Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rag My Ass Day

I am getting constantly harassed at a prank level, and for that, the perps are keeping me ranting at each incursion. They like it when I vocalized my complaints over this intrusion by gutless assholes who lack the gumption to front for this nonstop depravity. Invariably, extra road traffic or "neighbor noise" will erupt in mid-rant.

And true to form, the assholes kept me going while doing laundry, creating a grey stain on the bottom sheet for which the cover story is that it is "caused" by the new polyester underwear I was forced to purchase as all the pairs I own "developed" simultaneous flabby waistbands and wouldn't hold up. I have never, ever seen polyester "dye" anything, and it was the putative cause per perp's stunts. And lo, if it did not wash out, and then mysteriously increased by then "happening" again while being laundered, this time to the top sheet, in a different location. That got me sufficiently pissed for a long rant.

Ditto over making lunch, the same old tortilla dish that has been going on for over four years; the chopped chicken got rammed under my fingernails, pieces of it "hopped" off the cutting board, defied gravity and stayed stuck on the knife blade, then olive oil was flicked about, and then it was ponded under the spatula, I was fucked into turning on the wrong oven controls, brown colored "juice" showed up in the opened guacamole, the forks moved by themselves, and the cheese grater "fell" into the above mentioned olive oil pond on the counter, cheese gratings flew 2' laterally instead of dropping onto the tortilla in the frypan, and at least another dozen pranks erupted to keep me constantly pissed off and complaining through all of lunch making. Fucking sick that this depravity goes on every single second that I am awake, now five years long, largely out of the problems the fuckers could of fixed themselves at the time, e.g. plastics pollution that causes unusual energetic signatures that the fuckers don't know how to deal with except rape the literal shit out of my life, and plant various plastics bearing gangstalkers around me when in public. Fucking sick that I should be paying any price for their colossal fuckups, never mind this specious purgatory.

This is the post dinner digestion time and the noise has ramped up; even that of a horse neighing came on twice, and there are none in this neighborhood. The overhead pounding has started; each unbidden thought gets a thump and a vibration from above, and the odd coincident plasma flash on the wall.

A shut-in day so far when I had intended to go out and get the Rx picked up, another high gangstalk adventure with all the color coordinated and demographic ordered orchestration that takes, and I am positive I am only aware of a small part of the freakshow planning. But at least the harassment fuckery has slowed down, and I am not getting riled up as much as I was.

And the perps had me lapse into viewing body painting online, as this has become quite an artform with worldwide competitions. I suspect it is connected to the perp's continuing quest to plant tatooed gangstalkers near me, as this activity has picked up in the last month or so. How exactly these are related I am not sure, but the perp's hand was noticeable in that so many of the online photos were darkened down, and they seem to be on a theme of having different raced individuals placed in darkened circumstances or else their skin is darkened down with the perp's plasma games. The perps had me doing this exercise over five years ago, before the fuckers struck with hammering me with energy weapons on the streets of Seattle in 2002. If there is any justice in this world, the "decider" of that unabashed vileness will get his head taken off with baseball bat. It was a fucking outrage and the sickest fucking event ever in this continuing life fuckover.

Yesterday when waiting for the elevator, before I set off for going to the bank, the perps arranged a couple in an arguement in the hallway over a brown cardboard box who were shuffling its clothing contents about. He was leaning on the wall not looking too interested and she was bent over, still exposing her ample thighs in some kind of micro mini skirt, and the entire scene was darkened down such that I could not make out the color of their clothing. This is another example of the current theme on skin color gradation that has recieved greater stunts and setups of late.

Anyhow, there isn't going to be any relief soon if the perps are building some kind of skin color energetics reference library, as they have hardly got started. It would seem that the recent blue jeans takedown, where two pairs of rapidly bleaching sky blue color jeans were prematurely "worn" through (read, sabotaged), might signify a change in pants color from light blue to navy blue. And whatever the perps gain from this I don't know, but they have spent over five years on light blue jeans color, and are now switching to a navy blue as far as I can tell. (Still early in the new blue jean's fade history). It doesn't look good, this protracted playing around with one color at time and all the perp research time it confers.

And plenty of maser action today, as always; the perps even flew some of the small fuzzy ones into my mouth when brushing my teeth, and I can only wonder what took them so long as the assholes have been putzing with my dental hygeine routine for over five years now. All these long term obsessions of the perps are coming into more focus of late, as these seem to be more prevelant, as the 100% mind control objective will be attained within a month I reckon. I only get noisestalked for thoughts in the form of imagery that comes to mind (without being planted there), and very short term recall, say hours ago. And I get an overload of planted associative thoughts and wholly inappropriate ones that never happened before, consistent with their obessions and fuckover themes.

The big event turned out to have me go to the drugstore and get gangstalked with the usual racial demographic, and the featured color of the gangtstalk was yellow as it turned out. I had yellow pills in hand, I hadn't taken any as the Rx was "forgotten" from yesterday, and then I had a pair of male operatives in front of me, both wearing yellow, and one had a yellow plastic bag in hand. And there was plenty of other gangstalkers crossing my path to ensure I could not get ahead of these lollygagging operatives in front of me. And as it "so happened", the perps forced me to have a pee before I left, another of their games with the color yellow.

I got my negro dude gangstalker in the hallway, which often happened at the last apartment building, and and a "new" cashier at LD, a negro woman. I also got the day-glo shirt stalking, this dude also being of brown skinned extraction, and father to a screaming child that I was meant to hear. This pair stalked me again at the checkout. I also had six women gangstalkers lined up on my exit route, one being the two-ahead checkout "customer" with light blonde hair and magenta highlights, who then "stayed" to reprise another gangstalking at the exit. I also got the motorized wheechair demographic gangstalking, and Asians in Black, a woman who also came to "visit me" for two aisles stops I made. There was an red-haired woman that was also circlationg around me, and giving me the stare, then moving out of my view. I also got the obese act in pink just before I got inside, so it was a full-demographic featured gangstalking. And I am sure I have forgotten some of the other demographic gangstalking representatives, but the perps made sure I was mightily annoyed with the harassment when I got back. And as this is all coming from short term recall, I am getting a succession of white plasma bursts in my face, and the usual outside sourced noisestalking. This must be a high research moment for the sickos, and they may also phone me just to add to their repetoire of being total assholes.

More listening to Puremusic again, and while doing so I was rudely interupted by a beeping in the headphones "from" a antivirus software panel that had no business popping up, the second time today, possibly for visual process correlation reasons of the perps. And at least three sirens went off while I had the headphones on a few minutes ago, not the usual Wednesday night in this neighborhood. And just when I was starting to listen to my very favorite artist, Neko Case on Puremusic, the perps arranged for someone, or their noise games, to knock on my door, then instignating for me to call out and ask if there was anyone, and there wasn't. I almost expected a phone call jerkaround tonight, but the perps don't like me to switch aural devices it seems, and want this sustained music listening for overlay of their own noise on top.

Time to call this fugly day done, and hope for better tomorrow; they have successfully ragged my ass more often than I care to recall today, and have kept this pissed off state going most of the day.

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