Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cramp Stalked Dreams

The perps hadn't finished ragging and enraging me when I got into bed last night; they planted ear popping and crackling noises in my ear which was enough to warrant screaming at the assholes, at least twice. For some reason the right ear was the object of this assault, and for the first time in years I was allowed to maintain lying on my left side, without being forced into alternating head flipping.

Then in the morning they were still at it, this time planting dreams with technical detail about a certain medication that I took, the most successful one that the perps no longer allow, and as soon as the medication name was mentioned in the dream, they whacked me with a painful leg cramp. This is a first, dreamstalking by way of imposed pain. Other weird imagery was also added into my dreams, one being driving my (former) Volvo station wagon through the forest, totally bizarre and abnormal content.

It is a mid-blue shirt day today, the first time in over a year since I bought these two moisture wicking shirts 15 months ago. For whatever reason, mind-control more than anything, I haven't worn these two identical shirts until today. I predicted a blue dressed gangstalker when exiting the elevator and that is what I got, with camera at the ready. This dude made out that he was 1) a resident, and 2) annoyed enough to follow me with his coffee cup for two blocks to then confront me on the street. He then said he would have the manager look into it.

When I got back from yoga, sure enough, the manager was waiting for me in the elevator and said he recieved two complaints over this, and I explained that I only take pictures when someone is obstructing me at the elevator. Anyhow, he made out that he didn't know me again, even if we have moved refridgerators and cabinets together, and said he didn't want any more of it. I said that was fine. Maybe the elevator egress obstruction will stop, but I doubt it.

Another setup of course, and when I journalled this in my handwriten diary the perps put on plenty of noise as this short term recall is about one of the last things that they cannot yet fuck with. And by adding a stunt like above, with more emotional content, this makes it easier to neurally track. Not a big deal as I see it, but I was reminded that I am the number one industry in this city with the usual, or even above average, numbers of vehicular gangstalkers when making my 30 minute walk to the OB Rec. Center for gym workout. Then it repeats on my return, some 600 to 1,200 mobile vehicles I reckon, and some 600 parked vehicles as there is everywhere along my route. There was the usual clusters of red vehicles, white vehicles with more of a mixture of greys; the typical silver grey and then mid to charcoal greys to fill in the greyscale to the black vehicles that I also get in abundance. There were more light metallic brown vehicles gangstalking today, and they were often in pairs. Even the dark brown UPS trucks were on the job, two of them, one before I got to the supermarket, and one close by when I got out.

There were at least four ambulatory female E. bound gangstalkers in brown clothing when I was in yoga, and another in an almost skin tone brown who was walking toward me before I got to yoga, doing the cell phone thing, a very common adjunct to the gangstalking scene.

The outside noise scene has reverted to a rare all-quiet, and then the glass bottle bashing started up in the hallway, signifying to me that this pre-dinner period is prime noisestalking time.

More escape, the noisescape aside, to With the headphones on there was at least a 10 minute siren cascade (while listening to Gillian Welch, a past favorite), overhead rumbling noise, vehicle horns, and hallway voices over the past two hours.

More scary news talk about Pres. Bush and his possible strike on Iran. I have wondered why three of his cast have left recently, Snow, Gonzales and Rove, and it maybe because something big is coming down. Karen Hughes left Bush's first cabinet within the first six months and no one could figure that out, and then along came the 9/11 tragedy, a seeming terrorist attack, but upon reflection of the evidence, or that it was hustled away so fast, it has all the makings of another conspiracy, and that topped a two in the recent past, the Oklahoma City bombing and the TWA 800 flight. My perp-abetting ex was rather evasive or else muted in some strange way about these events, and was not emotionally involved at all. Certainly not like the Princess Diana death, another possible conspiracy, though I am not claiming to be an expert by any means. I suspect my ex knew who might have been involved, but not in advance. And I don't claim any knowledge of what she knows about world events and to what degree they are arranged, even the "natural" disasters, of which one visited me in Seattle, though in a minor way. (The Nisqually earthquake of 02-28-2001).

I am getting the vision impairment fuckery again, along with the maser zingers, the black floating fluff-like balls that often "hang around". Time to bail.

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