Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Daily Reality Perversion

Tuesdays yoga and strength training is over, and a mighty gangstalking it was, very likely because I was wearing my yellow-green workout shirt, bought before I knew what the hot Fuckover colors were. And yellow is a decidedly big color magnet for perp action, up there with red and brown.

I had the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalk duty, color and size coordinated in formations of a few vehicles to at least twenty equispaced in file. This was when walking to yoga and the recreation center and back, 30 minutes each way. And as once before, one semi-regular class member was walking in the opposite direction when I was headed to the class. And that he was dressed in black and white heightened the perversity of it, never mind it happening before.

Red is a big gangstalking color today; at least 12 red shirts at the gym, and a young blonde in a red shirt that hung around our class. Back to the blonde auric goodness association again. And our floor exercises were in the public stretching area again, not the exercise room. This means that the regular backing and forthing and nose scratching gangstalkers have an second opportunity to "loiter" in the public area after all their hard work of gangstalking me on the equipment.

I have complained in the past about the profusion of "stand arounds" and "do squats" in the gym, but today it was worse as a class of teenagers was getting a tour and introduction. Hence more crowds of non-exercising, never mind the ones they keep making me look at who are doing nothing.

And they were herding on the free weights when I wanted to use them, which pisses me off, as this started up last week after giving me the relative freedom to work on these without gangstalking going crazy around me. And the granny stalking was put on me, same granny all the time, and it is getting fucking tiresome.

And I am getting some kind of strange vision perturbations as I type this, and I don't know if this blog posting is going to go on much longwr with this harassment.

Yoga was also made to be deliberately gangstalked with someone coming in 25 minutes after it started and then forcing me to move my mat over to the brother look-alike, who now has his beard back on after shaving it last week two hours after class and gangstalking me in the apartment lobby to show me. He had his shit brown socks on again, and was pulled from the class inside of 20 minutes, and then went to the washroom and then hung out in a chair next to my jacket and shoes. He makes himself "at home" and parks next to me or my belongings every time. And he had a dress shirt and tie on today, while doing yoga, surely one of the more perverse getups for this activity. It was perhaps a method to get his deep burgundy colored tie (clothing item) close to me, but not displaying an overwhelming amount of this color. Just to think, I had a tie of that very same color once, and the perps couldn't figure out what their problem was then.

I did the chicken run this morning, the normally heavily gangstalked visit to get a hot cooked chicken from the supermarket nearby. I was screwed out of free range chicken (none there) and settled for a half chicken, now in a new bag, one that is burgundy and blends into brown. I had gangstalkers at every location I needed to go, per usual, and even had a special "twofer" from the staff look-alikes. Each dressed in a white tunic, and pulling a stocking cart between them with brown cardboard boxes on it. And I had already been exposed to this item and color minutes before, when I made a small detour to post a letter.

And lo, if the letter theme didn't also reprise like the cardboard box act. The skinheaded "managerial" dude came to buzz around the cashier while she was checking groceries, and "happened" to drop off an envelope of the same color and size. The cashier later moved this envelope to beside my bagged groceries while I was accessing the debit machine, so I can only assume that it was a reference color and object, used inside, while my letter was carried outside. And then "managerial" dude had some new fugly tatoos on his arm for me to see, in a dark green. He also circled me for the moment when I pay by debit card, as supplying my password and the actual payment are high moments for noisestalking and gangstalking, everytime.

For some strange reason I did not get the usual line up of obstructing gangstalkers ahead of me at the supermarket, and nor did I have a string of them behind me, another regular tactic. I cannot recall the last time I was the only one in the checkout line at a supermarket, but I am sure this won't persist.

More music sampling listening on Puremusic. I suspect these clips are grooming me so I will be allowed to listen to a whole song one day, then an album after that. Exactly what the perps need to groom me for I don't know, as they will be gone from my life one day, as they have long overstayed any such welcome. The suggestion is that they are "investing in me", but they haven't understood my opinion of this depraved intrusion yet.

Time to blog off, the vision fucking is intense tonight.

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