Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Element Du Jour

Or perhaps, du semaine, of the week. And that is lithium. Even my mother "happened" to mention it yesterday with respect to he cell phone batteries, in an uncharacteristic foray into chemistry. And I cannot count the number of news articles today that feature the named element so far today. No doubt this will decrease over the week and come back in a few months on the rotational schedule for air time. This happens often, and there is at least one element that gets extra mention each day, zinc coming in second. Don't ask me why these get extra "air time" for a few days and then it lapses, but one can be sure in this confined bubble that there is an orchestration objective.

I did the part time cleaning job tonight; it seemed the job site gangstalking was much less; the biggest performer was the manager doing his pants hitching act for me to see some 30' away. He reaches withe both hands to grab his pants belt at each side and pull up. He even gave me his first show some 5' away while I had dropped off the vacuum cleaner. Two of regular operative-seeming gangstalking staff (har, har) were also there but didn't make significant tailing moves. It was the elder skinhead that was crossing my tracks in both directions and blocking the little hallway that I was attempting to negotiate with the vacuum cleaner. As usual, the perps poured on significant gangstalking vehicles outside when I was vacuuming, and added more motorcycles for both noise and sighting. I was even allowed to get on with an intended activity instead of getting foiled for weeks on eng before getting to it; the dusting needed to be attended to, another one of those tasks that doesn't have a regular rotation.

I had my posse with me when headed to the local supermarket after work, as well as inside. Tonight's featured Unfavored is frizzy hair, especially in a big mop. One woman purposely dithered in my path with this very hairdo, one of two so featured hairdos, and to some extent I got fucked into allowing it to happen. It is best to barrel through rather that wait for some gangstalker to pass by, assuming they don't reverse their direction in front of one, and for some reason, the assholes would not let me retain this strategy at the very moment I needed it. I got two starings in the checkout, one skinhead and I got moved to a new checkout that just opened up, something that often "happens". It seems the perps like me to get closer to skinheads and other Unfavored but without looking at them after the initial sighting. So, they delayed the skinheaded customer's checkout to allow more proximate time with the skinhead only 6' away and an intervening customer. I had my clattering footwear gangstalker lead me out and to my apartment building, and lo, if I didn't get a multicultural show in the lobby. The loafing negro dude and the Asian are often paired up on the couch doing idle chat, but today they added a Caucasian rude-dude who was blocking egress to the elevator and forcing me to walk through this arrangement.

And whats with the sudden outbreak of hand holding? This bullshit has started up in earnest over the past three months, and I am sure it has a long run ahead. Another couple were doing this in lead-ahead gangstalking mode, and while they and I were waiting at the pedestrian control, a light metallic tan brown vehicle, supposedly mobile, stops in mid-street in front of us, and refuses to proceed on the green traffic signal. More of the "just sitting there" act, this time a vehicle that should of proceeded past the crosswalk it was sitting in, and made its left turn safely. I have never seen so much bizarre driving of late. And it could of been related to the fact that the frizzy haired woman with the hand holding Caucasian dude had light brown skin, a cafe au lait blend. All for more browning around it would seem, the brown clowns being ever present for some dumbshit act.

Another act I had to suffer through was the wheelchair spastic that was posted next to the black plastic shopping baskets on my arrival in the supermarket tonight. More of this "specialty stakeout" stalking it would seem. Which suggests that other Fuckwit Unfavored gangstalkers will be doing the same in the next few weeks. Stay posted.

Once back the perps lapsed into their longtime provocations upon arrival; it is primetime for rage-ifying me, when getting back from outside. And all the better that I make tea at this time, as the slow color change of the steepng tea is a big harassment moment as well. It is totally predictable as well as fucking insane to be abused in this fashion, seemingly because they fucked up in the first place, not able to delete all the inflicted traumatizations if what they tell me is true.

Other interesting coincidences earlier in the afternoon was to have me engaged in an email exchange about getting a video card through a local systems builder. At one point he asked me if I had a 6 pin connector for the particular video cards I was interested in. I was also getting switched into job application activities as there were two laborer jobs that I applied for. Immediately following, I shut the PC down to find out if I had the certain video card connection from my power supply and opened up the PC case to find out. I thought it was interesting that they wanted me to see the cables to the hard drives and all the other devices immediately following an activity of high interest to the sickos, online job applications. Which of course might be the reason I haven't got any action on this front for over 8 months, as they want me to flail away in futility while monitoring me for whatever they are looking for in this high attention activity. I am sure this game has plenty time to run, along with the PC repairs and modifications if that ever comes to pass.

But first one needs the money to engage in these activities. So it might be that I purchase a big power supply soon for the next piecemeal upgrade to this PC. Which repeats the pattern of what "happened" to the last PC; I got the power supply upgraded in early 2006 to a fanless model, and then they blew the motherboard in late 08-2006 to force a rebuild with a new one with a new CPU processor. The hard drive stayed intact with a new one added in, and then both of them were taken out in the same unexplained mystery event in early 2007. Even RAID storage, a means of keeping online mirrored copies does not plan on having two dissimilar storage discs crash at the same moment. It wasn't a power surge either, having asked. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog posting, the perps have often told me that the color of wire insulation, the color of the copper and silver solder, the color of connectors and communications cables are all important for them. This would be another long running experiment objective that has a few years to run it would seem.

More time spent revamping my pretend PC build, this time with larger output power supplies, 700W or more is the drift I got from the systems builder. The perps just love me to be looking at power supplies, stereo amplifiers, and other boxes that delivery electrical power in some form. Also, they like me to look at boxes, e.g. computer cases. Go figure. And plenty of adroitly timed motorcycle noise getting through my earmuffs at the moment of Windows select, copy, paste for longer durations as well, and usually timed to roll off when I take my earmuffs off to plug my ears instead.

Enough riffing and calling this one done.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the SATA cables are consistently a red color. Also, the Intel Atom 330 motherboard I have installed doesn't have a speaker connector, so I don't get to hear those annoying "beeps" associated with PC's on powerup. Not sure this is perp-related, as I'd be inclined to think the perps would rather have those tinny, annoying POST beeps. And there is something odd about this Intel motherboard, as it seems they (Intel from the factory) have the cooling fan plugged into the "wrong" fan connector. There are two connectors for the fan: one is "sysfan", and the other is "chassis fan". It appears Intel wants us to unplug the fan from one connector and insert onto the other. Also, it's significant that in the BIOS, the system fan is defaulted to "50%" fan speed instead of "automatic". More percentage/number games. "50%" and "half" is what my perps have been focusing on lately. Maybe it's part of their plan to fuck up any future relationships, as they are so fond of doing. And it seems Intel has been co-opted into the perp abetting act, as is AMD, with their names familiar to me, such as "Phenom". Also a sign of perpdom is Asus with their "Eee PC". Sounds like it goes along with their constant mentioning of mice and rats, as well as other rodents (Capybaras on occasion). They seem to be fond of Bats for some reason, too.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've noticed that the SATA cables...

My SATA cables are red as well. My parallel IDE ribbon cables have been various colors over this 7 year harassment duration; grey, yellow and now black with a silver stripe on it. At one time I had a IDE cable that was rounded with all the individual wires in a round design. That didn't last more than a few months before they nixed it and I had to take the PC in for "repair". They don't like me to repair my PC so I am always obligated to take it in, often incurring compromises I would't of entertained otherwise. Perhaps all those exotic stereophile speaker and interconnect cables and insulation are part of this same nonsense the perps are running. Yesterday I encountered helium dielectric cables, at $10,000/meter. Link:

Anyhow, there is no telling what are the perps' most sought after objectives, but it almost goes without saying that the color of everything is vital.