Monday, August 13, 2007

Silver Grey is In

The color of silver grey, mostly in the form of vehicles, has never been out of favor for the relentless gangstalking, but over the past few days, the perps have increased its presence substantially. There were at least 15 of this color and half as many white colored vehicles at a 4 lanes x 4 lanes intersection yesterday, and then again this morning when driving my parent's vehicle back from their place. The recent rash of red colored vehicles hasn't been as prominent, and I have no idea why. As best as I can determine, this entire colorstalking, mostly in the forms of clothing, vehicles and web pages, is likely some kind of iterative exercise, where the "easy color", or "starter colors" are introduced at first and then the dark greens, reds, and navy blues are introduced afterward. This appears to be the case for within-trip gangstalking, as it is for between-trip gangstalking (over a few days), which is the current case. In this morning's trip into town, I had a side by side pair of identically colored light metallic brown sedans sitting 60' back, trailing me for 10 minutes down a major 4 lane thoroughfare, and I suspect, this is the most difficult color for the perps in their fucking games. My father's agitated gangstalking last night, at my parent's place, was also with him wearing a very light tan brown, both pants and shirt.

And more clothing trashing, one of their favorite items, this time underwear (jeans last week). My most frequently worn black colored polyester underwear has suddenly taken a beating, and all three pairs have their elastic waistbands "giving out", as in sabotaged. I have mentioned the perp's underwear fetish in past blogs, and also mused on the current bad-gurl celebs not wearing any, which just might not be a fluke, given that I don't believe in that notion anymore. Anyhow, it is curious that two pairs of jeans "wore out" last week, and that they were only 15 months old or so, and now the underwear.

I ordered this particular fabric of underwear for the purposes of its moisture wicking ability, so it doesn't become a soggy mass when I workout, as cotton does. And hopefully, the perps won't steal any pairs as they did with the last order. Within a minute of ordering the underwear online, my mother phoned to say she was coming down to pick me up, and I didn't consider that a coincidence either, seeing how often I get noisestalked and competency impaired when making financial transactions, either by mail (assembling check, coupon, envelope etc.), online or at the grocery store. I have also noted that the phone, and other electromagnetic sensors and devices also seem to "show up" on the perp's stalking campaigns, and I suspect nearly all devices of this kind, including cameras, can be co-opted for harassment purposes, i.e. remote energy assay.

My mother was putting on the ditzy chatter this morning, something she is more prone to do of late, no doubt on behalf of her long time pals, the sickos. This reminded me of the ex, someone who had even more ditz-power, and who regularly taxed my abilities to deal with the consequent mayhem. What I get from this is that the perps appear to be eliciting more of my logical thought in dealing with this constant stream of bullshit, so they can later fuck with this kind or neural activity. So after being married to a perp-shill for over 20 years, and having to deal with her frenetic machinations, and finally shaking this one off the hook after a 6 times more expensive divorce than need be, I now get my mother upping the ditz factor instead. And I am quite sure the perps know how fucking fed up I was of their planted shill and the train of inanity coming from that source, and now they are fucking me the same way again. Does this ever fucking end?

More reflection games from the adjacent towers, two being a block away. The dusktime sun is the cover story for beaming in "reflections" off the three buildings, and thankfully, the curtains can block this stunt, though I am quite sure the harassment is working out as arranged.

And getting noisestalked at every mouseclick, web page change, uncontrolled thought that comes to mind (from me, not them), has been the predominant event for the last 6 hours. Door slamming in the hallway will play for 20 minutes, then the focus is on the overhead rumbling noise, then overhead concrete floor pounding, and so it goes in rotation, each noise serving a particular purpose in taking a shift.

And it is no surprise that I get voice morphed all day long; each of my vocalizations, even if 5 seconds apart, will vary in pitch, timbre etc., by dynamically applied voice box meddling, the action-at-a-distance games again.

And I was noisestalked for a half hour before lunch, through meal preparation to at least an hour afterward (meal digestion period) with the same noise; a commercial garbage truck arrived and stationed itself below my suite, and kept the engine idling, clunking, backup beeper (even if not reversing), hydraulics noise (whine sound), and a few other associated noises for the entire duration. It was noisetracking neural activity through imposition of a constant collection of sounds IMHO, from pre-meal preparation to meal digestion, a benchmarking exercise it would seem.

And now it is the turn for dog barking noise, even if there are no residences in this neighborhood that have a place to keep a dog, as the need for the cover story is variable.

A new stunt; remotely turning on the bathroom sink faucet and running the water, and then generating noise from this. All the time I had my earmuffs on as I thought the noise was coming from the hallway. Thankfully, I don't pay for water in this apartment.

And more of the spasming harassment; remote invocation of minor muscle spasms when the usual noisestalkable events occur; that is, any and all minutae of bookmarking, Windows copy, cutting and pasting, selecting web sites, unbidden thoughts and the rest of it that begets perp obesssion. So far, I have been getting spasm-ed (new word I suspect) in the chest, right butt cheek, right shoulder and once on my right nostril with a coincident total vision impairment.

Enough of the travails for today, and time to blog off.

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