Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Outing; not a big gangstalk

I was pleasantly surprised I did not get >150 gangstalkers for my two minute street trip to the supermarket, only a few (~10) in the store, and no checkout shenanigans, either ahead of me or behind me. Stunning.

I did get a few geriatrics, one male pink shirt with white hair, and a few others in the store, but not the typical freakshow on every move I make. Still no blueberries, which means there will be none, as the season is tapering off. It is the one fruit I consume with a passion, and yet none in this upscale store this year, or at least anytime I have been there. The perp's fruit constraints still continue, and any blueberries I have eaten this year have passed through my mother's hands most curiously, and my parents are not blueberry consumers. Go figure.

And a new shipment of cherries came in to this supermarket, another curiousity as the season was over at least two months ago. Perhaps there is a new variety of cherry for later summer ripeness. There are table grapes are being featured, and this seems to be a perp favorite for whatever reason. That I made wine for so long, good wine even when I aquired the grapes from sources close to the growers. I would not be surprised if the perps are also including their geographic or provenance objectives, whatever they are, by assaying this fruit, or the wine therefrom. Hence, "my" long running hobby in winemaking was likely fomented by the assholes who are still chasing me all over town, and arranging every moment of my existence, down to turning pages of today's newspaper.

So that hobby is now inaccessible to me for logistical and financial reasons, and I rarely drink wine, and never buy it or any other alcoholic beverage. It too is managed for its color energetic reactions once digested, and whatever other reasons the perps have constrained me for.

I have been getting orange plasma flashes in peripherial vision today, a large ~3' diameter glow is arranged to make me notice and piss me off. As mentioned in past blogs this week, orange color is getting a lot of play in the form of planted objects and clothing on shills and operatives. My doctor looked like a total goof in an orange shirt yesterday; no one could pay me enough to be seen like that.

The church bells are ringing furiously, sounding what is likely another perp obsession, bringing vibrations to my proximity. Even if a block away, the perps are still hard at determining my color energetics from there, or even further.

Another nap attack; 1.5 hours worth, along with some coincident noise games that were audible at certain stages of sleep, all part of the perp's screwing around. So it seems that waking up once per day isn't enough, so they put me through this unneeded sleep cycle almost every day. An new (to me) audio site has been "found", as in planted for me to pursue, so this has kept me busy for the past two hours thankfully. It should be noted that the perps like me to have absolutely nothing to do at times, and the employer of the moment has complied to permit this idiotic disjunction in productivity. Some of the strange behaviors of the long past made sense in light of it being a perp objective or method.

The new method of having leftovers is to not reheat the tortillas, but to have them cold. That way, dinner is over in less than five minutes and less than half the dishes. Bachelorhood has its benefits, even if under constant surveillance and monitoring.

Some pictures from this week's gangstalking and freakshow travails.

Here we have the dufous "notice me" act; someone standing beside two red vehicles parked at the curb, and not making any move to get into them (arms are folded), the "just standing there" gangstalking method. Note the shopping basket case in lead-ahead gangstalking mode on the left, packing orange colored plastic bags.

Taken from my balcony, with the most prominent anomaly being the three same red vehicles parked in file. This particular location has been included in a past blog where there was a white, red, white, red vehicle combination. Note the shopping cart in the lower left, "abandoned". And I am sure that the orange colored garbage bag in the shopping cart was arranged to be near the orange colored fire hydrant. I sometimes get an orange and red dressed pair of gangstalkers, and this would be part of that same theme. This is two separate intances of red vehicle parking, and are not the same ones from different locations in two photos, although on the same street.

Left Another gangstalking dufous "just sitting there" outside a grocery store. He has a flagman's bright day-glo vest on, and yet there was no activity nearby for such roadworks personnel to be "having a break". More unabashed gangstalking in a commonly worn clothing item without any cover story.

Another of the freakshow, not entirely in focus, this woman in a long white gown, appearing to hitchhike, though I don't recall that she was. And she was packing helium balloons and a wrapped gift and on her way to a party it seemed, though I haven't seen anything like this before.

A combination freakshow; a "bum" with his shopping cart and sleeping at that location seemingly. The act was still playing in the same way when I was was returned some two hours later.

I count six red colored vehicles, but I know there was at least two more than I could not fit into the picture. This is outside of the recreation center where I work out twice per week, this on the NE corner of the building.

Tired of red vehicles? Then this is four white vehicles, or three whites with a silver grey pickup truck parked back of the two in motion.

As mentioned before, these clusters of same colored vehicles coursing around me wherever I am in public is "normal", per vehicular gangstalking script. Some 500 to 1,000 vehicle are deployed over my 30 minute walk and return trip.

There will also be more color varied clusters following same colored clusters, where the perps try out navy blue, light blue, dark green and light metallic brown. Invariably, the same color clusters are arranged at the begining of my walk.

Onto music sampling again, Puremusic has become a big hit for me, even if the perps fuck with the back and forward arrow commands and make me loose my place between initiating a song and reading the interview.

And I am getting vision impairments again, a "jumping out" of the display on the LCD panel. Time to call this one done.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, you notice once you call them out and start photographing them it really bursts their bubble. I lived in Victoria, went to boarding school there for a year, beautiful place back in the 90's. Now that it's polluted with this filth most likely Zionists it seems to have gone down hill. You should switch over to blackberry wine, or find a u-pick. Organic farmer in east US.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I understand about the harassment, I'm getting harassed too. There must be thousands of us now.

Anonymous said...

This is 100% a government-owned operation. How do I know? I have traveled extensively on business in the US and the hand signals, colors, caravan of cars, mobbing, is the same everywhere. This requires training folks.

This operation also requires MASSIVE communication, organizational, and financial capabilities. And do you think criminal groups have gotten their hands on top secret non-lethal weapons? No way.

This is all about social and political control under the guise of watching terrorists and criminals.

Some people wonder, "why would people spend all this time and money to stalk and harass me?" The network is already in place and you were just added to the watch list. Common smokescreens are blaming religions, criminal gangs, insurance scammers, etc.

Here are 3 websites that accurately describe what is taking place and by whom:

Best of luck..