe packing van of putative irrigation services.

There were some add-ons; glass crumbs scattered over one intersection, new sidewalk painting (red, like the plasma beams), green plastic straws littering the ground (same green), orange garbage bags littering and staying in place, even if the wind was cranked up around me, persistent plasma placement in front of me, appearing as if a retinal burn (on nothing), and a few more that will come to mind later.

And the same herding going on at the recreation center; at least eight males were on stand-around duty, doing absolutely squat, and each time I looked, some "reacted" (not looking at me, though), as if "caught" and then actively pretended to be working out, only to be "caught" again, doing absolutely squat. This bullshit went on at the Y when I was in Seattle, though not nearly so deliberate as it is here. I got the kid in my path again, some shill they send to cross over directly in front of me, they not even looking of course, and then act so strangely as if they didn't have a clue as to their transgression. In my experience, people know if they have done something silly, like not looking where one is going in a public building, and are contrite. All I get is the stare, same for the fucks rushing the elevator before I get out. Fucking bizarre, and yet they could expedite their harassment activity by two orders of magnitude if they sought cooperation, but instead, they keep up these feints of dashing into my path, all to get 6" closer than otherwise. What is the matter with the perps, this from a billion dollar per year operation?

And the perps put on more granny stalking, the same bag keeps "showing up", and ordering themselves to be seen wherever I am. The three young girls in front of me were wearing various shades of pink, and lo, if the granny wasn't wearing pink too, as if to catch the "young girl aura spillage", or something. And with the class floor exercises in the public stretching area now, my gangstalking pals come back to visit me again, and have no compunction about walking past me, now on the floor mat, and walking through the group. Designed in rudeness, straight from another social arena that is nothing like the one here, which the perps are acutely aware of.

I got my building egressing negro gangstalker again, and interestingly, they put on three more for this afternoon's gym outing, one participating in the "squat squad", the above mentioned male gangstalking pod that distinguished themselves by doing nothing at the gym, or at least, whenever they were proximate to me. And I even got a "just standing there" gangstalker, 4' away, looking outside at absolutely nothing compelling, and he stood near me for at least two minutes and then proceeded onto the elliptical trainers to then workout for at least 25 minutes. Fucking bizarre, and identical in form to my father's gangstalking behaviors under the cover story of Alzheimers's. And when I see the same behavior from two individuals, I always wonder if they are morph-overs, the same person shapeshifted to appear different.

And if I am allowed to, I will put on some photos and annotate them with the details of today's gangstalking travails. All too often the photos don't turn out, or that I get re-directed to "forget" what I intended to do. But right now, the typo sabotage is getting so intense, that I best stop.

Some intensified overhead pounding started up, (carpeted concrete floor overhead), which reminded me that it also "happened" while I was shredding cheese for my dinner, the same kind, with variations, for over five years. One has to give the perps credit for persistance in the face o perversity, but that is about all.

And they do like me reading about nuclear power, and its travails and life cycle costs that are truly astounding. As mentioned in a past blog, this topic, the little that I know about it, was planted into a dream that I was given, and I can only assume that the perps are comparing brain energies during each event, reading or dreaming. And it does seem pathetic, as mentioned above, this is how a billion dollar budget deep black operation does its business; from afar, and planting strange dreams in it's victims minds. Risible, to the core.

And as it is dusk time, I am getting spot-lighted again; extremely bright "reflections" again, that fill this room up with light, and are so powerful as to annoy me. That is, they train the beam on my eyes to piss me off all the more, especially while typing and fighting off vision impairment games.

More Youtubing; it is becoming a great device for perps to play with visual images in the guise of video transfer and by that, plant extra lines, smear facial details, add background chatter, add strange facial colors, add sudden bursts of light (as if a flash), etc. Part of the script it seems.

Time to call this a posting for the day.

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