Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chicken Run and the Rest of a Saturday

Another1.5 hours to get to sleep last night, courtesy of my mind-managers, and an awakening in the night for the same purpose. This purpose being to have me flip my head to the left side down on the pillow, then the right side in less than a minute, and repeat. It seems the perps are after a series of this form of harassment through the night, as it is the fourth time an awakening has been used for head flipping.

And I am wearing my new jeans today, in a navy blue color, something that is highly irregular, as past jeans have faded to light blue within three washings. Hence, some comfort of the perps around this color, even if they do send out a two-toned blue dressed gangstalker on me, as they did again this morning when making a brief sortie to the supermarket.

It was a Chicken Run, the event of aquiring a hot cooked chicken at the supermarket, and then gangstalking the hell out of me until I get back to my apartment. Today, the gangstalking was on the slack side, even if they did obstruct the checkout with a motorized wheelchair case, who "somehow" could not proceed forward, and who then backed over where I was standing, and turned the thing 90 degrees and stayed within 5' of me while at the checkout, and when departing the store. This isn't the first time the perps have run these up my asshole, and it does suggest that the fuckers are desperate. Besides, the perps get some granny-stalking time on me, and get to orchestrate this demographic in my proximity.

In fact, a granny in a motorized wheelchair is a two-fer; two demographics of selected gangstalkers, a geriatric and a wheelchair. Both seem to be perp fetishes, in being constantly planted around me, far more than random chance would suggest.

Anyhow, back to the jeans; a holed pair has been sitting on the floor for a week, and "I" haven't thrown them out yet. This morning, in preparation for the new pair to be worn, this old pair changed color overnight, becoming a mid-blue. And it is amazing that the perps have time for this kind of game, but not the gumption to show up and tell me about this continued nonconsensual human experimentation I had no part of agreeing to

And it is a sunny day, and it makes one want to go outside to the beach, as is my long habit at this time of year. But knowing that I will be gangstalked, somehow, probably through planted thoughts, puts a damper on this kind of activity. And not having a vehicle also crimps the intention, as I could get away to more remote locations then. All avenues to cadge a ride with friends have also been nixed, usually by orchestrating their unresponsiveness to returning phone calls, and all at the same juncture, sometime in mid-2004.

And I am being controlled to be especially slack, or lackidasical, even if there is no direct sun in my apartment now, and is fairly comfortable. The perps have long had lassitude managed, as I cannot count the number of times this has uncharacteristically intruded to then beget more problems. Maybe this is my cue for shutting the PC down, and having a mid-afternoon feed.

And I am being supplied with some more provocative ideas coming from two directions, altough both sources are suspect, coming from the smuggled documents world in one case. This topic is called sentient objects, or in other words, ascribing consiousness to physical objects (or matter), and that they can think, react and self organize like biological beings. This is way too far out for me to accept, and this paragraph is only meant to serve for documentation purposes, and retain the links that suggest the possibility of this far-fetched psychic force.

One source is from a young aspiring rocket engineer, David Adair, who managed to get the once Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, general, Curtis LeMay, to be his mentor by way of family connections. He is taken to an underground site, and asked to look over this rocket, as the means or propulsion is similar to what the young wunderkind had developed. The rocket engine even developed differing light properties to his mood, and he also sensed it knew what he did about that particular design. I remain skeptical on sentient objects. The link is here, and is an interesting read if nothing else.

Another story of a similar kind, is by someone who encountered small unmanned UFO's, typically called drones. I don't know why I am not gangstalked with these things, but for energy assay activities, these seem ideal. (An individualized UFO, just to make sure that I know I am selected for harassment). This article even advances the notion of object sentience by describing a language that foments this self organizing ability. Again, to far fetched for me to believe at this time.

Which begs the question: have the perp's ever tipped their hand as to object sentience being an objective? In a word, no. Or from the other angle, they have never allowed this notion to "arise", and it has never been considered, as per the Pondering the Perps' Objectives postings, in the list of links under Essential Reading, to the right side. Nor have any of my readings of other TI's travails or that the UFO activity ever suggested that objects have a capacity to think or feel. Some of the native Indian beliefs were assigned to spirits in the form of plants, trees and animals, all biological entities, and perhaps this also included others, such as the land, water etc. And I know very little about this topic to be fair, and if I was able to get out of my slack feeling state, perhaps I could better document these beliefs in other cultures.

A two hour nap attack again, and now this is the new reason to feel so unmotivated. And today marks the first time since October 2006 that I have bought fruit; that particular item of my diet was always a regular item, but "somehow", slipped off the buying activity list. The unsubstantiated rumor (read, planted thought) is that fructose has an opposite electron spin, something I haven't bothered to look up. But I did have fruit at my parent's place once per week, so this experiment of reduced fruit consumption wasn't entirely draconian. And as part of the mind-control games, a rationalization gets created too, making it seem to be self-generated. This was the excuse that I wanted the fruit to be local and fresh, hence no frozen or far travelling (i.e. from Chile) supplied fruit. No big unusual noise stalking was put on for this event, eating fruit in my apartment, but there has been a steady supply of noise, many with a long decay time (trailing off). Enough excitement for a day, or at least, for a perp operative.

Onto loftier aims; is this really true that is legally possible in the United States to arrest and sieze the property of someone for criticizing the war in Iraq? It seems this is the case, if this article is the real deal. How the mighty have fallen, and I wonder what it will take to have this order rescinded? As I am getting a noise flurry at this moment of writing this up and making the link, I better not feed the beast anymore.

I am now getting coughstalked from the hallway, just at the moment I was about to depress the mouse button. One cannot get any better timing than that, an as there are so many of these coincidences in a day, how can this harassment be anything but coordinated? Answer me that, all you clinical proselytisers.

And to detail more of the current goings on, the overhead pounding has started up over 2 hours ago, and the fake neighbor water usage, louder than my own, continues its on-off "habit".

More conspiratorial stories, this one from Phil Schneider, now deceased, the belated mark of being dangerous to someone. I listened to th first half of the video, and it was mighty interesting.

Time to blog off for the day.

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