Saturday, May 16, 2009

Serial Motorcycle Noise Attacks

Three supposed motorcycles, incredibly loud ones, just "passed by", as in noise only. There is nowhere near here to drive them that fast or that sustained. The routine is; motorcycle noise penetrates my earmuffs; remove earmuffs, place them in my lap and plug ears for about 20 seconds, often with extra ear popping noise and sensations of no ostensible cause. Then put earmuffs back on and repeat the noise exercise within 10 seconds. Then a third round that can even penetrate my ears with my fingers plugging them. It is clear that I loathe this noise more than any others, and it clear they also like to place motorcycles as silent props by parking them on sidewalks, vacant lots and even outside the full height windowed lobby of this apartment block. Don't as me why the assholes are so bent out of shape over motorcycles, particularly the loud chopped Harley Davidsons, often as a 1950's era design. I will have to make a phone call to a certain abuse survivor to ask these questions, and I haven't assembled a list of questions or done any preparation. It must be another planted notion, all to have me ponder someone specific who likely doesn't know anything about me.

I had my posse of Fuckwits earlier when making the gangstalker gauntlet walk of two blocks to the ATM machine to deposit my payday check. Two dudes, both in black jackets were 30' ahead and 70' ahead, often lining themselves up in front of me, coordinating their side to side movements to stay aligned. Both took the same route to cross the street, but the closer one "happened" to meet up with me again at the next street corner, and lo, if he wasn't posted in the shadows of a large overhang doing the "just stand there" act on my homebound leg. He wasn't the only one reprising their gangstalking for each leg, inbound and outbound. Two more fuckers were in the same block, one with her tongue hanging out, the other in "guppy mode", keeping his mouth open. And I had my all black dressed and black backpacking Fuckwit outside near (5') the ATM machine all the time while banking. It is almost unbelievable that anyone would putz at length with their backpack at the main entrance doors of a major downtown bank branch, but there he was, pissing around outside, while I was inside, and he was posing in the E. facing glass first and then the mirrored S. facing glass all the while I was inside at the ATM. And when I exited he was still in front of the main doors, perparing to depart. The modern MIB now comes with a black backpack as well as the hikey-bikey look and a shock of white hair. Still a sick asshole by any account.

There has been plenty of provocations, at least 50 so far, to keep the rage level up, often just before beginning a new task. The crackling noise from nowhere has been playing big of late, and it "comes from" any body joint never minding the fact that it never happened before late 2007 and I am the most flexible I have ever been. Other routine bullshit is to pull objects from my fingers, and force my fingers into situations I had no intention of doing. The crumb games have also been playing big of late, often flying in from nowhere to land in front of me when at the table. The crumbs are also getting more specialized by flying through the crossed temple arms of my glasses immediately after taking them off. I have called these targeted crumbs "animated dust" as I have never seen such a fast moving dust particle in all my life. Other games have been to flash red or purple plasma momentarily, often in concert with "enhancing" the edges of objects, e.g. dinner places, this LCD panel, furniture etc.

A strange afternoon. After tea and chocolate I started the PC up but Firefox would not start and the Windows Task Manager would not display either. I shut the PC down and read a book on fatty acids, and after some 30 minutes I was too wiped to read so I laid down and napped for about 30 minutes. After that, I booted up the PC and everything was fine, hence this blog posting.

I did the Saturday night cleaning version at the part time cleaning job tonight. I go earlier than the boss man as my sections are vacated while sales isn't. But that doesn't stop the Sales staff from coming into service to attend to late arriving customers in Service. As in, arriving just when I was crouched down dealing with garbage bags, and then extending the bullshit chatter to increase my wait time until I could start the vacuum cleaner up. Anyhow, I worked for 1.5 hours and got building section cleaned that I had intended to, which isn't often allowed for this TI gig. Usually it is the other way around, frustrated from accomplishment by arranged circumstances and jerkarounds, especially at the end of an endeavor.

It is a long weekend here, so I won't be back on the job until Tuesday.

I was transported into playing PC builder again, selecting PC components that are all unaffordable. They put me through this once before in 2005-6, even chasing down dual CPU motherboards (expensive). Near the end of my apartment stay they sabotaged the motherboard and the PC was totally down. I took it in for repair and ended up with a new motherboard, memory, CPU and basically I had to go with the PC components the repair outfit dealt in. And none of all that prior PC build planning amounted to anything in the circumstances. I wonder what my tormentors get from all this. I am begining to suspect that the color of the PC/electronic equipment's wire insulation, fittings, sockets, case, circuit board, metals and the rest of it has huge implications for the perps. Hence, them chasing me down with copper colored vehicles.


Anonymous said...

I got a lot of those "guppies", gangstalkers with their mouths open. Maybe the purpose is to have their mouths act like a sort of waveguide to let electromagnetic radiation into their brains easier... If not radiation, they it could be allowing something, like maybe compressional waves or something similar to be amplified better somewhere. If this is not some sort of symbolic gesture, it could be a way for them to act like some sort of microphone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get the loud revving "hog" bikes, i.e. Harleys and mods. Usually they rev the engine at particular "times", as in response to events or when they're in front of a particular place of interest. I also get those "Crotch Rocket" type bikes as well, the ones where the rider is leaning way forward. Also get scooters, motorized wheelchairs as well, and everything you can think of with some kind of motor or engine.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing the same thing with Windows, where after it's completely booted, I'll launch Firefox. All of a sudden Firefox becomes unresponsive, can't open the task manager, some icons begin disappearing. For example, the Start button will have the green background only with no lettering or graphics. I can, however, log out, and then log back in again. That solves the problem. It's odd how the "problem" seems to happen at random, always after a power-on, but not every time I power on. I figured it was due to the latest "fixes" that I installed via Windows Update. It could be a quirk in Windows itself, but it could somehow be affected by certain outside "influences".

AJH said...

Answer to: I got a lot of those "guppies"...

I think the "open mouthing" gangstalkers is all about revealing the energetic state of their mouths when proximate to the TI victim. It is a huge problem area for the perps as it is less than an inch from one's brain, and has important interactions the perps cannot model. Also, having gangstalker eating when proximate to TI's is an extension of this. In fact, all one's organs energetically interact to greater or lesser degrees, and when brown colored food passes through one's mouth it just might be of interest to separate it from other brown colored substances in the bowel. Just a speculation of course. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yes, I get the loud revving "hog" bikes...

Just like me, the Vespas, Japanese high revving "crotch rockets" and the most loathesome of all (to me), the "hogs". Have you any lost childhood time or known exposures to these types of vehicles when young?

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been seeing the same thing with Windows...

There has been a constant litany of strange events with my supposed standard Windows, and it goes to the kernel level. I would surmise that Windows has plenty of entry points for intrusion and sabotage. It seems the perps wish to separate the visual (icon) from the act of selection and from the result. They make all kinds of alterations to my displays and web pages; I haven't been able to see my Amazon Wish List button for at least two years, but I can still select for this by placing the cursor over where the button would normally be, and the Wish Listing command is effected. I must add some 10 to 20 items per month to my Wish List in this way. I have no idea, apart from some functional decompositional objective, as to why the assholes persist with this particular inanity. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think Windows does have some deliberate security holes in it that can readily be exploited remotely. If caught, Microsoft could just explain it away as a harmless bug, that doesn't allow you to perform any of the standard Windows shell32 functions: opening new windows, task manager, repainting the icons, so if you click on them, they don't refresh, i.e. disappear.

As far as the bikes, I did have exposure to them when about 5 years old. A lot of my family had dirt bikes... not the small ones, but the more "standard" types. I did go to a motocross at the Hipoint Speedway, or whatever it was called, where I got really drunk and sick in the process. I was around 19. I did got to some motocross type events when I was younger.