Monday, August 06, 2007

Noise Flurry Before Lunchtime

Because I was awakened so late, my lunch is delayed, and this has been "feeding time" for the siren chirpings, hallway yakkers, door clickings etc. Having lunch puts an end to this heightened silliness.

After doubling up on the blueberries owing to accelerated mold, another perp specialty, I have finished my lunch. The once reheated leftover tortillas are being eaten straight out of the fridge, which has to be another perp variation they mind-fucked me into. One could suggest the reason is that it is hot outside, so why eat hot food. Good idea, but why did this only "occur to me" this year of eating the same food, and not in the past four years of harassment?

Yesterday at my parent's place my in-town brother came for dinner, wearing the exact same colored clothing I was wearing, new (navy) blue jeans and a black shirt. And of course I wasn't allowed to ask him as to how he came to that choice on a hot day, as asking him "somehow" didn't occur to me, read managed (aka mind controlled) curiousity.

And while watching TV afterward, my father's faux Alzheimer's kicked in, and he paced around on his usual beat, having the unerring knack of crossing in front of the TV just before or after the remote control was used, that IR beam concurrence is a big deal for the perps I have come to know. He did his usual 20 or more gettings-up, pacings in the next room, and nearly always paralleling the external walls. He even went outside for a few feints of taking over the watering in the gardening.

Then on with the fruit fly and maser show, one morphing into the other in a choreographed display, usually when I attempted to grab the fruit fly. And the perps made sure there was an indistinct background to thwart taking out the fruit fly, and just when I thought it was the fly again, it would be a maser, a small fuzzy black ball of the same shape, size and flight behavoir. Never have I been "attacked" by a fruit fly so much as last night (> 10x).

An internet news read, as being away for an evening "feels like" an eternity, likely another supplied feeling that I have no choice in accepting.

Speaking of which, there are currently two independent (sort of) events of miners trapped underground, one in China (since rescued), and another in Utah as a consequence of an earthquake. Having commented in the past about the astonishing number of mine cave-ins, deaths and their dispersion all over the globe, from China, Poland, USSR, USA, Australia, I don't consider the current two events unrelated. Except this time, there seems to be some incentive for the perps to have the miners trapped, but alive, as a regular 8 to 10 (or more) hour shift isn't enough for the perps to determine whatever energetics interaction they are after. And too, it serves the perp's cause to have everyone connected with this under duress, as part of the harassment modus operandi I have come to know and despair. In other words, it isn't "good enough" for the sickos to send their own operatives down on a "camping trip", with sufficient food and resources to stay a week, but instead, they have the need to stress the living hell out of all the involved parties. My cynical take on this is that next comes the miners exhange; sending Asian miners to Idaho, and Caucasian miners to China, for an "exchange" program. (And somehow, I don't think that cynical tone is my own, normally I am more respectful). And I am not intending to be disrespectful of anyone involved in these current tragedies.

And I am still mystified as to what it is that the perps are after when industrial deep mining has been going on for over two hundred years, and the derived products, coal predominantly, are extracted and shipped halfway around the world. I am not going to solve this one, but it is interesting that the noisescape gone to the all-quiet mode as I write this, save some selective hallway pounding. Interestingly, my father started work as coal geologist in the UK, visiting deep shaft mines. His work in Canada involved surface mining in northern British Columbia.

I am getting the sleepy treatment, but while this was happening, the perps put on a siren cascade, as in faked emergency vehicles, as there was no sound of their engines, just the sirens.

The above sleep treatment lasted until the sirens went off, and then I was allowed to "come to", and not get the usual nap attack at 1700h. Then onto dinner, where I was using a particular tapenade for the first time in 8 months, as it had "disappeared" from the product line, having some red pepper in it, and as a likely consequence, the perps pulled a rage-fication show, getting me riled up with crumb hoppings, jabbings in the nuts, and a host of other hassles that kept me on the rant. I haven't had one of these for a week or more at that specific interval of making dinner, and I reckon, in the perps perverse manner, it was the "event" (to them) of using and eating this particular food item for the first time since the imposed "shortage". Small events become big hassles for the small minds who continue to screw with my life.

Then, instead of lines of brown crumbs that "arrived" on the dinner plate, I get six pairs of brown crumbs, with crumbs equispaced within the pair. Fucking absurd that I get treated to this banality everyday, and even more perverse is that there is thousands of assholes too gutless to front for their depravity, and who must have a billion dollar budget over this indulgence. One more aspect of this sick minded campaign that I don't get.

As it is a long holiday weekend here, the perps may have gone on holiday for the weekend, as they were positively absent when taking the bus to my parent's place yesterday. Only two parties; one male lug who made sure I saw his disgusting tatoos on his arms, more than once (read, mind-controlled attention), and a pair of Asians nattering in their native tongue. And that was it for most of the 25 minute bus ride, not the "usual" stacked freakshow or 20 or more "passengers" doing their elegant swapping and moving about, all nicely color coordinated, skin color too. But the bus driver did stop and shutdown the bus in mid-route for no apparent reason, as it was not a timing point, and from what I could tell, this was for the parade of vehicles to pass by, color and type (sedan, two door, convertible etc.) coordinated as they were, travelling in both directions. I suspect that the assholes will unload on me tomorrow in some way, or perhaps later this week. Another shit storm no doubt, now that they have brought this one back from a two month absence.

I am currently getting the radiant glow from a "reflective" spotlight, for the third time this evening. There are now three apartment towers that take on this newfound "reflectivity" at dusk time, and each has its own color cast. First the silver faux reflection from some 20 suites with silver colored venetian blinds, then a whitish cast from the closet tower (an errant window "happens" to beam down upon me), and the pink tower, some 500' away puts on a yellowish tone as I type this.

In conjunction, I got the hallway door thuddings, elegantly timed coughing and hacking, crockery crashing, and from the street, the usual parade of vehicular noise with an extra supplement of street hollaring.

More conspiratorial investigation; these videos by Phil Schneider, a geologist that worked on many underground bases, each, an average of four cubic miles. And there are over 121 of them, which he equates to subversion, a fair statement. And he indicates that the current tunneling technology of boring and then lining with concrete for stability has long been surpassed by a machine with a hot plasma bit that vitrifies the rock, and thereby cuts and disposes of the rock and lines the tunnel in one pass. Hence, they can do over seven miles a day.

And as I write this, the crockery bashing has started up in the hallway, and now more chatting outside my door. In the least, the perps are replicating the proximate events of my last residence, the putative rooming house. And while listening to the above video, the perps totally trashed my ability to read, forcing me into listen-only mode. Now strange smells are being cranked up my nose.

More typo sabotage; it is getting nuts that I am forced to make five attempts to key in a four letter word. The perps especially like to have me type two of the same wrong letters instead of two of the correct letters. Go figure, but the sabotage has been totally consistent on this one for over 12 months now.

Time to call this day done, and blog off. Hopefully no more typos or syntax sabotage above.

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