Sunday, August 26, 2007

Short Blog Today

This will be a very short posting as I am due to embark on a First Feral Family visitation and stayover on a Sunday. There has been the usual noise flurries and noise activity to dog my every move, even farting gets noisestalked, those being remotely invoked farts at that. Usually the chair creaks at the very same instant, and I get loud vehicle noises just before, during or immediately after unloading an imposed fart. Such is the life I am confined to, deliberating on the coincidence of farts.

Just to finish this topic off; I wondered for decades as to why I farted everytime in a library, deep into the stacks where no one else was around, someone "happened" to come by within 20 seconds or less. This goes back to childhood days and I always pondered why I couldn't be left alone to fart. Well, as it so happens, it was scripted and arranged, just like all other flukes of the past.

And today's big perp event was for me to have soup, the first in years, and one that was bought frozen. As it was orange in color, and made from squash and pumpkins, this was likely a big deal as I have been hounded by orange dressed gangstalkers at every turn. Even the doctor got in on the act, even if looked pathetic in his ill-matched clothes.

There is also some kind of word repitition the perps like over the word "soup". When my social worker was telling me about the programs availible, she happened to mention that soup was availible there, more times than she needed to. Then I was let in on my recall of my long past of my father being such a obdurate boor about wanting his soup for lunch, in his usual manner of unspoken expectation. It became the word about which I attached a significant amount of his personality to, and I suppose even that was scripted, creating words which had emotionaly scar wounds. Nowadays, the perps augment my recall with these injected thoughts, timed to emulate associative recall. And if I had long forgotten this association, which I had, then why in the fuck do I have a multi-billion dollar per year budgeted organization on my back creating recollections that should be long buried. Fucking sick and depraved, and as I wrote that I got a two siren cascade to invoke some kind of deeper neural activity for my mind keepers.

The plasma and maser action has been constant so far today, in my peripherial vision every moment my eyes are open. I was awakened in the night to listen to some more vehicle noises again, this perpetual improbability of hearing outside traffic noise as such a high volume some six stories up, and never mind that they would be so improbable to always "happen" when awakened.

I am to take the bus to my parent's place, owing to some concocted reason/fabrication from my mother. I wonder if the passenger count will approach reality, say 5 other passengers instead of 25 or more, all posted operatives putting on their various shows; racial, plastic, both racial and plastic bearing, guitar stalking, big hats, business suits, blonde reference models, geriatrics all in various clothing colors, and the rest of the demographic panoply I am exposed to at every turn when out in public.

That is going to be today's blog posting, short and acerbic with enough typo sabotage to have this run over double its current length, but hopefully the typos are all expunged.

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