Friday, May 29, 2009

One Riled Day

Some calm after intensive provocations while making and eating breakfast, and then again at lunch. The afternoon tea-time also was rage-ified. There have been some new noises, a cyclic machine whine that "joined me" at each mealtime. I have never heard this noise before and cannot find a source of it. These details like conventional causal don't seem to matter to the perps so much anymore. Another stunt that was without conventional cause occured when I was making lunch, the open tortilla in the frypan. As I was grating the cheese the tortilla moved in the pan by itself, a 1/4" or so one direction, and within a half minute back again, and then repeating. The perps are totally nuts over anything that is cut with a knife or grater and this seems to represent the latest advancement in their research. Not my problem, so I have I been involuntarily inducted into this insane abuse?

It has been a stay-in day so far, and that will make for a significant gangstalking when they let me out to head to the part time cleaning job at the car dealerhip. And I see they have pulled the ad from the job board which usually it is filled. Or, it could be a faux job ad, as I see nearly every local business around here has had job ads in the past six months or so, and this would be yet another example. I haven't figured out why the perps would manipulate this, but they are roundly interested in all aspects of job finding, looking, employment conditions etc.

Not much blogging today, even if I did walk the gangstalker gauntlet, this time over their plywood walkway one street over. And too, the light yellow tree flower parts were in great quantity on one block, and I suspect that eating artichoke pesto of the same light yellow color before heading out just might have been one of those exciting perp moments. No sirens or major giveaways (noisestalking) at the time though. And it looks as if the full time lot boy job at the car dealership isn't to be had; it was removed from the job board and no one said a thing about it. Even the Sales Manager knows me by name now, and he didn't say anything. I suspect the assholes want to continue this rather low work time of 1.5 hours a day for the rest of the year as it affords more fuckover variety for them. And we cannot have TI's earning a decent income now could we?


Anonymous said...

At this time, I'm pretty sure they have my employment situation "managed". It seems odd now that every time I apply for a job, I never hear back. Before they went overt, I was getting plenty of responses. Now, I get almost none. Well, they do tell me to go trolling Monster for jobs, but with the same empty result each time.

So, maybe that is confirmation that they want us to go looking for jobs. I assume it's just an experiment to see where our "money values" are, and they can tell by the salary we are "looking for". I'm sure I will never find full-time employment. They've made sure I can only do part-time teaching, just 2 classes maximum per semester, no more. And of course, they have plenty of fuckovers there, too, such as occasional threats of losing my job. All seems to be under control now, though. Seems some unsatisfied student (probably an operative) was calling the office and telling them stories about me not handling the class well. Yet another saboteur. It's amazing how much power one student can have. I'm sure he is being handled by my perps to make sure I'm in a constant state of stress.

Anonymous said...

Some of my perps were rubbing it in my face about me just teaching one class per semester. When I told that perp I got another class, and was teaching two, she didn't seem to like it very much. With perps being the sick assholes they are, of course it seems logical keeping us unemployed is one of the ways they use to feel good about themselves, i.e., just one more way they make us suffer. And of course, they enjoy every minute of it. See, you have to understand the psychopathic mind: they take great pleasure in torturing people. They've got so many haters on my ass it isn't even funny.

Anonymous said...

My situation seems to be a weird tangle of things. I can certainly relate to the technology aspect of it, and why they are doing it. It's the gangstalking and the organized stalking/harassment component of it I have trouble with. Like, do these people really hate me, or do they simply like following orders?

Whatever it is they're after, they've got me tightly in their grasp, and I can't get out of it.

Here's a good example:

These picture galleries are supposed to show up randomly; however, the pictures that do show up seem to pertain what whatever it is I'm thinking and/or doing. For example, the middle Eastern guy looks like a former student of mine. The guy standing under the "chimney" like thing looks like my Science teacher from 9th grade. See, it even looks like he's teaching a class. They are able to pull all kinds of images from my memory, and display/peruse them somehow. Obviously, the operatives have to obtain the "mind images" and sort through them for correlations for things that are going on at the moment. Notice how in the Javascript for this newspaper, I was not able to find a "random()" function that randomizes the images that are to be displayed. I.e., they are completely perp controlled, and made to look random.

Anonymous said...

Here's another good "psy-op" example:

The trash can placed near the sign as a subliminal. Note the name "Clark" which is pertinent to me. Boy, perps sure do think they are important people. Notice the "lark", followed by "family" and then the trash can underneath family.

Anonymous said...

Here's another psy-op, on a major web site, seen by me as of this posting:

Looks like a morp of 3-4 people:

1/ The lead singer from the Guess Who, circa 1970 (was just watching a video from 1970 the other day from them)

2/ The perp I just mentioned earlier

3/ The girl who works at the place I frequent

4/ Last but not least, the Latronne/Hoefel portrait of Beethoven (note the curly, out of control hair like he had)

Yes, my perps have this everywhere presence like this.

AJH said...

Answer to all five comments of May 30, 2009:

It seems that you are getting much more guidance from the perps than I do; the job scene for the summer is still uncertain and I am getting lead down fruitless paths every week. The last of which was the car jockey job at the car dealership I work at. No one said anything to me, and then the ad was pulled, so they must have someone chosen. Very possibly it is the lurker in the Parts section I encountered one night this past week.

I don't think the perps hate you any more than me. How can they? You haven't done anything to cause that possible mind state. No, the perps are doing their master's bidding, which means controlling the life of the victim to ensure the maximum possible stimulations of past traumatizations they inflicted (seemingly). If this means enraging the victim so be it as far as they are concerned. Also, life circumstances of a job, employment (or otherwise) are also of intense interest, presumably to gather the energetic correlates of this, just like mind controlling energies that are remotely assessed and detected. I wouldn't, if you can help it, get too fussed about the naming games or the doppelgangers, as the FUD factor is so prevalent that you won't know if you are coming or going if these are followed up. Hopefully I only convey the most egregious ones in this blog. Though I would attempt to get video tapes of all your lectures to make sure that any complaints are shown to be groundless.

Anonymous said...

That seems exactly what they are doing... provoking and enraging me, by re-kindling past traumatizations. I assume the "harassment" is simply a disguise they use to get their traumatizations across more effectively, whilst covering their tracks to make it look like it's just usual everyday harassment. I've noticed that gangstalkers talk loud enough for me to hear, sometimes a little louder than the "threshold". Sometimes, their conversation involves things to enrage me, but enragement is one of the devices they use to get better readings. One perp was complaining that I was too happy, that I should get pissed off more often, so that is a clue that they are basically asking me to "help them" by getting and staying pissed off.

AJH said...

Answer to: That seems exactly what they are doing...

Are you aware of what these traumatizations are? As in being able to recall the personnel, methods and associations? I have no such recollections, but the nature of the gangstalking show suggests there is along with re-working my "reactions" to find the Unfavored, along with specific colors, to be repulsive. That is what I am going on when I speculate about subconscious traumatizations.

The perps like to vary speaking volume of proximate gangstalkers/plants, often keeping it just above or below cognition level. Another stunt was to have someone with a strong German accent on a phone some three cubicles away in a prolonged conversation, and then have them lapse into German to see if I could detect exactly when cognition ended and I was listening to only the vocalizations. As to their choice of German I don't have any definite recollection of such a traumatization association. Though it is interesting that the Jewish church head in Montreal wrote a letter to the Roman Catholic church head asking if Dr. Josef Mengele (Dr. "Death" of the Nazi concentration camp victims testing and brutality), was visiting Montreal as a number of Jewish congregants, ex-concentration camp internees, claimed to have sighted him. This was in the latter 1950's, during the psychiatric excesses of Dr. Ewan Cameron and his "psychic driving", LSD and electro-shock experiments. And when I was there for two years interestingly. I have only very few and fleeting memories of Montreal when aged two, but none of the second year, likely two years later. One of the fleeting memories was going outside to play, expecting it to be like the last time I went out, and the snow was all gone. The last time I had recalled going out to play there was plenty of snow. The perps have not been able to fuck with day-to-day continuity recall until the last three years, from their insane hounding of me.

Anonymous said...

The perps love to play with my states of consciousness. For example, they like to put me into a more "suggestive" state, where I'm somewhat awake, can see the surroundings in my bedroom, but am still in an REM stage of sorts. Early this morning, I found myself telling someone in my dream to come here and see this, and just then, I saw this ghostly figure (I guess he was the Hulk from the TV series), come walking out of my bookcase and into my room. I found myself screaming at my perps, "ahh no, that's too scary", and then I forced myself completely awake, where the "ghost" vanished.

They love to play with dream imagery where I'm in between awake and asleep. Again, I believe it is alot like a sleep paralysis epsisode, and they must know I was prone to those when much younger. Hence, I'm experiencing a good bit of those. They may or may not be perp induced. But I've read that SPE's are somehow related to epilepsy, and by inducing them, they are trying to see if I have any traces of that disorder. The ghostly apparitions are a part of that. I really never experienced ghostly presences of a person until my perps went overt on me, so I figure they were the perps.

Later on in the morning, I was having a dream where my perps got the best of me, and I was screaming and crying that they were picking on me, which seemed out of character for me. I figure they induced the screaming and crying emotional state, and let me know they were the culprits. It didn't seem like a dream, but a real-life episode.

Anonymous said...

And in that dream, they had me driving a 2-door sporty car, instead of the 4-door SUV I have now. Also, in my dream, I was driving while mildly intoxicated, and I was embarrassed when I went into this convenience store, where the bi-racial black woman told me she could smell it on my breath. Another gangstalker standing beside my car, was doing the usual mouthing insults just at my threshold of hearing, which triggered me to get into my car, and go on a "road rage", screaming and crying at my perps. I was flying down the road, driving recklessly. When I woke, I couldn't shake my disturbed and shaken mood from my dream.

Again, I'm not sure that was a natural dream... that seems odd to me that I would be drinking while mildly intoxicated, and really bawling at my perps. Must be one of their provocation games. I mean, crying and screaming in "defeat"? Yeah right. I've noticed that is a pattern -- the perps love to "set the tone" for my day by getting me pissed off right as it starts off.

Interesting that I was driving a different car that I am now. that was one oddity in my dreams I used to have. Another one was in 2004, when they had me driving a sporty couple, when I had no car at the time.