Sunday, August 19, 2007

Plasma Replications and Projections

A late get-up time, which made for 9.5 hours of sleep, when only 8 are needed, not factoring the frequent naps that go on for one to three hours. No major nightime ructions, save one possible wake up to look at the perp's grainy picture show, where the properties of the ambient light are manipulated to make it appear as if I was looking at a 2400 ASA push processed black and white negative, meaning very "grainy" and no color. Then, after only one to five seconds of observation, I get put to sleep again. No noisestalking in the night that I can recall.

The plasma games are continuous and constant in my vision, and very short flashes occur all the time, usually projecting an object, or the edge of an object in another color (yellow, red, green, grey usually) offset from the object itself. An example is this Windows display where a 1/8" fat right side blue colored vertical line to the right of the vertical scroll line appears after each log on. And for whatever reason, I get controlled to loathe this intrusion and use the mouse to rid myself of it by pulling it rightward to then disappear. It is all part of the imposed routine. And as it gets pulled, a yellow replicate line (in plasma form), offset by an inch or so, "shows up" while the fat blue Windows line is eliminated. This goes on everytime, and is one example of thousands that occur, these subsecond plasma beam flashes. As I have recorded anomalous magnetic field levels in my proximity, >200 Gauss in 2002, it makes perfect sense that these associated plasma events are happening. One controls plasma activity in a densified magnetic field. Ditto for masers which I see plenty of each day.

It was raining for most of the morning, and I can only assume that there were some reasons for this, one that has been mooted was the incidence of platinum on the streets, the very small aggregations from catalytic converters from vehicles. This could be, as I get at least five incidences per week of the street sweeper going by, which lays down a striated track of moistened pavement at the side of the road. I have never seen so much street sweeper activity in all my life, as they are normally used when the street is cleared of parked vehicles. Now, for whatever reason, "anytime" (per perp script) will do. And as I made that scintillating observation, the glass bottle bashing act has started up in the hallway. It never ends, just recycling the same harassment enabling events from location to location.

My perp abbetting mother is making some hints about "job transition" programs being started up, and seemed to have some startling insights into the nature of forestry jobs, the professionals, and the technicians. Not only is she "well informed", she never had this degree of knowledge or interest in my vocational life before, but now she does. There is a significant degree of "hintspeak" as I would call this, where someone drops some keywords, and I am controlled to register this as a hint as to future direction. Of course there are a lot of fake-outs too, so one cannot trust any notions as to future portent.

As an example of "hintspeak", one landlord, after giving me the boot owing to the mind-controlled rage shows, suggested that I find an apartment in a concrete and steel building, and so I did, and it was a 15 month stay. And now, I am back in such a building for reasons that are best known to the perps, but they do like me using the elevator, and the ground to height energy differentials that occur. Hence the profusion of gangstalkers in the elevator, rushing in before I get out, outside of it blocking egress, and the swarms at the doorway before I get inside one. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

And as I am going to see the First Feral Family later this afternoon, this posting will be relatively short. That is code for the parental quislings/depraved idiots that sold me into this hell at birth, and stood by while the perps arranged everything around me, playing the perfect doormats, never mind the weird familial vibe that started from very early on.

This must be a perp planted idea; Gangstalker of the Week, Stunt of the Week etc.
Gangstalker of the Week: (08-14-2007) the fucker in my Tuesday yoga class who "showed up" two hours later functioning as an ersatz doorman when I returned to this apartment building. And no less, he had a >1/2" beard in the first instance, then was all cleanly shaved for the reprise gangstalking at the front door. And furthermore, he was a copy of my out-of-town brother in height, comportment, and body build, with a strong facial resemblance. Likely a morphover, and a purposeful similarity at that.
Stunt of the Week: this has to be qualified, and not have the shit and toilet games included, no matter if there was a 100% correlation this past week with taking a shit, then a shower to clean up in advance of going out in four successive events. (Since been alleviated on 08-16-2007) thankfully). This could be the four starings in one outing, including above mentioned "doorman" laying it on, while I was staring at him to positively associate him and the yoga class member.

Enough for a posting, and time to blog off.

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