Monday, May 11, 2009

Offline 24 Hour Rarity

Imagine, a whole 24 hours without being online. As one who can spend up to 15 hours a day online, that is a strange event, and one wonders what the perp management perspective is.

It was with plenty of First Feral Family time, begining with a dinner at my in-town brother's place with two errand stops in advance of arriving. As I don't have a whole lot of time to get this blog written for today, I will skip some of the events.

I suppose the big event yesterday was meeting my in-town brother's new "friend", or um-friend as they say. As in a female, as we learned he kicked the native Indian woman out in January, though it wasn't the first time. His new "um-friend" is a Thai woman in keeping with his (or someone else's) proclivity for having brown skinned women in the family orbit. She is much more talkative and engaging, though her English is a bit difficult to decode and seemed to be a genuinely nice person. She had her 16 y/o. son with her, and he seemed very freaked out about the entire social and mind-fuck control/abuse/scripted scenario. I sense he was had a Caucasian father, so all this brown skin and racial combinations that the perps so love to show me was getting extra exercised with a sit-down dinner. My father was getting his penultimate gangstalking in last night after dinner, as he heads off to the care hospital/home tomorrow. And I will be glad for that, not having his fucking antics on display all the time; his stalking, sit-ups, stand-ups, pausing in front of the TV, crossing my path every which way and the rest of this insane claustrophobic stalking will finally be over. And I suppose this was all timed for perp objectives, which suggests that they attained the most possible benefit from all his faux dementia antics. Or at least, I think it is faked, but his timing is always impecable for stalking me up the asshole, so I would think the perps have finally moved on after six years of this bullshit. As I have mentioned many times, I have no idea if the dementia act is for real or not, and/or if he is being run so to be so highly engaged in the stalking antics.

The final act of this nonsense, will likely be the banana games that were evident this morning in the dining room. One was wrapped up in Cling Wrap and left on the adjacent cupboards, another was left in the fridge, and a third one (the peel only) was left downstairs in the laundry room. But lets get real; he has never, ever used Cling Wrap in his entire life, and only used aluminum foil if he used anything at all, and somehow he concocts this final dementia act at the family home by using Cling Wrap for the first time? No sir, that has perp prepared banana games written all over it. I have long complained of public gangstalking Fuckwits packing bananas, or even eating them while walking around, and I have long endured many rage-ified fuckover games when attempting to use Cling Wrap (sticks to itself and not the dinner plate), so who else would of thought of this combination? Not a dementia patient, a real one with self generated thoughts that is.

I got put through the rage mill this morning when putting up the metal shelves in the closet that was painted last week. Don't forget the perps love to have parallel rod formed metals like oven racks and shopping carts placed around me, an improvement of the loom pieces they would carry around when screwing victims over 200 years ago as detailed in the book, The Air Loom Gang. So this was the near equivalent, the white painted wire metal shelves you get at the big box home supply stores. And as it so happens, there is a big box store only a five minute drive from my parent's place, so I paid a visit to get more toggle bolts as the end drops down in the wall when one removes them. And lo, having not used this form of fastener before, if I didn't get the wrong size (too short) as the wall plaster is extra thick in the house, and not the typical drywall. (It is "wet wall", where they put up rough plaster board and then spray on the wall plaster for a rougher surface.) So another trip to the big box store with my consort of silver grey vehicles with the odd red one inserted. And too, as part of the absurd freakshow, I got the woman cashier with the scarf hanging loose around her neck. She was the "other half" of the staff "couple" who were putting on the over friendly ingratiating smarm, but the male "half" was the one who was the cashier on the first visit.

I have been getting many headscarfed women gangstalkers of late, and the perps have me controlled to be extra perturbed and jangled by the sight of this particular, once innocuous, head wear. I don't know what the deal is, but with the perps having me extra reactive (controlled by them) in response to their many headscarfed gangstalkers, I suppose wearing a loose scarf around one's neck is a "starter headscarf". This is very common for the perps to incrementally introduce an object or person of the Unfavored. (Another example would be bleached skinned Asians, having Caucasian skin color). I am sure there is much more to this particular Unfavored head adornment story, as nearly all are, but I don't know what it is about, and that my recall deletions from 1956 to 59 just may have not removed all the traumatizations the perps claim to have incurred and are the basis of this ongoing gangstalking freakshow and related abuse.

(For the record, the perps tell me that I visited some of the convents and nuns that were associated with the systemized Dupplesis Orphans abuse in Quebec, which was contemporaneous with the Dr. Ewen Cameron psychiatric abuse also playing out in Montreal. And interestingly, one Montreal convent I read about only a few days ago (and cannot find the link), was next door to a pig farm where they got their food supply. Which left me wondering as to the coincidence of the recent and ongoing swine flu outbreak. But we are getting way over our heads to surmise that the perps are even feeding me the truth never mind finding deeper conspiratorial connections with the swine flu). But as I say, nothing in my life is a coincidence, as it has been arranged from the get-go with all manner of wondrous perp objectives instilled into my daily regimen, never mind the neurological and physiological deficits they also introduced and in some instances, have recently ameliorated them; e.g. straightening my spine posture.

And for the record, there is at least one Duplessis Orphan survivor with whom I spoke for over an hour, and he is getting this same covert gangstalking and extra-conventional gravitic harassment. So... here we have one unfortuneate TI who has a full traumatization memory of the Duplessis Orphan abuse (and physical disabilities from being electroshocked too often), as a child as well as the later adult age TI abuse which effectively connects these two strands of contemporaneous institutionalized abuse that ran for over twenty years in the former case. And it was fomented at the level of the provincial government cabinet, Duplessis as the premier of Quebec. (This topic is not new to this blog, and I am rehashing old ground here). I never was a conspiratorial thinker until all this targetted harassment began, and I see far more connections to world events than I ever did before, as this new "TI lens" I have makes it very plain. As I have said before, it is a ringside seat to the biggest circus there is, and as brutal as it is in many cases.

And I see that the daffodil farm of last year's short term employment is still advertising for workers, and have even changed the weekend newspaper ad that indicates extra urgency in finding farm workers. Which I surmise is just to piss me off all the more, as I applied two weeks ago, and phoned last week, and was told they haven't completed their hiring decisions. I had a good work record with them, and was often given extra tasks, so it seems that they want to rub it in; here is a job you could have, but we want to remind you that you are not going to get it. Or, perhaps, it is to raise my angst level all the more. A FUD fuck to say the least. Nothing new. Maybe they cannot hire the Mexicans they were planning to, per above mentioned swine flu outbreak.

Enough speculation and tribulations; this one is done for today. And now to ponder how long the Monday Imposition will run before I am allowed to sleep; over 20 headflips on each side, or is it to be more noise inundation?


Anonymous said...

Commercials and ads seem to be a very useful outlet for the perps, I've noticed. I've also noticed they've been juxtaposing unfavored in one commercial with favored in the very next commercial, just to get a reaction.

Also, I've noticed how annoying commercials are, with all the light-flashing, an almost perfect stroboscopic effect, as well as a very rapid changing between many different scenes. Very annoying. They used to love doing the variations on light flashing/stroboscopic effect.

An example, is the car parked on the side of the road, using the emergency flashers. Or I'll have one of those types in front of me with his turn signal on for 5 miles. There is always some variation on emergency flashers, such as a car pulled over with his turn signal flashing, if not the hazards.

The other day, I saw a state cop had this car pulled over. Ahe person he pulled over was this hot babe, just standing outside talking to the cop. I've suspected tat sometimes the state cops are also involved, but maybe that's a coincidence.

Cop cars are convenient props for the perps, because of the flashing lights on top, and also the "wig wags" (the headlights that alternately flash high beams on each side - left-right-left-right-etc).

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I slept yesterday: I had these spams and constant flinching muscle contractions going on in my left hand. I did spend some time playing guitar, and maybe that had something to do with it. They just stopped altogether, which is suspicious to me. I was starting to think it was the onset of some neurological disorder. Or maybe that's what they wanted me to think. Maybe just another FUD tactic?

The flashing lights/stroboscopic effect is apparently a method to put the brain in some sort of quasi-seizure like state.

AJH said...

Answer to: Commercials and ads seem...

And too, having the news stories with the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. I swear the on-TV news version has been spoofed to make the red and blue flashes more predominant and full picture tube sized. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I don't know how I slept yesterday...

There is a widely accepted test for epilepsy using flashing red strobe lights that are quite bright. I have done this test twice and had no epileptic reactions, and was declared "normal".

The muscle spasming might be related to the fact that all our cells contain some memories, and the assholes are working on a particular group, hoping the spasming action/energy will serve to interfere and thereby identify energies of nearby organs or other bodily structures (e.g. nerve fibers). That is either my theory or the planted notion which I concur with. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That could be. I did injure the middle finger on my left hand 10 years ago, possibly cutting some nerve fibers in the process. The doctor said he tried to stitch the tissue internally the best he could, implying nerves, tendons, muscles. So the spasming of this hand could be a way for them to see how functional it is, what works, what doesn't, etc. I don't think it was injured that bad, but I could see muscle tissue inside the finger. The gash was over 1" long.

AJH said...

Answer to: That could be...

I call cuts and gashes "blood samples" as it seems to serve the perps immediate purposes of needing a blood reading at certain junctures. There is the red color, that they are obsessed over and the fact that it is magnetic, and they seem to want to compare blood magnetics to other things, e.g. external body (skin) and whatever other objects are around, plastics seeming to be the most problematic for them. I won't get into it here, but it just might be that these horrific school and other civilian massacres might be a more intensified "blood sample" session the perps seem to need. Thanks for the comments.