Saturday, August 18, 2007

Non Consensual Human Experimentation is Still Ongoing

That title is a stretch, though the reality is that if one reads about a settlement over this activity, the experimentations are decades old, and in this case, back to 1939. The objective; to attempt to introduce stuttering in the children's speech development years, as the hypothesis was that stuttering was caused by adverse psychological experiences. I don't know if anyone defended this approach or not, but as usual, it was on the QT (quiet) and no one but the victims knew until recent years.

Anyhow, whether I was traumatized or not in my early development years is still hypothetical, and is based on the perp's gangstalking actions, display objects/images and likely, their telepathic suggestions. Certainly, their preoccupation with specific demographics of the gangstalkers is most odd, the highlight being a nurse in 1950's starched whites as a prop in the street was the biggest "evidence" yet. And I am sufficiently knowledgeable about their "brown problem" to know how that arose, but as for other colors, I have no idea if this is specific to me, or is more traumatization re-enactment games. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed over it?

A cool $1 million would be handy about now (per above settlement story), but that isn't going to happen, and nor are any leaks as to what the perps are up to and their intent, never mind identifying themselves. I have read about the Dr. Ewen Cameron nonconsensual LSD experiments of the 1950's and his CIA support at McGill University, and that the CIA fought this case tooth and nail when their own documentation indicated that they were culpable. I read a book about this, and I see enough of the perp agenda woven into this to consider that they may have been involved from behind the scenes. The intense interest in personality formation, and related abuse to create multiple personalities in children who then were taken into the black operations fold for secret missions and government abettance suggests this topic was of intense research in the 1940's and 1950's. Based on what I have experienced in the mind-control realm, the perps can now manipulate personality to any degree they want, even assigning a new one. This is done through remotely controlling the energetics of the responsible brain regions, something I experience firsthand all day long. Whether the more primitive methods of invoking child abuse will continue for this and like purposes is not determinable, assuming these entities that sponsor this all tie together at the top. One of the more readable books is The Control of Candy Jones, and how she eventually determined that she had been hypnotized to perform these duties as a CIA operative on one of her alter personalities. And I learned that the movie rights were bought up and yet no film was made (here)and nor were the rights resold to other parties.

A huge amount of time was expended on the above Candy Jones tangent; I read the book and know the story, so why did this incur over two hours of "research" with all the plasma games on the LCD panel? Who knows.

Another shut-in day, where the motivational juice gets sucked out of me, and the annoyance of constant gangstalkers in public is also planted in mind. More music listening, something that gets relatively little harassment, and with the headphones on my head, no wonder, all those magnets by my ears is the perp's music of a kind. (Magnets are used as sensors for their energetic assay work on quantifying brain activity.)

The vision impairments have been stepped up this evening, and reading has been relegated to a cursory glance, that is the only reading that is allowed. Time to blog off for the day.

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