Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Low Sleep Monday Nights

I got the now "normal" sleeplessness of Mondays again, the return day after staying at my parent's place on Sunday. At least an hour of imposed head tossing, plenty of extra outside noise flurries, and an extra special "treat", a generalized pain in the back of my skull, and a complementary one on my facial skull bones. And, the assholes woke me up early to remind me they were still at it, at least for another hour before I was allowed to get up, about 0630h, very early by the usual standards. Then, once I got up, the pain was instantly relieved, and nothing currently.

And what did all this play into, as that is the embedded question as to any new or excessively protracted harassment events? As best as I can tell, they dithered my usual morning breakfast routine by forcing a "forget" on turning on the stove burner to get the kettle on, and then had me online early, about 0740h, so they could play games with the early E. sunlight to have it strike on this LCD panel, which in turn, forces an early curtain closure, and then serves as a component in "greying up" all the white areas of the display, something they routinely piss with. Today, it seemed, they wanted plenty of outside noise and sunlight/closed curtains to go with it for whatever reason.

I am back from my Tuesday yoga and following strength training class. But first I was "prepped" with another forced crap, and then a shower to clean up before I set off walking. This has happened for my last four outings now; a pre-excursion crap and then a shower and then I set off or am picked up. On Sunday when headed to my parents place, the perps forced a crap before lunch, a rare instance of a longer, two hour interval for being picked up. And too, today's early start was to cause me to have an early lunch, and then sufficient time to have the meal digested, albeit accelerated, and then being totally de-pooed before heading out. This de-pooing me prior to outings has "happened" four times in sucession as of today. Try and tell me that is random any of you clinical denial assholes.

And the perps made sure all the gangstalkers were on me; yoga had my two "regular" male yappers, the one that looks brother-like was in green socks and therefore was allowed to continue the full session. His brown socks last week were likely the reason he got pulled within 20 minutes of the class begining. Today he was unshaven and putting on the act, being more talkative. He also was on "sucker duty", sucking on a green candy with a white colored stalk, one of the ways in which the perps reveal their mouth contents/energies to their masters is by eating suckers. And when I got back to the apartment building from strength training two hours after yoga, the same brother-like gangstalker was sitting in the couch of this apartment building with another pal, playing doorman, and letting in another gangstalker ahead of me, and then me. This time he was all shaved and in an orange and white Hawaii shirt, rather than the red one at yoga. And he gave me the stare, as if I knew him, or he knew me, but mysteriously didn't acknowledge this, as it was he that made the radical change to his appearance. Just another excuse for yet another fucker to stare at me. It is unbeliveable the effort the perps go to keep the same gangstalker circulating around me, reprising the same asshole without a shred of a cover story.

At strength training there was a substantial turnout for my de-pooed form, and very likely all 15 other class members were also prepped in the same manner. There was the usual herding, stand-theres, do-squats in their usual rotation and coordinated encirclement by gangstalking gym members, and they also put themselves in locations that I had just vacated. At any given moment in the gym, a maximum of 10% of the gangstalkers are working out, the rest of them are standing around and pretending to be helping someone, moving between equipment or on "stand-there" duty. Then the fire department goof in a full navy blue uniform made his third appearance at the gym in the past six weeks (fourth time if the fire truck pass-bys are included), ostensibly for "business" reasons, but his back and forthing with the maintenance dude pushing grey plastic trash bins suggested otherwise.

And the geriatric rube class member (The Blob) with the apalling gut was introduced 15 minutes into the workout, and then he hung around the new young blonde coordinator, attempting to get some kind of "auric glow" off her. (I don't know what the perps are doing to me, but I cannot handle the sight of this particular fucker, and I am not ordinarily like this). It was absurd, the two of them stuffed in the corner together and plenty of space elsewhere in the floor exercise room. And this same dude also "happened" to take my location where I was doing the wall squats, as well as taking my exercise ball. Funny how the objects and locations that I workout become so coveted that the perps send someone in to usurp my activity/location, and it was this asshole that they are gingerly introducing and exposing, now in his fourth week, including taking one off and then coming back with a side shaved haircut.

I got the male in pink shirt act (MIP) tailing me out of the recreation center. He was positioned to gangstalk me getting out of the floor exercise room, the last component of this class, and then I proceeded to go to the change room and get my jacket, and then set off to leave. The man in pink was still there, but on the move to follow me out, with a pair of classmates in front of me holding me up. I was in the gangstalker's sandwich until downstairs where the MIP went through a staff door to then be seen through the safety class of the admissions area. This fucker then, was placed to gangstalk me twice, as he wasn't doing anything but making himself out to be a "administrative staff". The perps have me in a pink hating mood any time they make it visible, and this was another such incident.

I also got the half a shirt, half a shirtless top on a male gangstalker on the street on lead-ahead duty. This operative had his shirt off, and it was slung over his left shoulder and down his back where a large (12") green tatoo was in the center. So what he was doing, was running a right side bare skin and tattoo, and a left side white shirt covered portion, all for some kind of neural response elicitation for skin tone (tanned Caucasian), green tatoo, and a white fabric reference, the shirt. Amazing; spending over five years pissing around with these games when they could of attained their results in weeks with cooperation. These fuckers are truly nuts; organizationally, and individually.

Another on-street event was a backhoe that came to perform the vehicular gangstalking routine. This construction job across the street from the recreation center has served as a prop for many perps obsessions; planting wood, concrete pouring, pickup trucks of various colors, and today, a yellow backhoe. It crossed my path behind me (standard procedure), was driven up the street some 100', crossed a thoroughfare no problem, and then drove through a small shopping plaza parking lot, chock full of vehicles, and the stopped there outside the bank, blocking egress. And to get this in context, there was no construction job or backhoe job anywhere nearby. It is simply stunning that anyone would be so obsessive over gangstalking me with a backhoe, and organizing its passage across a busy road and into a busy parking lot of some 80 vehicles.

The perps were up to their palette jack games on the street again; this time outside on the street and viewable from the gym windows, and it was taken on a odd route, from one vehicle, to another for some back and forth activity, and then loaded up with something large, and was shrouded with wood. Then they took the loaded palette jack to the front door where it disappeared from view. Bizarre to say the least, and at least the fourth such event in the last three months.

The perps put heavy ambulatory gangstalking coverage on me when walking home; there must of been over 50 ambulatory gangstalkers, when they usually put on ~30, and that is still 20 more than what I would expect for normal street population. And this large olique angle intersection, called Oak Bay Junction, the perps put on a spaced out geriatric case to gangstalk me heading to the gym, and then one heading back. The first time, they put on a fucker sleeping on his walker, who "somehow" went to sleep sitting on his walker at one of the busiest intersections in Victoria, both when I was walking toward him to cross the first street, and then walking away from him when making the second crossing. On the way back, I didn't get a walker act at this same intersection, but a "spaced out" geriatric, doing the stop-and-start routine, "wondering" where he was, when he had no problem catching up to me again when I was waiting for the traffic control.

And geriatrics and walkers were playing big today, as were the motorized wheelchairs. I must of encountered at least twenty walker acts in 45 minutes of my transiting, many of which were colored in coordination with clothing or nearby vehicles.

I got the usual 600 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles buzzing around me when walking to my classes and back, sometimes four silver grey vehicles clustered or in file, then the same for the white vehicles. The perps put on plenty of red vehicles today, but are still on their current fixation with the first two mentioned colors. It was a big day for putting BMW's on gangstalking duty today, and they even put on a 7 series, normally rare as hen's teeth in this town.

I got four starings for no reason when walking to or from my two classes. A 25 year old woman was putting something in a parked vehicle close by, the usual vehicle egress gangstalking move, and she takes a long look at me. As I am about twice her age, I don't think it could possibly be anything flirtatious, so what was it for? Then later, two grannies were putting on the organized confusion as to which way they were headed, and I had to wait for them while they figured this out, and one of them puts on the stare, as if I were to be the one to make the first move when they were both ditzing on the sidewalk, impeding access to the intersection. Then almost at the same location when returning to my apartment, another granny puts on the stare, again, for no apparent purpose.

And in the last block before returning to my apartment, I got the shopping cart brigade again; four of them over the block, each cart loaded with plastic bags and bottles, and it also serves as a great excuse for the "vagrant" to loiter over the trash cans on the sidewalk, another sidewalk constriction, the preferred location for the ambulatory gangstalkers to pass by me. And I always get at least one bizarre ambulatory gangstalker that insists on "waiting" for me to pass by him on my right side, when there is all the room on the sidewalk to pass by on my left side. And I suppose that light brown colored envelope in his hand was another prop in this harassment fuckery.

There were other freakshow acts, and the usual profusion of ambulatory gangstalkers wearing the same clothing color as that of vehicles passing by. I got at least two siren shows when out today, and the usual redimix concrete delivery truck to gangstalk me. The perps also put on a minor traffic accident to block two lanes in one direction, and then forcing traffic to take one lane each of the opposite same direction lanes. They had a real accident this time, none of the usual games in simulating one. As always, the direction of vehicle travel is a big deal in the perp's obsessions over vehicular gangstalking, and temporarily using one of the oncoming lanes for traffic diversion is quite a common feint/setup. The introduction of lefthand drive Japanese import vehicles for gangstalking purposes also plays into this somehow (also, above mentioned right-side passing ambulatory gangstalkers), though I really don't know what the problem is, as I am sure it does not relate to me directly. And in writing this up, the location of the ambulatory weird (above) that insisted on "waiting" for me so he could pass on my right side, was close to the subsequent location of the staged vehicle accident. Probably not a coincidence.

More sunshine reflectivity games; ones that always result in that "reflection" (read, planted plasma beam) being directed into this apartment every night the sun is out. Simply amazing.

And now, hallway door thuddings are being stepped up, that herd in the hallway on the move (familiar?, just like the last residence, the putative rooming house), and some gabbing has erupted from the other side. And overhead, I am getting the "kerchunk" sound, a softer noise with a backbeat finish to it, the identical noise of all my overhead "neighbors" going back to 2002! Everyone of them could make this noise, and I have no idea what it could be, as it is one of those events without benefit of a cover story, unlike the absurd traffic noises that go on all day and night, but at least there is a road outside.

An overhead pounding, then "me" (read, mind-controlled me,- I was never this outgoing before) yelling at the assholes, and now the glass bottle bashing act outside, and then more hallway and overhead noise combined as I repair the typos that were forced on me in writing this.

Another round of faux neighbor water use noise, just like the past four residence locations, and timed to coincide with writing a letter and the sudden and inexplicable eruption of help boxes in Open Office Writer, with open source software being a "made for sabotage" offering in hindsight. There is nothing in the abnormal Windows behavior that suggests that the perps cannot fuck a proprietary operating system in the same way. Call it "open season on TI's", no matter what software they run.

Another round of screaming at the perps concluded as they kept fucking me over making repairs to their forced typos. And for that, I got a temporary pain shooting into my foot.

After the perps put a loud tone through my headphones they relented and accepted the antivirus settings I set, where there would be no more prompts, with an overriding audio tone. The last time I attempted to listen to audio was a disaster as the perps kept pumping disruptive tones into my ears, under the cover of the then setting of the antivirus software. Funny how it was backwards; I wasn't allowed to recall the past fuckover game with the tones, but "somehow" was guided to change the offending antivirus software tonight before listening to the downloads from Puremusic. If that isn't mind-control, I don't what is, appropriately responding to something that I had "forgotten".

Enough for a blog posting, and time to call this day done.

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