Friday, August 10, 2007

Hear the Seagulls at 0400h

I am on another awakening series of early morning "hearing tests", aka neural energetics investigation in realtime, as this was the third day in sucession when I was awakened for no reason but to hear a flock of seagulls mewing. For the record, there is nowhere for a flock to establish themselves in this vicinity, and no such flock has been evident in daytime. Which suggests that the noise is introduced, projected, like so many others. And, I get seagull noise throughout the day, just no flock noises. Another round of inanity, which means in perp terms, more investigation of neural energetics, likely at the brainstem area, in realtime.

And it the seagull noise does have a pattern to it in these nightime awakenings; loud, and becoming softer to the point of inaudible over the course of half an hour. How real seagulls could arrange this in successive nights is beyond me, hence the likelihood that the perp nightshift is hard at it again, something I have come to know from the outset when the assholes invaded my life in overt form. They would keep me driving all night with a phalanx of gangstalking vehicles ahead of me and one behind, sending one vehicle from the latter group to pass me every few minutes. And, they are still at it, over five years later, arranging of vehicle colors and large formations in particular order, some 700 to 1,000 yesterday, like any day that I walk 30 minutes to the OB Rec Center. Of late, they have taken to running a vehicle over where I have just walked, crossing a side street to the main thoroughfare, each time with a red colored vehicle, some five side streets in succession. My reactions to certain colors, whatever they are and whatever neural level it is, is none of anyone's business save mine, no matter how aberrant it maybe and who may of caused it. It is not my problem, so why am I being harassed constantly over this psychic obscurity?

I might as well talk to a wall on this one, as the assholes make sure that every little item, down to subpinhead sized crumbs are colored and placed exactly where they want, no matter how implausible as to "normal conditions". Invariably, masers will emanate from these crumbs, just as they often do from any surficial imperfections, pits or lumps.

A new perp manipulation was confirmed yesterday, and I will call it "greyfacing". An operative or shill is selected to pass by me, usually ambulatory but sometimes on a bicycle, and the light on their face is modified to be greyish, as if they somehow stepped out of a black and white movie. They did this yesterday for the "featured" woman at yoga, and I also later noted that I was not allowed to know that this color of skin was totally aberrant. Only later was I allowed to recall the event in its true form, that it was a facial modification that wasn't normal. So even my sense of normality is now fucked with, and will likely continue to be a subject of much manipulation.

A two hour nap and a half hour nap attack earlier, and true to form, I get the treatment of a protracted recovery, and likely some kind of brain fuckery in this state. I was even scripted to have tea, the first time in weeks, when the ginger beer pop I on hand would of been preferable. "Somehow", I "forgot" what I have been doing most afternoons for over two weeks, and it did not occur to me, as in being blanked out and totally controlled for the perp's sick agenda.

When the level of mind-fucking gets to this level it is deflating to say the least. And still this constant harassment goes on. I don't know of any other TI's that get this level of blatant intrusion that I do. On with the coincident noises, including overhead floor pounding of a concrete floor over the typos that the perps invoked as I keyed in one particular word. And the seagull noises have also been set off. This is also the post-meal digestion time, another one of the perp's obsessions, digesting brown colored food (tortillas).

I have the "spotlight" beaming down on me, this time earlier in the evening. This is a "reflection", read manipulated intense light source, from the tower some 120' away. I have never known mirrors and windows to be so incredibly bright and reflective since this hassle went into overt mode in 2002. Yesterday's and today's game is for me to pull the curtains at this time, stopping the beams (somehow) from coming in, and the source being seen through the curtains as a faux sun, a single round source of illumination. And who knows, it might even behave as one, and is likely installed to simulate the conditions in a possible comparison to the real sun when at that position in the morning, though higher in the sky.

And in the meantime, the seagulls are mewing and "someone" is slamming doors in the hallway which then serves as the cover to rattle my door, even if secured against vibration by the deadbolt. So much for physical reality mattering, the perps just get on with their plasma, noise and vibration games as they see fit.

Here is a link to a story by Steven Greer, MD, who is advocating public disclosure of governmental involvement with extraterrestrials and UFO's. I think this piece is illustrative in that he knows, and it is confirmed, that whatever agency he is dealing with already knows his plans, even if only articulated in his thoughts and not mentioned to anyone else. His story confirms what is plain to me, that one can be unknowingly targetted and have one's thoughts determined to then form the basis of additional measures of obstruction or harassment. He is dead on, and I don't need a better reference for defining the scope of my harassment than this.

All those "suiciding" officials and UFO researchers were likely monitored for their intentions well in advance, and should something damning be intended to be publically revealed, why, they just become so down and self-rationalizing, and then terminate the problem through being mind controlled. It is so frequent, and very often uncharacteristic of the individual, and yet it "happens" often. And the noise flurries have started up as I have been keying in this, as well as more maser and plasma games.

Last night's eye and vision fucking was getting intense, and when I went to the bathroom, both eyes were very red, likely another perp dodge to examine my blood vessels on my eyeball, at that time of night. And they are on a "blood interest" of late; my facecloth from shaving this morning had blood on it, but no apparent source or cuts, even with such a convenient cover story at hand.

A big read on monatomic metals, and the work of David Hudson in finding "whit gold powder", a form that has unusual physical properties and for healing as well. I haven't found a good website owing to the commercial aspects of this, but it is a fascinating read, and I assume, one that was meant to be, per mind-fuck script and the noisestalking that erupted from time to time. Now it is street hollaring time, another neighborhood eruption increasing in frequency.

Enough for a post, and time to blog off.


Harry said...

I as well get the nap/sleep fuckery (love those words!), with experimentations on manipulating facial expressions and sensory input (playing with my eyes/sight, hearing, and smell). They also give me muscle spasms, slow my heart rate, stop my breathing, and a host of other nasties. It has been every single fucking night for the past four years. Most people can't imagine this; they simply have to think back to where they were four years ago and imagine being raped/attacked EVERY TIME they close their eyes...every time, until now. It's staggering. Thank you for documenting everything, this is what I do as well.

AJH said...

I get plenty of daytime vision impairments, but once I am allowed to sleep, I don't usually get anything other than being awakened to hear the orchestrated noises. Thankfully, the all night harassment days of 2002 are over, and were really an measure to get me out driving for hours on end, all night, while they "sampled me" with various colors of vehicles passing me, coming from the vehicle cluster behind me to the one ahead. And the color games are still going on, ususally clothing on ambulatory gangstalkers, and vehicle combinations passing by as I am walking. No more regular motor vehicle access since 06-2006. Documenting this is my life these days, and that isn't very inspiring to say the least. Thanks for the comment and blog link.