Sunday, August 12, 2007

Onto the Night Shift

The nightime awakenings are continuing, and the "featured" noise is yobos doing street hollaring and "neighbor" yelling. I get awakened anytime between 0100 and 0600h just to hear this prearranged noise from the street or somewhere nearby, and usually a dose when lying in my right side, and one for the left, often more than once per side.

The perps started out my bedtime with zapping me with a coincident thud from above, as if a 20lb weight was dropped on the uncarpeted floor above, when in fact, it is carpeted, and there is usually a bed overhead, as these studio suites don't offer much flexibility in furniture placement. So, it would seem, that the remotely applied noise, vibration and zapping games were lined up for some more of their sick games. Other clunking followed, then the now familiar street hollaring and neighbor vocalizing before I was allowed to go to sleep.

Some more strange dreams came on this morning, but the perps toned down my ability to recall what they were exactly, and that is just fine by me. More and more, these planted dreams reflect their obsession themes and the scurilous quislings who play a part in this relentless fuckover. I reckon the dreams are likely another playground in which the perps expect to quantify "psi energies" of the events, and then compare them to similar ones they would have orchestrated, possibly back to early developmental years. A prediction; dream intrusions will continue to be part of the harassment, more than ever.

And there was a minor stunt that went down last night after dinner which "somehow" was not included in yesterday's blog. Even though the stove was turned off, about 30 minutes after dinner, there was this faint smell of the oven from 12' away, while at my desk. And at the moment I realized this, a vehicle horn went off, even before I had totally articulated the thought in mind. Can we say realtime neural activity monitoring by remote means? Most of the noisestalking is coincident with either the theme words or concepts of the day, or else an uncontrolled thought that comes to mind, but this one was smell related.

I do get plenty of smells planted on me, though often there is a modicum of credibility, e.g. the "debris" that "arrives under the stove burners when turned on, it is just that there is no way that any such substances could get there. This little game goes back decades when I would ask my now ex as to how the smell started under the burner, and she was never very helpful, not even spinning some BS.

A day late in posting, another of those forced "forgets" again. And some kind of brutal forehead tensioning annoyance is going on, and I cannot explain exactly what it is, but it is horrid.

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