Sunday, May 03, 2009

Religion of Noise

That is the only religion my tormentors know; noise upon noise, some artfully tacked on to others to enable a mis-identification at first. The aircraft noise (or the thought to be noise source) blends in with a Japanese high revving motorcycle so there are either two noises serially coupled, or one misidentified noise at first and then later corrected. In either case, this is just all to fascinating for the assholes who continue to drive them through my earmuffs, the supposed hearing protection kind. Then on came the bell ringing at a certain juncture (no earmuffs on), given that it is Sunday and two cathedrals are within a block.

Then that wasn't enough as the earmuffs have started up this scratching noise from no ostensible cause; nothing is touching them that could case any such noise, but someone decided that I "needed" to hear it anyhow. Screw the cover story, and on with the crafted noise from nowhere. This morning's noise highlights were when I was reading about Bill Watkins, a former CEO of Seagate, and an outspoken one with very perceptive thinking. As such individuals are an interest to me, and that I generally subscribe to their lucid and direct perceptions, (a rare Favored male instance), the perps like me to read their interviews, or on the odd time, see them. It is likely that there might be a similar person on 60 Minutes tonight; I will find out later.

Other house bound action has had me rage-fied a few times so far; the crackling noise from nowhere, sometimes one side immediately following the other (delayed stereo), flicking food crumbs, crumbs from nowhere around my toast (actually, just a gluten free bread slice), and then messing me around again while applying red jam on the peanut butter on said toast. About 95% of the time the perps enrage me at the moment of applying peanut butter and jam to my toast; and naturally, I get brown and red dressed gangstalkers standing one in front of the other and then reversing their juxtaposition. Other popular gangstalker color combinations are yellow and brown, and we all know what substances represent those colors. Dithering my finger control has also increased of late; my fingers can be jammed into inaction or fail to grasp the intended object. I have yet to find any clinical personnel that can look me in the face and explain all these phenomenon in a coherent manner.

And don't forget the maser and plasma action on the side; red flashes in peripherial vision are increasing and the bright metallic bluish spots in mid-air, like the axial (end on) view of these grey beams that can stop in mid air and don't head off into the distance like an uncoralled laser beam would. Today's blatant maser highlight (so far), was to send a beam off the leg of my chair and through the rungs holding up the chair back immediately before I grasped it to pull it out from the table. I can almost be assured that there are pre-emptive maser and plasma beams at locations where I am about to grasp or place something, and even the blackish fuzzy ball variants often accompany the object between locations while handled.

I had some bizarre dreams before being awakened; something about a painting and its owner. Which wasn't any better than yesterday and some kind of dystopic scenario. As mentioned before, my dreams can now be invaded and the neural mechanism for awakening from a bad dream can now be defeated, which seems to be the case. I never had such vivid and perverse dreams before 2008.

And I see that my Blogger froze up in attempting to add a comment to one of my postings, and then when attempting to track the comment by accessing my email, why Yahoo froze up too. Another strange coincidence.

Tea and chocolate and then a sudden call from my mother she is on her way to pick me up for the Sunday stayover. All manner of web sites have been blocked today, and even phone calls got two busy signals in succession. So......, this is done for today's noise abuse and vocalized annoyances that have been in large, some 50 so far.


Anonymous said...

They must have some sort of computerized dispatching system in place for sending in the assholes to wherever on a moment's notice. Several minutes after eating is a big harassment event; when I eat out, in come the assholes, and the disparity between favored and unfavored becomes worse as time progresses. For example, they will initially send in evenly matched couples. As time goes on, however, they will become more mismatched, till I just get completely freaked out and leave. It's the perps way of managing my time. I guess they don't like me to be hanging around one particular area for too long a time. I suppose they like me to be on my way, walking down the street, so I can be subjected to even more assholes. But more importantly, I'm on foot outdoors, which is something they like, as the scenery around me is constantly changing. I encounter a lot of litter that is "managed" along my various walking paths.

My perps have made a big deal out of me complaining about the trash... they think they are completely entitled to leave litter laying anywhere they choose, as long as it is THEY who are the ones doing the littering. Now, I can not be clean enough when eating out... they've gone to great lengths to complain about me not cleaning up after myself.

There must be something about cleaning up that interests them as you say... the act of cleaning itself must have some interesting aspects to it.

Another thing is grass mowing. Wow, they are really all over that. When mowing, they perk up... they send ambulatory gangstalkers walking back and forth in front of the house -- this time it was a couple walking the baby in a stroller. It's odd that they don't walk very far -- just back and forth slowly so I can see them. Or they'll just be "parked" there on whichever side of the lawn I happen to be mowing.

There was this dude on the other side of the fence that came over, and looked like he wanted to tell me something. It looked like he was just standing there, like he was trying to be a hardass or something, just staring over at the yard, like he was scrutinizing my mowing.

Well, maybe he DID want something, but with my experience with gangstalkers all up inside my ass, I got scared and tried to ignore him the best I can. I tried to keep him in my peripheral vision. there was something about that guy; he was so persistent about walking alongside the fence, staring. Last week, it was like 4 kids parked there, sitting down while I was mowing the grass. It was unsettling to me. Maybe that's what they were testing.

It seems obvious to me that grass mowing has some earth energy transfer that you talked about. Maybe the grass/soil can retain some of the Earth's magnetic field... enough for them to detect, among other things (such as the chemical composition of the soil).

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have heard of synthetic/robotoid people? This is supposedly a technology that has been some time in the works and they are now able to manufacture something that looks like a human using a small amount of genetic material as a starting point.

The following passage in an article about synthetic humans reminded me of the "perps"...especially the ones who seem to have a radar for following and annoying/copying one, or simply showing up unannounced and behaving oddly.

"...These entities in appearance have, until last year in February (1977) have had certain types of characteristics that could be distinguished - that they showed no Adam’s apple; they did not eat in public, for they have no need for food. They used pills, and when caught in a situation whereby they were required to eat, would eat only soup or light salad - a very small amount.

This Awareness indicates these entities often had a walk that was reminiscent of a penguin or duck, a kind of waddle back and forth. These entities not being able to turn their necks very far and needing to turn their entire body, as though they had a stiff neck.

These entities have great power in terms of physical and occult controls. That these entities have machines which allow them to listen to the thoughts of others, which allow them to teleport [!!!]; and whereby, even in vehicles, they can hook their teleportation machine to the vehicle and teleport, or disappear, right before the eyes of others.

This Awareness indicates these entities have the ability to appear, to materialize, before others.

This Awareness indicates that these entities have the ability to create pains and nausea and sickness in others. These entities as often causing accidents and death and illness to those on the surface, particularly when these entities on the surface level become too aware of their activities and become a threat..."

Familiar, no?

here's the link

AJH said...

Answer to: They must have some sort of computerized dispatching system...

I suspect that there is a highly automated system that they use to cover there victim's every move, and now, thought. I haven't figured it out as to how they can be on top of me all the time; it is likely 99% (or more) scripting in my case, so that all I do is expectable. The script and its venue then determines how many gangstalkers they need, and in what form, ambulatory, vehicular, or even the plethora of vehcle egressers, the ones "happening" to be getting in or out of their vehicles as one walks by, usually protracted by excessive loitering with the door open. I get plenty of vehicle sitters as well, the strange fuckers that just sit there in their vehicle, sometimes for over 30 minutes at a time.

Funny that you get the "managed litter" on the streets; I get that too, often arranged sticks, twigs and cigarette butts at a 90 degree (orthogonal) offset. And also, slathering paint (red, mid blue) inside the bus shelers is another stunt. As is excessive graffitti on poer poles, which this city never had until the perps went overt on me in 2002. They also run me to be fastidious about neatness and absence of litter as well. Or it could be that I loathe the sight of litter in any event, I don't know which it is on that account.

Mowing grass, pruning foliage; they are nuts on this and any like application of a steel edge applied to cutting objects, which includes meats, vegetables etc. The iron (and other metals) of the steel (a blended metal) could contain specific earth energies they cannot yet identify. Which might explain why they converted my iron leaching kitchen knife to be stainless in 2003, and are now bothering me about getting a ceramic blade knife. And they will convince me at some point, hopefully when I can afford it.

And the staring yobo neighbor you mention that seemed to want to say something, but didn't. I had this happen to me once a long time ago, where the guy never said what he really wanted and beat around the bush instead. But it is very common for the perps to swap children in place of adults for the same event, grass mowing as your mention, so they can compare the energetic differences. I get plenty of child gangstalkers and animals too, and from what I read is that they are both very much more sensitive to psychic energies, which is part and parcel of this entire litany of life rape and abuse. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I wonder if you have heard of synthetic/robotoid people?

No, I haven't heard of simulated people, but it is entirely possible. I have been exposed to their teleportation games many times, my conspiratorial beliefs indicate they seemed to be involved in many accidents and disasters, and there has been many incidents of injury or illness that I could not figure out where it came from. Tom Bearden talks about detecting scalar energies of say, of a specific disease, and then apply a reverse phase to stop it. Cancer could be beaten easily by this method, and was by Priore in the 1960's. Link:

I get plenty of waddling males as gangstalkers, and I have assumed this was a method to expose themselves to more energy interactions. Or, it could be a long ago trauma association that they are attempting to replicate. In either case, I haven't yet determined that the Fuckwits are anything but humans, though that could be faked given the capabilities they appear to have.

I will investigate the link you supplied later, as it covers a lot of ground in the covert world. Though I do believe there is an huge overlap with the alien abduction victims' stories and that of the TI's, both being forms of nonconsensual human experimentation. I find it interesting that the first US reported alien abduction event was a multi-racial couple in the late 1950's (negro and caucasian). And that the Indian Lake Project (link at my Links page) had multi-racial children packed into cages for some kind of testing by the military. And of course, I am hounded with extra negro gangstalkers, some of whom are doing bizarre things. It is all very curious, and IMHO, all connected at some deep fundamental energetic level that us "surface dwellers" don't yet understand. Or more like, aren't allowed to understand after swallowing the relativity dead end that Einstein's acolytes promote. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the robots... it's been an off and on again interest of mine. And the other thing that interests me is how something as complex as life itself could evolve over such a short period of time... millions of years seems awefully short to me, considering how all of this started from "nothing". I've read about comets, asteroids, and meteors delivering amino acids or something resembling them. The idea of extraterrestrial life seemed a little too "neat and obvious" for my liking, or an "overseer" of evolution of terrestrial life itself.

But OTOH, it just seemed a little to "convenient" that all these conditions were right for the Sun, moon, earth, to be "just right" to be formed from sugars delivered to our early planet via comets and asteroids.

Interesting theory about the formation of our earth/moon from the earth/Theia protoplanets collision. I'm sure both proto Earth and Theia were formed by asteroids in space smacking together at high velocities... And it's also interesting how these clumps that came together could be so small and so cold, yet the earth has such high temperatures at its core. I know the impacts themselves added a tremendous amount of heat-producing energy.. but it would be interesting to one day be able to "witness" (as in going back 4.5 billion years) the smashing of Theia into proto earth, producing the earth-moon system. That would be an awesome event to witness. I do believe that it is possible to visit various "portals" in time to "witness" such events.

My next task is to read up on DNA and sugars, how those evolved into life from whatever was delivered here on comets.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of what I was talking about. Good presentation: