Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning glass windows and mirrors that is. The accumulated grime on my balcony windows got dealt with today, and what a noise show it became. Regular readers will know that I have a part time cleaning job at a nearby car dealership that that I often clean the windows as part of the job, and get plenty of extra staff action using the door all of a sudden and much extra road traffic at the same time. The location is bounded on three sides by roads, the E. side being the closest, only some 10' from the roadway. The noise and people stalking while cleaning windows has been ongoing for some six months now, and it was no surprise today when cleaning windowas and mirrors at this apartment that I got plenty of vehicular noise and gangstalking. Mostly, I wasn't looking, as my back was turned to deal with the accumulated grime on the windows and the exasperating tendency of the cleaner to dry before I could get the soft rubber blade on it to pull the water off. I bought this item at Ikea in 09-2008 and hadn't used it until today. But as these soft butyl rubbers of intense interest to the perps, it was no surprise that the amount of attention was very high while using one here. And too, I have some of the microfiber cleaning cloths that I use at work here at this apartment, courtesy of the boss man who encouraged me to take and launder them. It would seem that the colors of these cloths are of intense significance to the perps as they started with an obnoxious mid-green and then lapsed into the light blue, a "starter color" for them. Almost needless to say, I was fucked into cleaning the windows both vertically and horizontally, re-cleaning the mucky surface two or three times, and re-applying the wiper blade (butyl rubber) to remove yet more of the grime. If I had access to a hose it would of been much simpler, but that was not the case. As the finale of cleaning them when outside, I got the horrific (to me) two cycle engine motorcycle noise, aka Harley Davidson-like. Then onto the mirrors inside which have been getting increasing amounts of drippings and splatter from some mysterious source. These are arranged in the bathroom to be exactly at the level of my face, and are often planted at the very location I am shaving at when I happen to look in the mirror. These strategic mirror scuz placements also occured at the gym classroom when I was working out last year and the year before. Nothing new there.

I was also getting perturbing shimmering metallic blobs coming off the carpet last night at the cleaning job, exactly where I was looking while vacuuming. I reckon this is another mirror splatter condition emulation of perturbing one's focus at the exact location one's eyes are directed. As soon as the shimmering starts I lose my focus, or at least, that is the way it is managed/scripted to be.

Which begs the question, what is it that the perps find so important about glass and mirror surfaces, especially while cleaning them? I don't know the entire answer to that, but I reckon some vibrations from the squeege blade might be part of it, as the perps like to have vibrations in my proximity. They often arrange a glass cleaner to be around when I enter a business. Another stunt was to have some kid slam the glass at the same juncture, putting on that it was a part of a game the kid was having with someoneone on the indside. It does seem the perps want me to see many of the regular gangstalkers and colors of objects in the reflection of windows or mirrors. The "teabag dude" seeming gangstalker at the job site came into the men's washroom I was cleaning up and arranged for himself to be in the mirror to tell me that he was heading out. Another WTF event: why tell me as I have no interest when he comes and goes, and why tell me as it has no bearing on the job. So I suppose this likely operative gangstalker needed to be seen in a reflection of a mirror instead of live for some compelling reason. Go figure.

Other action this morning was to have me go to the local coffee shop one block away and meet the boss man to get my paycheck as he claimed to have forgot it last night. He phoned exactly when I was reading about a certain Gigabyte brand computer motherboard, (more motorcycle noise through the earmuffs as I write this one up, a "motorcycle moment"), that I have been interested in acquiring, save the funding aspect to it, as always. I did another ten minutes of web surfing before heading out to sit myself down in these fugly red upholstered booths with the red formica table surface. I didn't have long to wait, and the boss man wanted to get going too. A five minute meeting at best, and I wasn't too surprised at the amount of red action that erupted when I walked back from the cafe to my place. A red BMW moved from the curb into traffic when it had been parked with two other similar red vehicles, and of course at least two red dressed vagrants, one outside the bottle return sleeping on his walker for crissakes. A final red dressed Fuckwit with his tongue hanging out crossed my path in advance of me turning to head into my apartment building and it was all over. I also had some red plasma beams flashing and positioned in front of me while heading back, seemingly to "fill in" where I am looking as there was no red objects at that moment. It seems the perps need to add more red color into my visual field at certain junctures, often after looking at arranged red colored vehicles. They seem to be looking for red color continuity for a few more tens of seconds after seeing the set up. Also too, as a re-establishment of red sensitivity after making a turn at the street corner.

I did the gangstalk gauntlet in the other direction after lunch; to the downtown ATM to deposit above mentioned check. There was a "starter blonde" in a black top and white shorts doing a "stand around" within the first 80' of my trip to the ATM. And lo, if there wasn't a profusion of red shirts and tops afterward. The prior person at the ATM I used was also on plastic bag duty, placing it on the floor where I was to be standing once she vacated. On with the show, and I couldn't say there was anything definite about the gangstalking or noisestalking while engaging in a financial transaction. TI's and regular readers will know that the perps routinely stalk financial transactions of all kinds and methods; online, cash, debit card, grocery store, ATM and the rest of it. And as it "so happened", I went to the optician afterward to purchase a refill of lens cleaning solution, and paid cash. I am sure there was much interest in that too; a debit after a credit at a different location and with a different medium, cash as opposed to check. Exciting moments for sick minds. And lo, if she wasn't wearing a variegated red outfit with a black sweater. Anyway, all too odd.

And when it came time to put the lens cleaning solution back in its usual position, why, a red plasma flash came on from the very location I was to place it. Funny how this happens.

Physics: Interferometer Gets More Quiet Mirrors. Here we go, a made-for-me science news article about inferometry and that they use mirrors to detect light wave interference and there are localized changes of "thermal noise" that can change the index of refraction. News to me, but then again, what isn't while kept in a Potemkin Bubble.

I was expecting that this weekend I was going to take this PC in and get its power supply replaced with a ginormous 900W model that I am told I need to upgrade this PC with a video card. The current power supply is 400W, a fanless one, and so this replacement represents a substantial increase, (read, greater electromagnetic interference) as well as introducing a fan into the scene. But I haven't heard from the supplier as to the part arriving so perhaps it will be installed next weekend instead. The planned PC re-build will take longer owing to a shortage of money, but that's part of the TI show. I suspect they will have me doing daffodil bulb picking this summer again to raise the scratch and then expend it, much like what they pulled on me last year. I made some investments in work clothes for a "sure thing" of availible jobs and lo, if none materialized until 12-2008, the current part time car dealership cleaning position. And seeing how strategic this job is in the way of exposure to car parts of all kinds, as well as unusual juxtapositions of vehicles (on hoists from 1' to 6' off the ground), and to washrooms and cleaning supplies, I reckon this job was scripted from a long time ago. Nothing much of the harassment-scape is going to change too quickly it would seem.

I did the part time cleaning job tonight; the boss man was putting on the grump act again. Maybe he was trying to infer that it was me that was responsible for a $163 repair bill on the vacuum cleaner today. Not a chance, and not even close. I used it regularly like I am supposed to do and do not abuse it in any way. But as operating vacuum cleaners is part of the intensified perp interest with extra vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers when I use it (outside and inside the building), it serves the perps to develop changes in the disposition of such devices including sending them out for repair. In a week or so (read, settle in time with repaired vacuum cleaner), I get to have one to use for my end of the building, Parts and Service. When I finish up and come over to Sales to help the boss man, I use the one that we currently share (and was repaired today).

Anyhow, I got tagged with some 30 stains on the carpet that I have no idea how they got there. They "erupted" after I had used the vacuum cleaner and meant that I had to expend an additional ten minutes spot cleaning these strange 1"x2" black marks with very definite edges. At least one of them "showed up" last night and I have no idea what they are and nor did the boss man. More floor marking it would seem, something that has been very evident since I began there in 12-2008, but this was the most flagrant jerkaround to date.

And I see the perps are still putting on plenty of noisy motorcycles on while at work. For me to hear, and then for me to see the 1950's era motorcycles. The sickos are putting on more motorcycles as props as well; at least two on my two block walk to the car dealership job tonight.

And I see that the display at the supermarket on the way home has been paired down to remove the usual Golda's line of pesto sauces and that includes the olive tapenade. The other line, Gourmet, which also has tapenade is also gone. Ergo, one of my staples for the last six years of this imposed diet has been removed and now it is back to guacamole (avocado) as the base I use in my tortillas. There has been an increase in lime green and avocado gangstalker clothing colors of late (last month), and I reckon the perps want a run of trying this food item and its distinctive color out. Onto guacamole; I have no recalled developmental years history with this food/and color, but it interesting that one of the talented anti-gravity researchers, Thomas Townsend Brown was often referencing this color in his undertakings, the one's that weren't deep black. If you can afford the scratch to read this e-book, or later hardcopy book, Defying Gravity, it is well worth it. I read most of it while it was in progress in a web forum with some dedicated individuals supplying many interesting comments and even guidance as to how the story should unfold in written form. One of my long ago postings covered some similarities between his interests and peculiarities, not all of a gravitational research nature, that seemed to be supportive of perp methods and objectives I have witnessed (and still do).

The seventh siren cascade this evening, heard through my earmuffs as I was finishing up reading about the meltdown and resultant outrage over the above mentioned TT Brown forum that I was intrigued with for at least four years. The last I heard it was shut down totally, but since then (this calendar year), I see that some explanations have been added in so now I know what happened, but I still don't comprehend why. This is the forum on T. T. Brown that took me away for the reading and finding out what happened. Read the Epic Fail postings by Linda Brown, I through IV, to attempt to understand the sudden meltdown the author seemed to have suffered. I don't get it. And if you don't understand what I am going on about in this paragraph don't worry; one "had to be there" as a forum follower and with an interest in the outcome of a book on T.T. Brown that just may never materialize.

Back to the siren cascades tonight; the first one started when I has just left the supermarket an took a different side of the street after my followers were all headed my usual path. And at that time, with the part time job boss man "happening" to stop in at the supermarket again, now batting over .900, in the next door checkout again, was starting up his two cycle noisy motor scooter outside. These timings "happen" each time; he is in the store at the same time as me, he is at a checkout at about the same time, and he gets on his motor scooter and revs it when I am outside, just leaving the supermarket. Sometimes his motor scooter noise gets other louder noise added on, and tonight it was the siren's turn. And since getting in there have been five more siren noise events, presumably to track whatever they look for while returning to this apartment, eating chocolate and drinking tea, and then putzing away online, and now while blogging.

And it was skinhead males at the supermarket tonight; they had at least three of them ringed around me while I was back at the cheese section and one block of it self-propelled itself to the bottom of the cooler case. More plastics interaction testing it would seem. The perps cannot get enought of that, following me with the Plastic Bag People (Stalkers) all over this town. Bad reddish-brunette hair dye jobs are also highly featured in the freakshow/gangstalker parade this past week. Also, tattoos; a woman yesterday in the elevator had tattoos all over her arms which was gross, or at least to me. Then tonight, a woman with a 12" wide tattoo on her chest showing above her top, with yellow in it as well. Fucking gross again. The putative traumatization association over tattoos is that head shaven victims (skinheads) had tattoos on their bald heads, presumably to serve as reference points for continued clinical (sort of, more like criminal) research. This is what Lynn Moss Sharman indicates as she was a witness to the nefarious deeds of Dr. Ewen Cameron and others. She has tied these two freakshow/Unfavored demographic group features together and didn't have her recall deleted as it seems that I did. I have also read they did the tattooed bald head work to the LSD guru, Dr. Timothy Leary when he was doing his jail time in the 1980's.

More strangeness over the above mentioned PC power supply; I got a late mail to tell me that the part came in and he "forgot" to tell me as promised, and was apologetic. Like, is there any job, item order or any moderately complex interaction that isn't getting fucked with? A few days ago I listed the travails of a recent shirt order that was delayed with a string of lies to attempt to cover up for it.

The overhead pounding and rumbling has started up and seems to be mapped to my reactive notions while re-reading the above text. This just might be the last brain region/capability that they cannot yet fuck with.

Time to call this one done for the day.

It is not over until its over; a Fuckwit knocking on my door looking for Malcom. Go fuck yourselves.


Anonymous said...

One thing I pointed out to someone: when you look at an object in close proximity vs. distance, what you are seeing is the objects as they existed at some point in the past. For example, if you look at an object 1m away, you aren't really looking at it in real time, rather, the object as it existed 3.33 nanoseconds in the past. Similarly, looking at an object 100m away will reveal the way it looked 333 nanoseconds in the past. That's a very small quantity of time, but how can you be sure the object you are looking it isn't gone? You know for sure the 100m away object WAS there 333 nanosecond ago. I think there must be something about relative distance and the way we perceive the light. If you manage to look at both the close and distant objects, you can't actually observe them as they exist in the same exact instant of time. So there are probably relativistic effects at play somewhere, and by looking through multiple mirrors, you can see an object as it existed at different points in time.

Anonymous said...

Many of their remote sensing monitoring probably needs calibrated to account for relativistic effects, and the speed of light plays a big role in relativistic effects. Hence, the need for us to observe simultaneous objects at multiple distances. Note that glass may have an effect somewhere; I'm certain what it does is bend the light as well as shift the wavelength slightly.