Friday, August 17, 2007

A Shut-In Day

A shut-in day so far, where this dysthymic blanket gets put over me, and I don't go out, though in fact, there is no compelling reason, as I did my grocery shopping yesterday on my return from the gym. And even the phone calls get nixed, as I am expecting at least two, and they haven't phoned. Just the usual "extras" that get added on to the social isolation component of this managed existence.

I have been getting noise flurries more often, and many of the smaller events are getting noisestalked, an unrealistic 2 cycle motorcycle noise as I type this, akin to what a Harley Davidson would sound like.

And I was awakened to hear a siren cascade in the night, and later, someone chatting in a low voice. These are both highly utilized noises from the perp's noise palette, and it is no surprise that these are continuing intermittently over the day so far, usually in concert with tasks that I am actively engaged in. And to no surprise, the noise flurries have started up for this first blogging of the day, as there are more hallway voices and now the "neighbor" water use noise, always louder than my own. The typo sabotage is on, and flitting masers are getting worse as this journal entry progresses, meaninng, time to end this for now.

And another instance of situationally utilizing a blonde woman gangstalker as a component of a planted annoyance. While making breakfast the perps had a bus outside that was idling, and not driving on its route, as this stop is not a timing location. So, after a few minutes of this annoyance/noisestalking, and while grumbling about it, I looked outside to see what this bus was doing. There was no bus, but a young blonde woman dressed in black and white, walking toward this building in the outside parking lot. Having seen other blondes being placed proximate to less desired, or even annoying, objects or beings, I can only conclude that this was not random, but an attempt to have her blonde "auric goodness" (or whatever it is) be temporally associated with the planted annoyance.

And that entry above also got some noise flurries, and the "blonde auric goodness" especially. As it is a rather primitive explanation of what I have observed, it is surprising that the perps would noisestalk this term, surely one they don't use themselves.

I have been adding more observations into the past two day's blogs, so regular readers should have a look if they read them then. Obviously, these "recollections" are generated by the perps, as I have come to know how much of my recall they control, now at 99%, with the exception for some short term abilities, perhaps only hours old information. And I suspect that repairing older blogs also has some other energetic considerations that the perps are creating for other purposes, as they do like me to trove through old papers.

An outburst of coughing "happened" just as I was reading about a couple who said they were stalked by Scientologists, and recently suicided. As blogged before, the perps can suck anyone they want into a black hole and have them rationalize this act. Very curious that both happened to suicide themsleves in such a short span. And even more interesting is the noisestalking I recieved while reading about this. After this, it makes one wonder why the perps choose who lives or dies among their victim clients, and what purpose does it serve beyond their seeming fascination of having these people expire in place, something I think that is behind the school shootings that have transpired.

I am getting the post dinner harassment games, and tonight it just might be augmented with a nap in short order.

I called it, but I did not expect this; a three hour enforced nap I only just woke from. Talk about unneeded sleep, and now the noise flurries have started up. This nap covers the dusk time to nightime lighting transition of course, a lighting daytime to nightime transiton that is of extreme interest to the perps. And the supposed recovery is also a good cover for simulating vision "problems" in the form of plasma projections from the LCD display as I type this, now something that is a regular event. The perps also routinely create narrow beams off reflective objects like the faucets under the cover of "tiredness". Its as if I am constantly wearing glasses with trick photography filters; the kind that add "star" like reflections, have cut faces on them to create double or triple images etc. Any look through a book or site with creative photography filters will cover the kinds of vision perturbations I am routinely exposed to.

And dog barking from outside, as if this were a suburban residential area which it isn't. I have to laugh at something, as the opportunity for humor is so rare. And, I have come to learn that the perps are still attempting to figure this out what I laugh at, as they want to usurp this ability, and control it as if it were my own. More door slamming from the hallway erupts as I type up this paragraph. Imagine, to have a life that is of infintesimal interest to an agency, right down to eyeblinks and breathing coordination.

Music sampling again, along with some manipulations behind the scene to obstruct some music samples from playing, usually the one that is the most regarded in the associated review. All part of what is going on, endless games over matters that shouldn't be any issue but my own, all at the hands of an organization dedicated to illegal harassment every second they operate. Stunnning, to say the least.

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