Friday, July 27, 2007

On With the Pseudosweats

Another day of sunshine, and I was awakened twice before 0715h to "have a look", meaning mind-controlled to look at the balcony window and see if, or look at, the sunrise beaming in this east facing apartment. Very exciting moments for the perp research I suppose, but if I never, ever had such awakenings before the harassment started in earnest in 2002, why am I getting these now? The answer is real simple; as there is no end of harassment and gangstalking scenarios set up with respect to lighting source, sun azimuth, shade conditions etc., this is just one more event in the miasma of being fucked with (aka life control), totally, uttterly, and relentlessly.

Now that I have unloaded my "piss and vinegar" notions for the moment, what is new and different today? I need to do the Chicken Run sometime soon, that notorious gangstalking gauntlet of going to the grocery store and buying my usual mealtime protein source, hot, cooked chicken, in particular, the free range selection. And of late, I am finding that there are no whole chickens of this type when there was for the last two years (same grocery store), but only half chickens. Which begs the question, who is eating the other half? My parents, brothers, or the associated characters of my story, some of whom may have been in morphover form at the time, and who continue to do so, even in my four exercise classes each week.

Of course I can never be sure who is the real deal, or who might be a morphover doppelganger. If they can "modify" some of the characters in my past to only be taller, or shorter, or similar, who is to say they can't make the same person totally different, or heaven forbid, change gender? I have seen individuals who I strongly suspect of being temporarily racially modified, e.g. change of skin tone, and facial features consistent with the racial profile, but otherwise the same; height, build, comportment, and general head and face size. Also at the same usual gangstalking location that the operative usually stalks me. And there was one clear example of a "brownover" last week; same person, just brown skinned.

And I also have reflected on the rehearsals that the other players attend, and in order to have an effective event, it would be likely that they have a doppelganger of me, one who is also going through the same script that I would follow.

And it is interesting, upon "reflectance" (read, planted thoughts) that in my story, that Ms. C and Ms. L were mostly mutually exclusive; I hung around with one, and had dropped the other. For a scattered two weeks or so, I was seeing both. (The lesson being, that having two women on the go is not worth the trouble- righteous prudes these perps at times). Then when Ms. L bailed on me, Ms. C "became" a staunch friend, on the basis of some flimsy and unconvincing romantic interests. But as a mind-controlee, I wasn't allowed to see that discontinuity then, and was "enraptured" by her return to the fold, even if I was circumspect. Anyhow, it was all very complicated, and there are a few tip offs in each case, possibly "gimmes", that indicated that they each knew way more of what was going on than I did. Enough on this topic, as I doubt if my story will get many readers, and these references are what I call too "self focussed", and won't enlighten readers to the current goings on, which are germane to all TI's.

All of the above earned me plenty of selective noisestalking; tractor trailer honkings and seagulls mewing, the low and high frequency sounds that the perps like to play concurrently. And overhead tapping noise, one that has replaced that of the external sourced contruction noise of the same beat and timbre.

The all-time stunt for brown color variation was when I was hiking once. A party of four came toward me in file, the lead woman doing the "look away" act while walking directly toward me, and behind her were twin adult Asian males in identical outfits, one in light blue, and the one behind him in all brown. It was hilarious; shirts and shorts were the same color, almost as if a suit, and these twin males in identical outfits, and different colors. That was close to 18 months ago when I was allowed to hike then, instead of this more stationary activity level. This would be another example of how the perps were testing my energetics to clothing colors on two individuals with the same genetic makeup and of Asian origin. I cannot recall the fourth party member as the Asian "twin male doll show" was so astounding. See yesterday's blog for a mention of light blue and brown color goings on.

The Chicken Run was done, all four minutes of transit time each way to the supermarket. And everything was arranged; first off was a tractor-trailer unit with a load of copper pipe and a load of galvanized steel conduit (pipe). According to the advanced researchers, these shapes, especially in abundance, convey extra-conventional gravitational energies. And the perps like placing mass around me (tractor trailer flatbed included), and also having large amounts of metals, more than one is a bonus. Said tractor trailer should of been still unloading when I got back, but it was gone. Instead, I got a pod (~5) of gangstalking operatives, the nonworking males, were arranged to be walking the opposite direction. And at the entrance to the apartment, I got the token negro gangstalking; entering the building now begets a 50% "chance" of a negro gangstalking. I think there are now at least 10 differing negros in this apartment building, going by the gangstalking scene, a highly aberrant statistic for the number in this city, less than 1% by my reckoning.

And one of my two in-building gangstalking males that sprang out from behind the mail boxes yesterday to then gangstalk me entering while exiting also "showed up" again. Today, the fucker was walking past the apartment building entrance when yesterday he appeared as a resident. Hilarious, and likely a "gimme"; as in logical discontinuity testing. Meaning, that "I" somehow "didn't notice" this anomalous behavior when it actually occured, when I once always did. Translated, the perps can now mind control me out of identifying anomalous public behavior among their shills and operatives. More grim news to say the least.

And it was a granny and white haired gangstalk fest at the supermarket today. That demographic of gangstalker or shill got plenty of stalktime, and especially at the checkout where they put on four dithering dipshits to loiter about, fussing with their groceries and purses.

The perps were well prepared for my visit; the stocking cart full of brown corrugated cardboard boxes was jammed against the stack of black plastic shopping baskets. Then two gangstalkers were on me at the cooked chicken display, one doing the ubiquitous nose rubbing, and again at the chocolate section, one male made a point of walking in my tracks when it was more logical not to. Then onto the peanut butter section where my usual brand was "plastic stalked". A red plastic milk delivery crate was placed immediately in front of the peanut butter, all to provide more detail on red plastic and brown color EFA's (essential fatty acids) energetic interactions. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

To complete the brown color show, I also bought the usual sprouted wheat tortillas, brown in color. Normally I have at least four gangstalkers all around me for this event, today none. Then once the package of the tortillas was in my shopping basket, the yellow jacketed old dude swept by with his shopping cart, and I was back in Gangstalkland, only one second of reprieve.

I got the "social leper" treatment from the cashier, not the usual response, but it is all a game, down to crafting and scripting social interactions at the subsecond level as I have come to know. No big deal, and I was even treated to a facsimilie of an arm's length of green tatoos on the inside of her arm. I should also add tatoos into the demographic mix of unfavored sights/objects, as I don't really care for them. And because of that, the perps then go absolutely nuts in making sure I see ever more disgusting displays on their shills and operatives, especially in this good weather. In today's case the glimpse of tatoos was so fleeting it could of been a plasmic facsimilie. Another possibility is some kind of temporary skin application which I assume to be well within the perp's repetoire of sick tricks.

And back to the "social leper" comment as it ties in with perp orchestrated patterns in the past. I have had a certain gangstalking behavior from shills or operatives who I know socially, such as class members of gym workout or yoga, suddenly change their behavior to be totally abrupt. More than once the name friendly hi/bye greeting level shill has suddenly put on a stern look-ahead face, and walked past me without any kind of greeting as is (was) the habit. A woman (don't ask who I think it may be of the morphing family members) who is a yoga classmate was on hi/bye greeting terms, and then one day, while I was exiting yoga, she turned back and came toward me looking only ahead, putting on this act of social curtness. Another was one of my nodding acquaintenances (operative) at the putative rooming house residence; he gave me the "brusque off", and then later reverted to type again (a nodding on-street recognizance).

Anyhow, the yoga classmate is back on the hi/bye habit as of yesterday, after over a month of withdrawing this normal greeting in the aforementioned sudden behavior change. And "oddly", I was not allowed to recall this jerkaround when responding to the hi/bye greeting yesterday. More mind control at work; I don't forgive or forget unexplained behavioral variances, and "somehow" I did. Meaning, that I am not allowed to be myself, via remotely applied mind-control.

I got a three siren cascade while looking at aviation sites; this would be another topic of interest (favored topic) that the perps are intent on noisestalking. And in fact, I worked at a commercial airframe inspection facility for 10 months which I enjoyed very much. I now reckon that was no coincidence, as the perps were looking for some kind of psychic energies related to my interests.

And a putative Friday wedding is in progress, judging from the cacaphony of vehicle horn sounds as I typed up the above "Asian doll" story. I had a ginger beer break that was given the passing aircraft treatment; three individual flights a differing elevations, the highest one just within view from the top of my sliding glass door, hence my suspicion that the sightlines are mapped so I will see it. In each case, there was some kind of maser emanations coming from the aircraft and being directed toward me, and the perps even arranged some maser action im my apartment between me and the aircraft so one beam/emanation could pass through another to gain some kind of energetics assay result.

Then once I finished the pop and took the glass to the kitchen for cleaning, I got the plasma filled kitchen sink again; an orb or cube of green plasma is sitting over the sink, under the cover of my eyes adjusting to the shaded light of the kitchen after looking outside. It wasn't so bad as yesterday, the color wasn't so offensive (a darker gree) and duration was shorter, some five second or so.

But I did get more photos from yesterday loaded onto the PC, and these are the better shots; I am totally pissed that the camera isn't taking good pictures, and that the perps are jerking around with the digital images.

I am getting the noise of successive loud 2 cycle motorcycles during the picture upload the the orchestrated confusion over Picasa and what an album is versus a folder. While engaged in that mind-fuck, the noise started up, one after the other. As always, there isn't biker's bar within 5 miles, so why this sudden influx of noise? Its all about the noise, and the perps will create it if it can't be arranged from actual vehicle drive-bys

Picture stories:

The vagrant homeless act again; this fucker was cycling the wrong direction on the street, dismounts 15' in front of me, and then proceeded to walk ahead of me on the sidewalk portion with his bicycle and trailer, "sweeping ahead". Then after I crossed the road, he got his ugly act together and then proceeded as a cyclist. One doesn't get any more targeted operative behavior than that. And the familiar red vehicle in the picture, even if the contrast doesn't show it accurately, meaning that picture was messed with. I get plenty of these vagrant gangstalking acts, often the shopping basket toting kind, and it would appear is that these are used to get plenty of plastic material in close to me, usually of varied colors.

In this popular vehicle gangstalk location, the perps place a red, white, red, white colored file of parked vehicles. This is on a public street, and I rarely see such blatant parked vehicle combinations. I see this setup mobile very often, but for some reason, the perps wanted me to take a rare picture of a parked cluster. Note that the meter heads have been removed, but not the first time on my walking beat.

Three red vehicles ordered; one parked on the extreme left (to the left of the pole) and two of identical red hue in mobile traffic.

The shopping cart massing at Safeway, on my walking beat. Hilarious; take all the shopping baskets and mass them in a remote area of the parking lot, one where no one parks their vehicles. (This is a egress route and a delivery route). For perp operations, it is better than bicycles to have all that steel mesh arranged. This "shopping basket stalking" has been sitting here for a week, and no one has come to use any in the course of shopping. And at least one gangstalker is in red, maybe another, as the picture contrast is terrible on this camera. (Or else, perp managed).

And yes, I am constantly stalked with shopping carts; the "lot boys" are often performing their shopping basket manipulations (long trains of them) in front of the store when I arrive. This arrangement of shopping baskets is at least three times larger than one sees in the photograph. And the above mentioned vagrant acts with a shopping cart full of plastics is another.

I need some advice on how many pictures I should add to any given blog posting. Is four too much for web access? Or should I level this out at having only two per blog posting, and string out one day's pictures into many?

I had a tea break with the chocolate; the perps have me addicted to it again, their weaning efforts have been halting at best. And I do not wish to incurr the expense of chocolate, as I see the perps are thining out the seat in my jeans by the day. They aren't bothering with the laundry cover story this time.

Another rage-fied dinner making, even if reheating the tortilla leftovers. To start the ructions I was fucked out of turning on the burner again, something that pisses me off incredibly as it never, ever happened before, then I got hot olive oil flicked on me when turning the tortilla slices over, then jabbed in the ass twice and in the back of leg once, all to the sounds of increased traffic noise when there aren't the vehicles passing by to support it, and a few other intrusions into my circumstances which I am not allowed to recall. All to keep me totally pissed off, and keep this sick and depraved game going.

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