Friday, August 24, 2007

See the Doctor

The doctor claims he is prescribing medication to help me feel better over the constant harassment and intrusions. And he is the kingpin around which the benefits are assigned, as I do get a housing subsidy. He was in an orange shirt, and when he needed to write down something, he used a same orange colored pen. No fluke that, given that there was the usual 500 to 1,000 color coordinated vehicles coursing past me while walking there and back, the same route as yesterday. And I did get an ambulatory gangstalker in orange who bounded one side of a pair I walked between, the other in a crimson red. The perps are putting on some darker brown vehicles, and increasing the amount of light metallic brown colored ones. And still plenty of red vehicles, often in two's, or passing by parked vehicles of the same color.

And just like yesterday and in the same circumstance, heading home (E. direction), and on the same street, someone tagged me with a red plasma flash which they kept in front of me for at least 20 seconds. All the better to annoy me it seemed. And there was at least another large plasma beam of red next to a same red colored vehicle in traffic.

The perps have been into total provocation mode today, keeping me ranting for most of the time. The usual suspects are crumb inundation, moving my dishes rack for no reason or putative cause, spilling foods, flicking olive oil and countless others.

I got a confrontational operative as well; this fucker had planted himself in the middle of the sidewalk, ostensibly waiting for the bus, and then places his arm horizontally to lean on the bus, shelter and thereby blocking off more than half the sidewalk as I was approaching. And another fucker was behind him, making egress to be slalom course. Fucking bizarre, as I have never seen this move before. There was a total of six male gangstalkers standing or sitting at that bus shelter, and it was absurd, as so few are going into downtown at that time. And all those working age men "happening" to be clustered at the same bus stop; more bizarre again.

I got tailed front and back for 15 minutes of walking; a same color dressed operative was behind me for that amount of walking time, carrying the ubiqitous plastic bags that forms the definition of what I call the "plastic bag people". Ahead of me, the perps put a tandem of a motorized wheel chair and a bicycle immediately behind. These raced ahead, and stayed together in the same formation for as long as they were visible. And note, here was a street with two bicycle lanes and this operative chose to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk like they usually do now.

More bright orange outfits surfaced on the way back, after visiting the doctor. Perhaps this was to continue re-testing me for that color. Again, it was another cyclist on the sidewalk, when there are bicycle lanes on the street. Another one in a red shirt stopped cycling and stayed in place for 3 to 5 minutes while I was approaching. Yet another red dressed party was walking ahead of me, stopped in midstreet until I got within 10', and then reversed direction and walked back. I don't know why the perps are keeping up this red distance dependent red color testing, but is the only one for which they are so obsessed over. Not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over all the time?

When I got back to my apartment building, I had the usual sidewalk trolling horde ahead of me, some five or so, and when I got out of the elevator I had a negro dude wearing white and a blonde woman placed in my path to impede egress. Here we go again, spatially associating the unfavored demographic with the favored one. And this dude was blocking egress and not even looking at where he was going, and didn't respond to my loud admonition that I needed some room to get out. So as I navigated this past this asshole, he moved into the elevator brushing against me, the outcome that the fuckers were looking for. The length the perps go to avoid declaring themselves is simply amazing, and totally fucking bizarre.

And as today was laundry day, there were a few other games going on, one being keeping some clothes back in the dryer, being "overlooked" and thereby forcing an extra trip to go back, this in combination with dumping the garbage down the communal chute. And if I haven't mentioned it, the perps are totally consumed as to what is in my garbage and when. Another bizarre game, where they get to test the juxtaposition of items that aren't ordinarily together.

A yawning attack is on, and might be my cue to submit to a nap attack. It never ends, these sick-minded intrusions into my life, all without apparent reason.

I am in recovery mode after a two hour nap, not that I needed one by any means. These are almost becoming standardized every day, and I have no idea why the perps are pulling these now. They had me into excessive napping in early 2003, and then stopped the practise, only to resume it this year.

I had some topics lined up to mention from yesterday and today's outings, and lo, if one somehow come to mind. The doctor got on the topic of me taking a part time job, which morphed into how the income tax arm of the government re-assessed me for arrears four years in succession over the same matter when they had all the relevant documents in their posession after the first time. Each year I would copy the same documents and send them off, and remind them they had them in their possession. The last thing I need is this kind of hassle when I know extra scrutiny is being applied to me.

And as it turned out, there was a patient in the waiting room with his supposed social worker and he was discussing the topic of employment, and how difficult he found it and the looking process. This is what I call "hint-speak", where this comes up from multiple sources and might form the basis of the next perp move. Of course it just could be a total ploy, which has happened before. My mother was on this topic last weekend, so who knows, I maybe finding myself employed again. How I account for this "dead period" of over five years of not being employed is going to be problematic, as I am loathe to claim that I had any clinical condition. And of course, any new employer will be party to the harassment games, and have their placed irradiated, just like the locations I go to for yoga and gym. Another mystery that is to unfold perhaps.

I am getting the "harassment over soon" drift again, a notion that is surely planted because I know the perp's games are still continuing and why would they arbitrarily stop? Besides, there are antennae installations that have been upgraded in the past week, so I am not buying into this planted notion as there has been at least four of these per year for the past five years on average, so there is no history of perp credibility on this one.

The usual noisescape flurries and cacaphony. The screaming seagull noise is playing big, off and on for the last 40 minutes. Then it gets augmented with a siren every now and again.

I am recovered from the nap, though if the perps want any sluggishness from me, they apply it in any event. The masers are also trailing about in my vision, and that is constant.

And more forced sneezing tonight; this would be a method of mouth contents exposure, and the perps like to have me alternately yawn and sneeze in succession on occasion, just to fuck me all the more to advertise themselves. Fucking bizarre and stupid; nothing like this ever happened before in my entire life until the harassment began, now this is expectable. If they cannot figure out what they need why don't they declare themselves?

More Picasa hassles; this is the Google photo album software, and like anything in perpland, it is not for free. It is a matter as to how corruptable the software is, and then screwing the victim. The problems of two days ago when the pictures appeared to be lost, were self-fixing, as eventually the picture count went up every time I looked at the folders, and eventually included most of them. There are always some pictures that get fucked with, not turning out as expected. The dufous gangstalker with the two black plastic bags was photographed, but "somehow" he didn't end up in the picture when he clearly was directly in front of me when I took the photo. Perhaps the perps don't like their techniques being advertised, though why should they care if they are attempting to keep a veneer of normality going.

Finally, the pictures have loaded after some blatant Pica function sabotage. Some 200 more street shots, not all of them good, as the camera "happens" to take sky pictures every so often (read, perp sabotage), and on other pictures, the subjects just plain "disappeared" from the frame. Next blog posting I will add some in, but I am too fried now to deal with yet more games that will surely erupt.

Time to call this done and blog off.

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