Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse Day Means Extra Gangstalking

A semi-eventful day, the most recent being some heavy duty pounding of the concrete floor overhead, enough to warrant screaming at the assholes which stopped it, though the perps flew some spittle out of my mouth at the same time, so I can be sure they planned for that. This is the pre-dinner hijinx time, and the assholes are going silly. Perhaps I better get something to eat instead, though that is also inviting more perp juvenility of late.

A near constant stream of 2 cycle motorcycle engine noise is currently happening, never mind the fact that this is not the neighborhood for bikers, and there isn't enough of them to fill the ongoing noise parade.

Eclipse, solstice and equinox events are a big deal for the perps and their fucking idiotic games, and today was no exception, there being an very early morning eclipse for which I was in bed. They kept me awake from 0500h on by playing back thoughts of my old worksite scenario. (Also recall that two independent individuals this week mentioned the "job" word in their hintspeak). The moon was visible when I got up at 0600h, and it was a reddish copper color, and was full. See picture below.

The entire morning scenario then began early, and by 0845h I was done all my web surfing and intended to walk the two blocks downtown to go to the bank for rolls of change as the laundry machines are 20 years out of date and takes 11 quarters, no one dollar coins. But a "sudden need" to take a crap came on, the second in two days, and I reckon the early morning was to allocate sufficient food digestion time so the perps could effectively de-poo me entirely, cleaning me out in preparation for going all of two blocks downtown. The the perps forced a shower to clean up their shit plastering mess, and after that, they considered me "ready" to go downtown to the bank.

I got the full freakshow again; the blondes in brown clothing, putting themselves on show at an intersection (visible in two directions), then the vagrants on in day-glo orange in the shade (see picture below), added other males with large guts, hiding all but their gut behind a pillar, and plenty of other "stand theres", doing absolutely squat but standing around. It was the gangstalk gauntlet, downtown variant. Then the day-glo vagrant came out of the shade and pimped himself with his arm at his head, and then attempted to back into me, which required a mind-fuck warning to the dick who was making himself extra obvious. I also got the multicultural freakshow; one brown skinned race member crossing paths with another brown skinned member of another race, and so it went. Shortly thereafter the grey haired men came on, and for extra stupidity they had some in pink shirts.

The left-hand drive ambulatory gangstalkers also started this morning; an Asian woman in a verdant green top was licking her lips as she was about to step out of my way, having walked in my intended track as if pedestrians were now switched to walk on the left instead of the right. This became a bigger fuckover theme for the day as it turned out. She put on the usual look-away act, but I have never, ever seen a pedestrian licking their lips in such an obvious way.

My in-town brother phoned last night to suggest he needed me to help him move furniture and do some gardening chores, though he was rather vague. He came by at 1000h to pick me up in his white van, only 40' distant from the front doors of this apartment building, and in that short distance the perps put on at least 20 gangstalkers coursing in each direction along the sidewalk as well as vehicular gangstalking.

Then he said he needed to go to the public library to look up some phone numbers in the phone books, and lo, if the library was now online with LG Flatron LCD 15" displays very similar to the one I am using. (Formerly, they used monochrome CRT terminals). The library had at least 30 operatives "working away" and as many gangstalkers again coursing around outside, the men-in-pink-shirts coming on for a second appearance. It struck me that there was at least 10x the normal expectable population in the library, but that is par for the course these days, as Sunday's bus trip to my parent's was at the same level of over-populated orchestration. (Three red haired gangstalkers seated around me, and one orange shirted gangstalker).

The blonde woman at the library reference desk was helpful, and my brother then did the now familiar in-family stunts by placing his hands over the display, getting his head in the way, and the rest of the bullshit feints that my mother pulls every few weeks. This seemed like a calibration test, having him sit in front of the display, using some white notepaper as a color reference to write down some names, and also the aforementioned placement of himself in the way as well.

When we were returning to his vehicle he "happened" to mention that he got a new computer as a (purported) gift from his native Indian girlfriend, LCD display, printer, the lot. And I know he is PC-phobic, and would want some help, and I mentioned I would be happy to do so. And as it "turned out", this was the main reason he wanted me to come over, was to view his new 19" widescreen LCD display with him, and engage in side by side training, sometimes sharing the mouse to "help" him out. For the next hour I introduced him to the web, browsers, cut and paste and many of the basic Windows functions. A big plan for a vague notion that he professed last night. And I finally got to see some LCD whitespace for real, and not this greyed version that I always get, especially on the left side.

We had lunch at his place, and then there was a "need" to look at his garden to see what had to be done, and he kept asking me what flowers had to be cut, when he knew that I was no expert. That "tour" then morphed into an orchestrated "happenchance" discussion with the renovation contractors next door over some bullshit about foundation hold-down bolts, and the game seemed to be to keep me in the sunshine, while the contractor was in the house (in shade), and my brother alternated between placing himself in the sunshine and the shade, as some kind of energetic bellweather.

He did a good job of extending this bullshit for over 7 minutes, and then we had to move his couch from his house, and he got into another round of his constant bitching over how much his garage sale activities incur more work. He should know, he has been doing this for over 20 years, and was claiming to be blindsided, though not attaching any blame to any party. In being mind-controlled, I offered the planted thought that he knows best, and has been at it the longest, hinting that it was his judgement that was the problem, though in fact his instincts about the resaleability of antiques are especially acute. I was not allowed to surmise that the entire conversation was predicated on total bullshit, as that would of been my first reaction had I been allowed to process this information myself.

He drove me back to my place amidst an incredible array of gangstalking vehicles, parked and mobile; the six red colored vehicles arranged in file, then similarly eight white vehicles, and then repeating when changing direction. It was a huge deal, there had to be over 500 vehicles arranged in the 10 minute city trip it took.

I missed my Tuesday yoga which was the plan as this was to be a temporary instructor, a "laughing yoga" instructor. Fucking absurd, and the perps know there is nothing for me to laugh at as this has been the game for over five years, since they hounded me in the streets of Seattle with energy weapons.

And I uploaded over 200 digital photos to find that over half of them are buggered up as the camera mode selection switch "somehow" moved and caused incorrect metering. The camera's mode dial can only be moved with considerable effort, so some asshole must of fucked it remotely.

Here is a some 20 house, 4 minute walk from the bus stop to my parent's place on Sunday (two days ago). This is in a residential subdivision and is not a thoroughfare. Three red vehicles parked together on an 90 degree bend, and I thought it was the "show" for that locale. But no, immediately past these three was a fourth red pickup truck in a driveway that could not be arranged in the same picture. And note, this is a first for this location, as the owners of the houses never had red colored vehicles before.

Then only 100' further along another red colored vehicle, with an orthogonal cluster arrangement of two white vehicles and one silver-grey vehicle. Then past the cluster on the left below, two more neighbors have the same color of vehicle, which has been the only consistent red vehicle ownership on this street for the past year. That is a total of seven red colored vehicles in 160' of road. This was arranged for me after getting off the bus and making a 4 minute walk to my parent's place. Someone tell me this is random with a straight face.

Below, is a picture of the doufus that I mentioned above, the vagrant in day-glo orange who came out into the sun on my return trip from the bank this morning and even attempted to back into me to have me vocalize his idiocy. All part of the plan. Interestingly, a tatoo dude is closest to this blatant gangstalker, and I do get a substantial number of tatooed operatives and shills buzzing around me. I suspect that the day-glo outfit was some kind of reference test to somehow elicit more energetic interaction (color reinforcement) between the day-glo color and the green tatoo on skin. Just my theory, but day-glo colors have some special light properties noted here, in J. K. Harm's paper on color wavelength and matter interaction. His thesis appears to be what the perps are utilizing in sending out so many black, white and silver grey colored vehicles.

... constructive interference is demonstrated by the so-called day-glow colors. An object painted in these colors appears similar to fluorescence in bright Sunlight (Hewitt, 1981). Thus, these colors are brighter than ordinary colors because the visible light waves from the Sun are reinforcing constructively the matter waves of the paint. This leads to the phenomena of resonance (from constructive interference) and is the primary reason why day-glow painted objects appear brighter than do ordinary colored objects. Day-glow colors appear to be the one exception in the context of colors to the axiom above, since radiation is not canceling matter waves, but reinforcing them. When pictured in the context of particle spin, this might be the same as photon and matter particles having identical spins in the same direction, a type of reinforcement.

I can almost understand his lucid explanatory style, but I cannot, or am not allowed more like, to recall his musings at any other time. Another fucking piss-off, either learning disabilities or else tighly managed and governed cognition.

Pitlamping; stalking me with vehicle headlights especially when they can shoot them from below head height as is happening with this vehicle and its high beams on from a parkade ramp. My brother's white van is on the right side, and a red van "happened" to follow us in parking behind his.

And the moon this morning at about 0600h, post eclipse, and possibly the only event the perps may not be manipulating in some way -just kidding.

Enough for a posting, and time to blog off.

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