Friday, August 03, 2007

Air Pressure Release Noise Day

This seems to be the day that the particular noise of air pressure release noise is getting introduced when engaged in almost every activity. They started at breakfast and used this noise while making coffee, eating toast (peanut butter and jam), and eating chocolate. This has been the biggest barrage yet, and even followed me outside when making the hike to get two new pairs of jeans.

Another meal, and another rage-ification at the sick assholes polluting my existence. The causal event was them pulling a small tub of an asiago cheese and artichoke paste out of my hand and dumping in onto the hot frypan until I was allowed to grab it. No burned plastic smells, and I assume, no ingestion of it either. Naturally, I was noisestalked in the lead up to this, and my recollection is that the all-quiet order had gone out while ranting at them for this juvenility. It is about time someone from the sickos fronted for this outrage in person instead of hiding in a control room somewhere.

Earlier, I got the gangstalk gauntlet, walking some six blocks to get two new pairs of jeans, the current three being treated to accelerated wear, even overnight, as the wear area is greater in the morning than I recall from the previous evening. I get a family discount at this store, and so I likely saved some $40, though jeans are way too expensive nowadays.

Instead of the usual checkout crush and obstruction of perps at this particular store, I got the "no cashier" stunt, which then resulted in at least three shiftless males lining up behind me, one wearing pink, but all of them with their ballcaps pulled low on their heads. And then another "lead-ahead" operative chose the entrance to then get ahead of me by 20' while at the exit, and accompany some 80' to the next intersection. As always, more gangstalkers "arrive", and are usually wearing similar colors to the last gangstalker, or to that of nearby vehicles. Another gangstalker tailed me for over three blocks in his very red shirt, the now de rigeur color for the gangstalking crowd.

As always, I was treated to the shiftless males gangstalkers in great profusion while on the street; I have never seen so many of the assholes doing nothing but hanging around on a weekday when they would ordinarily be at desk jobs or other employment. Another developing technique is for the assholes to cross the road at the same time as I am, except they are >60' away jaywalking while I am crossing at the intersection with the traffic controls. For a mouthful, call it cardinality and temporal emulation gangstalking.

While on the street, I got my assigned exposure to redi-mix trucks (>2 of them), a concrete pouring operation at a construction site, and the PVC irrigation pipe carrying vehicle, another daily special that gets put on for me. There were no negroes for building egress today, and only one on street. But I did get an Asian woman and a male dude on my tail for the outbound elevator and building egress; they couldn't stay on my ass tight enough, as I am allowed to walk fast.

That was the big outing for the day, and very likely that is all the outdoor action scripted for me, as it seems the perps like to contain me, and I assume, attempt to replicate their "findings" while in my apartment to being outside. I suspect this is the same practice when they are all over me on Mondays, after staying overnight at my parent's place.

An 1.5 hour nap, and then a mid afternoon feed in lieu of a tea break, as it is too hot to consider a hot drink, and the perps would be all over me with the Pseudosweats. I don't need to give them that excuse.

As always, I have no need for the extra sleep, and it appears to be something the perps need; mid-day horizontality, all for putzing with neutrinos and the like (I assume).

More overhead pounding (concrete floors here) as I read about exotic drones, of the UFO kind, that no one has any theories on. Why my reading of this is of external interest can only be explained by someone having a hand in both events; my harassment, and the drone operations.

More photos from the street action around me, and plenty more that "somehow" didn't turn out; poor light conditions, redirected photo frame, plain missing, and others. Sometimes they let me take a photo of three white parked vehicles, and at other locations in the same day, the same subject (three white mobile vehicles), and the picture is mysteriously missing from the group.

So here it is, and I would like to hear from anyone that thinks this is normal; this was only 60' from the location that routinely has five or more red colored vehicles in a cluster, and for which a recent past posting has a picture. Seeing three or more vehicles of the white and/or silver grey color clustered is most common, immediately following strength training, when I am headed home.
(And as I write this, the faux neighbor water use noise has started up with a shopping cart act outside, bringing clattering glass noise and vibration to my apartment, six stories below.)

Yesterday, on the way to yoga, this mysteriously aerialled building, pictured in a past blog, had this 2' diameter hose hanging out for reasons that must be harassment related, but who cares? And the consistency of the closed curtains at 1115h in the morning is very curious.

I get this often; the side, or profile view of a male gut hanging out for to see, essentially on show. And there does seem to be some consistency in the color of the gut bearer's shirt; navy blue is usually early in my outing, and then the perps work up to a red shirted gut job. The woman on the right just stepped off the bus, she in a metallic-like jacket, the bus still there, extreme right.

And I cannot get pictures rotated in Blogspot, when I thought I had seen a command to do so, but it wouldn't be the first time that commands and features have been customized for me. These have automatically been rotated in Picasa, but "somehow" the effort was undone.

Even if Picasa has the pictures auto-rotated, this Blogspot unrotates them, and has no provision to rotate a picture, though, it is highly likely that my version of Blogspot has been spoofed with, and it won't be the first time. There are endless stories about how "features" show up after a screaming match with the assholes of life control.

Enough dulldom for a day, time to blog off.

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