Friday, May 22, 2009

Drop Hop and Split

More extra-conventional bizarre-ness while having breakfast. A drop of goat milk travelled laterally 5" and landed on the rim of the bowl of cereal I was eating, and then split in two with a continuing drop that went some 8" further to land on the table. I had never seen this one before, and having mere laterally flying drops wasn't enough any more. As always, this was unbidden by me and in no way could any of actions at the moment could be construed as causitive. I had a few other goat milk drops materializing from nowhere and doing laterals, some within the bowl and some further onto the table surface, and again, I was doing absolutely nothing that could be deemed as a putative source. I had never seen the split drop with a two hop trick before, and I wanted to make sure that my faithful readers would be the first to know that the perps are going extra beserk today. And likely for yet more inanity; stupider and stupider seems to describe their current mindset.

Other flailings was over the power supply unit (PSU) for this PC, which is planned for an upgrade to accomodate a video card some day. After months of reading reviews, bookmarking prospective models, entering them onto a spreadsheet, and some contact with a local PC builder, I now find out that he only deals with one brand, one called Sparkle/SPI who I had never heard of. I defered to his experience, some 18 years of PC building, and will get an big whopping 900W PSU in a week or so. This would be another perp classic stunt; spawning endless rounds of research, often goaded by a player who strangely doesn't reveal their hand until later in the game, only to find it was a totally useless endeavor. (He could of told me this a few days ago, but strangely didn't). Just to think, I might have to do this again over motherboards, memory, video cards, and who knows what else. I cannot complain too much though, he does have longevity and reliability as pre-eminent considerations, and for me, this is as good as it gets. The perps wouldn't let me install two sticks of memory a few months ago, even if it was dead easy; they shut down the PC and I was obliged to remove it and it then began working again. I had to disconnect the PC and lug it a block to a local PC shop and have them install it. Needless to say, the gangstalking force was out in spades for my public PC lugging.

I am being forced into vertical sleepiness after tea and chocolate, and while online. In additon, my vision is getting blurred and dithered. One of those hot days "reactions" it would seem.

More vertical near sleep conditions are being applied. All the while, hotrod noise is somehow "getting through" my earmuffs. I get hotrod noise at a rate of two per minute, which is considerable for this downtown neighborhood IMHO.

More dull reading online as I come to the end of my regular web sites to visit. They have also been flashing plasma clouds and beams in my vision; yellow and blue are popular, and as are the maser and vision hacking games. In the later they disrupt my vision to then have the online text swirl, fall into a pattern, or othewise distort with direct invasion of my visual cortex. I see the job board is significantly less today; the perps have been totally confining me for the minimal effort today.

The perps got me steaming annoyed at the car dealership cleaning job tonight; they fucked me out of remembering to clean the glass table near the glass doors, and then fucked me out of remembering to take the bottle of glass cleaner with me when departing that area. A 60'x2 extra round trip for the assholes, back and forth.

Other weird shit at work was the Sales staff all departing by 1830h when they work until 1900h at this time of year with the longer daylight hours. I have no idea as to why they vacated the premises early, save the perp's orchestration demands. They have been keeping me to exit work at the same sun position, due W. it would seem, casting shadows directly at me and aligned with the street that I am walking to return to this here apartment. This is useful for the perps to conduct backlighting of the subjects in front of me, reducing the availible contrast so they can get just the shape of the Unfavored specimen; guts, bald heads, red heads (extra hair color) etc. The "hurry" nonsense will also be in play tomorrow night as well, as the boss man claims he needs to get off work earlier for some kind of social event.

I also got plenty of plasma attacks, where it appears as a retina burn and keeps following me around no matter which direction I look, often changing color depending on the background colors; blues, to reds and then yellows is common, these squiggles of plasma arranged to pursue me. I am also getting a return of the linear yellow flashing/strobing lights each time I arrive back in the Parts section. As I turn in differing directions the assholes put some more of this irritating strobe effect "from" the inside surface of my glasses. I have no idea as to why they are so transfixed about this particular change in venue, and why they need to apply that particular kind of fuckery there.

The senseless 2 cycle motorcycle noise is getting plenty of airtime tonight; about one every two minutes, heard through the earmuffs.

I am also getting more red flashes in my peripherial vision, and separately, yellow flashes. As always, they fill my visual field with masers and plasma projections, so I am constantly seeing through this screen of visual fuckery. The assholes will go so far as total vision obstruction which ends up in a screaming match with the assholes, then they back off. Just stupider and stupider.

Knee and leg torquing torture tonight. This fucking imposed restlessness that pisses me off intensely.

More forced restless legs with vision impairing jerkarounds at the same time. It is the worst of tortures to be so fucking restless and one cannot do anything about it. I even get jabbed in the ass by some unseen and unconventional force as well.

I was finally driven from online activities by the restless legs jerkaround, and forced to read a book for some 20 minutes before they dithered my reading vision. They also played games with the appearence of the text, as it was seeming to lift off the page. The assholes often do this same stunt when online; strangely manipulating my reading such that the text appears to move forward of this LCD surface on which it lies. This reading and text manipulation bullshit has been relatively new, this year in fact, and represents a new level of being able to fuck someone's life.

This one is done for the day, dull and kept as it has been. Another round tomorrow of the same thing no doubt, enforced boredom.


Anonymous said...

I've got an Evercase mini-atx case with a Sparkle power supply. So far so good. It's only 170W or so, but the mobo is an Intel Atom board, which is mini-ITX, which uses very minimal power. In addition, it uses onboard video, further reducing power requirements. The system I put together is barely 3 months old, and still running good. I think the Sparkle is very cheap but also extremely good for the money. You shouldn't have any problems with it.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting better at not getting pissed off. I get perps mouthing false accusations under their breaths as I walk past them, and other really bizarre "stagings".

Ok, this time they had this completely strange weird vagrant type walk into the place where I was eating, mocking and imitating my mannerisms, letting me know they have me under close observation no matter where I'm at. I'm sure their very proud of that one, and I did get pretty pissed. But it wasn't a screaming and cursing pissed like normal. Other shenanigangs included some idiot walking down the street with his girlfriend saying "fag" loud enough for me to hear it. I'm not gay, but then they had some fricking woman saying "BYYYEEEEE!!!" really loud as I was walking past her house, followed by "KEEP ON PUSHING, GET IT, PUSHING??!!!" followed by some "coincidental" laughter from same and another woman.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that just about everyone is in denial about all the bullshit I encounter: any reports of harassment are dismissed by the police dept. as "that's not harassment", which tell me they are prepared for TI's calls in advance.

AJH said...

Answer to: I should point out that...

In this town, the police have been active participants, and I mean more than the dusk time drive bys with their headlights off. Twice in 2002, they arrived with a vehicle and within 8', three each time, and they had their guns drawn. They are not supposed to do this unless there are exceptional circumstances, for which I didn't qualify. But the real story is how did they manage to get so close as to be not heard? They were either teleported or my hearing was totally obstructed. On a separate street assault incident of 2008, in which they were called to the scene (me as victim, what else?), they asked enough leading questions as to my circumstances and I told them the entire story, and they didn't seem too moved to want to look into it or even make any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

They seem to be able to cause temporary partial deafness by blanking out or cancelling the sound in the hearing organs/nerves via phase cancellation. They've done that to me, but only in one ear. The question is, why only one ear? They also do the "tone" think, which has a very clear, pure tone quality to it, at a high frequency, but only at a low amplitude. The cover story is that it's simply my ears ringing, but ears ringing has more of a high-pitched white noise quality to it. This was a pure constant-amplitude "tinkle" of a sound I heard.

AJH said...

Answer to: They seem to be able to cause temporary partial deafness...

There is a lot of left side to right side comparisons, but in this case, they totally blanked out my sensory abilities or else the police criminals and vehicles were teleported. I suspect it was the latter explanation as I don't think they had total sensory deprivation capability in 2002 as it was then. My ears are ringing all the time, and if I block my ears with my fingers I can pick up some electronic chirping of a different frequency. With all the aerials up in this town I am not too surprised.