Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Minutiae of Breakfast

This big idea came over me, and likely a planted one too, to itemize all of the harassment games, no matter how minor, between getting up and completing breakfast by doing the dishes. I am sure there are some stunts missing, but this is a typical morning except for the insect "arrival". The noisestalking is left out, because it is ubiquitous.
  • while making the bed, there was an interleaved sheet and bedcover (never before the harassment began
  • strange unsettling dreams were "remembered", and either one is rare, let alone both
  • crumb inundation on plate, arround and under the bread
  • ripped bread, 3rd day in succession
  • the peanut butter flipped off the knife, then the same for jam application, and forced into a mind-fuck rant again, now 95% of the time while applying these food items to the bread
  • added noise of clatter with no contact when using knife to extract peanut butter from the jar, same for the jam
  • a run of coffee run on outside of pot somehow
  • coffee like crumbs a"arrived" round pot on stove
  • a tick like insect "arrived" beside me landing on the table (an ersatz color reference perhaps)
  • forced to turn the fan lightswitch on instead of intended stove element, a never-before "mistake"
  • the white tyrosine powder I add to the cereal oddly dispersed in the cereal bowl
  • cereal strangely cantilevered from the spoon multiple times,
  • added hemp seeds "collect" to cereal defying gravity and stick to side of cereal bowl,
  • bubble from dishwashing soap, self-propelled
  • plasma flashes in peripherial vision, two or more
  • uncountable masers zingers (black fuzzy balls) in pairs over each side of my coffee mug, accompanying me during its use
  • uncountable masers in filamentous form, blackish trails floating in mid-air unrelated to my visual field
  • >4 white crumbs on black coffee mug where I place my mouth
  • extra hot first sip of coffee, then it "cooled" down
  • a "fly in" crumb off bread, "dropping" straight down my front to the floor while seated at the table, even if leaned foward over plate to prevent such a crumb trajectory
  • bent over back when accessing fridge, when I always bend at my my knees

Earlier, a full on press of gangstalking on a five minute visit and back to the supermarket. I got two full siren ambulances on-street, only finishing 30 seconds before store entry, then I was sandwiched between two white coated staff members at the deli counter, and sandwiched again between two grannies at the checkout, with another elderly dude of in-building gangstalking renown on sentry duty while at the checkout, having already gangstalked me in the street with his itchy head act before entering the supermarket.

Another weird in a wool hat (on a warm summer day) gangstalked me twice while in the Market, and that takes some doing, as I was only there for about three minutes. And I noted that the shopping carry baskets stack was placed beside the door, making for a great excuse for the operatives and gangstalkers to loiter there (dressed in red), or else cross my path before I exited, and possibly afterward. I can't think of a dumber place to put the baskets, as it is contrary to where anyone would go upon entry to the store. But "somehow" at least two operatives knew where that stack of shopping baskets was to do their routines.

Then a forced nap from 1500h to 1600h; these nap attacks have been slowly moved up earlier, as they were often scheduled for 1700h, very late in the day for me to ever do that. And I am getting some very strange Windows behavior as I attempt to clean up the above list that was typed in haste this morning. The perps are all over my recall of events in the short term, seconds to 8 hours or so, as it seems that they can fuck with any recall that is longer than one day, likely post sleep. This might be the reason for the naps, to get another overnight emulation in a 24 hour period.

And now the overhead pounding has started up, the amazing talents of my "neighbor" who can seemingly pound a 4" thick concrete slab with their feet. And who have an amazing habit of starting this within two minutes of going to bed most nights, even if my bedtime varies within an hour. Same as the last apartment building I lived in, but now more frequent.

An ongoing eruption of jocularity from a nearby apartment is the latest noise flurry, coming from my left side somehow, which is facing east, outside. And about every 10 minutes or so, a conversation outside my door, in the hallway, on my right side also "erupts" for a minute or so. Imagine that, the same "neighbor" behavior as the last residence location I lived in. And the jocularity is symptomatic of a group watching some kind of athletic event, where an unexpected outcome "causes" a full scale cheering. And I don't get the luxury of blocking the noise out with my hearing protection, even if it the cacaphony of cheers isn't loud, as "somehow", a low volume noise still penetrates the ear muffs, evidence of more sound fuckery at work.

My reading of Nexus stories was terminated by some plasmic emantionsf from this very LCD panel. My ability to read is closely monitored and governed. Onto the next approved task, as if I have a choice.

Time to blog off, and call this day done as just another under the thumb of the supreme sickos. Fade to siren noise.

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