Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Onto Hand Numbing

I got an early get-up time from the perps, about 0700h, something uncommon. Perhaps it was to give them more time to infuriate me with a different sounding voice every time I vocalize my complaints. (Translated, that means rant at the assholes for flicking crumbs about, foiling me in picking up said crumbs, holing my jeans, dumping both shampoo and conditioner onto the floor when in the shower, flicking water about in the bathroom, pulling objects from my hand and the rest of the litany of extra-gravitational abuse they deliver as a matter of course, though I would never call it "normal".)

And the street noise that is "normal" for 0800h was advanced all the way to 0500h when I was awakened just to hear their latest sound combination with a major seagull flock that squawked for over half an hour. The fact that there is no such population of seagulls around here, or anywhere for them to roost doesn't matter in this continuing game of fake-it-sometimes-but-not-others. Just who the perps think is watching is another question I have not yet found an answer to. I can still "talk down" the road traffic noise; if the outside city two lane street sounds like high speed freeway, I then go to the window, and in seeing the dearth of road traffic, I start asking where all the noise is coming from, and then the freeway noise subsides in short order. If only I really knew what my psychic powers were, assuming they have not been irradiated out of me in the first place.

And as I was allowed/scripted to take on laundry this morning, the above thesis on why the extra harassment this morning makes sense. And as part of the arrangement, they also had more molding pulled off the walls, and the lights turned off outside the elevators on the way to the laundry room. And there were white plastic chads at strategic locations in the hallway; the corner where I make a turn, outside the elevator doors, and outside the laundry room door. And as part of the deal, I got a sustained red plasma orb on my left side when re-entering the laundry room, as a day-glo orange colored box of Tide had "arrived" and was placed on the right side to "balance out" the red color plasma assault that lasted a few seconds. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over all things related to laundry, and may well be backing my out-of-town brother's acquisition and now operation of a commercial laundry. (Then later in the day, a gangstalker was packing his jug of laundry detergent in hand, having removed it from his shopping bag.)

More well timed phone calls; a marketing phone call at the instant I am about to send an email, now twice in two days. As, mentioned, I suspect the phone reciever can be co-opted for perp energetics assay use as there is an active electromagnetic field when connected.

Another trend that I will briefly introduce is "guitar stalking"; having their operatives packing guitars around, in a backpack or even without. I also get plenty of exposure to this instrument on web pages, and naturally, more that I am listening to Youtube these days.

Hallway coughing with simultaneous glass bottle bashing, and outside bus noise- at threeway noise and vibration confluence

This was a yoga-then-gym workout day, and there were plenty of goings on to let me know that I was watched, gangstalked and the rest of the mandatory "viewing" (exposed to specific events, noises etc.) Then a nap attack again at 1700h for an hour. As always, I had no need for the sleep, and I have no choice in accepting that incursion.

I got my regular granny stalking at the gym, and lo, if the perps aren't putting on a regular one at this end, my apartment when I returned. This is a four times "hangaround" (no cover story) granny with puffy yellow-white hair, sucking on the ubiquitous cigarette as they nearly always do. (Even outside the gym today, the perps put on a cigarette sucking gangstalking biddie which looked totally absurd in the context, and I am sure that is what they wanted to convey.)

The infernal Oak Bay Fire Department had one of their red vehicles parked next to the entrance to the recreation center; this is their fourth event of having their vehicles proximate to the recreation center when I am there or arriving. Nice to know those LEO's are good for something, and I wonder what is in it for them as a department, and individually.

This E. facing apartment is lit up like a Christmas tree from "reflections" from a condo tower at least 400' away. Translated; it is the cover story of illuminating my apartment from unusual sources at the time of day (dusk) when the perps put on most of their games. The beaming started over two hours ago, and this current flavor of lighting is of a yellowish cast. There are certain colors of light that perturb me, and the assholes are still going through their color chart is would seem. Just to think, they created these anomalous or traumatization responses in my developmental years, and five decades later they are still dicking around to figure out what they did. Not my problem, just fuck off as I am doing fine, and even better without constant perp intrusions.

Unfortuneately, this elementary logic doesn't get any response, which leads me to think the perps have big plans for me, as why else would they keep persisting in unravelling their own psychic mess? The hospitals are full of past victims of perp sponsored abuse IMHO; ritual abuse and multiple personality disorder are two significant abuse vectors with a high correlation to organized perp operations, and then there is all the rest; cruelty, sexual abuse etc. The perps cannot get enough of human psychic stressing; me as one example, and the litany of other TI's and above mentioned abuse.

And speaking of remuneration for aiding the perps, the workout class manager is getting six weeks off to tour England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. What a fluke, my parents are from the first two countries mentioned, and they even did Ireland last year. Ms. C from my story did a trip to Ireland as well, and there have been others in my sphere who have gone on an extended holiday as part of the harassment and fuckover games. Lucky them; I wonder if the perps ever tell them the last time I went on holiday was over 11 years ago, thank to their machinations and jerkarounds, and now, financial dependence on "disability" payments.

Yesterday, I mentioned an Italian aspect of the perp's geographic interest; I suspect that at least one of my parent's British lineage goes back to the Romans, via the occupation of Britain in early 100's BCE. And as many of the so-called "friends" and family have visited Rome and northwards, there seems to be an inordinant visiting consistency to this region (Tuscany, Lombardy, Venice, Milan and Florence). Suffice to say, I don't have it all worked out, and as always, I am the last to know.

I got the now usual full gangstalk press at the front door of the apartment when I got back. First the above mentioned granny, then a herd of four males in formation coming at me on the sidewalk, then a gaggle of six Asians standing outside the building, then another demographically comparable gaggle of Asians inside the building in the lobby, then one asshole who tailed me in from the street from a 100' away who "joined me" in the elevator in his brown pants, and then brown skinned dude "erupted: from the manager's office clutching an empty white plastic bag, while I had the same kind in hand, packing groceries. No negros at the door this time, only brown skinned (Asian) gangstalkers. Probably a total of 30 gangstalkers on me when approaching and entering the apartment, then unusual elevator delays, and then the two dudes (one in brown pants, the other in brown skin with the empty plastic shopping bag) gangstalking me in the elevator, one getting out ahead of me, one afterward in the now familiar pattern, same as yesterday. There is absolutely no consistency among the lobby and elevator gangstalking personnel, leading me to surmise that none of them live here, and that I might be the only tenant/inmate in a 12 story apartment building, which appeared to be the case at the last tower I lived in, 2005 to 08-2006.

Even my residence in 2004 to 2005, in a four story stick-built building, the perps pulled the adjacent neighbors out, likely owing to the strong irradiation at the time, and now it is substantially greater, such that they won't allow me to go hiking for three hours, as they cannot adequately monitor me in this situation. And I suspect, that physical activity dissipates the irradiation, and the perps cannot afford, as they see it, to have me lose my irradiative density, as they then crank me with severe vision impairments when they compensate for a significant loss. Hence the yoga, and the constraints on using the treadmill (not allowed) at the recreation center.

Still suffering keystroke sabotage, even after a reprieve from Youtube, and listening to the 1960's performers in the UK, Marianne Faithfull.

Time to call this a blog posting, and hope that it actually posts, instead of "hanging up" as some recent posts have.

Back in the 1970's when writing computer code for my employer, I would fix bugs, and then recompile to find the identical runtime bugs. And I could not figure out while my recompiles weren't working when it surely was changed. Now I know, the spoofers were in the background playing stunts to check my recall, as well as their game of "dashed expectations", one of the perp's favorite setup jerkarounds.

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