Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sunny and Kept

I am being kept in on a sunny day while the motorcycle noise gets through my earmuffs somehow. I also got this same offensive (for me at least) noise at about 0639h when in bed and I also recieved a mild zapping at that very moment. I then lapsed into some extended weird dreams about putting a recalcitrant child to bed, and was finally allowed to get up at about 0730. And what would loud chopped motorcycles be doing at this time of the morning? If you are a TI or a regular reader you will know that most of the noise campaign I hear is projected sound, some kind of way to have the sound but without the source. I rouinely get freeway like road traffic noise and when I go to the window to see the "source", why, the noise dissipates, 100% of the time.

And they got me going into a major rage-ification first thing this morning, planting a spill of coffee on the stovetop that I did not spill as I am very careful about these circumstances, especially with coffee grounds. But magically, a 6" diameter spill of coffee ground "arrived" as soon as my back was turned to put the coffee away. Other crumb inundations were the one slice of bread having some 80 crumbs that also mysteriously arrived when I wasn't looking, then a blob of jam arrived on the dinner plate by itself, and the peanut butter would not stay on the knife until I was rage-ified. As soon as the perps have me cranked up over a crumb mess they made, they re-direct my vision to a single "crumb" instance, a simulated single crumb like feature, say, a crumb sized hack into the kitchen counter, and recently, one in the handle of the oven door. This rage-ification was the wind up to piss me off while applying red jam over peanut butter, a color combination that plays out every time I am outside with vehicle and/or clothing colors. Most of the imposed insanity was over with at breakfast and sometimes one has to think like a perp sicko and ponder why did they do this. The answer might be that I used a new bathroom towel today, after screwing me out of changing for the past two days. Or it might be that I was allowed to cut my toenails, another ongoing task that somehow kept from recall.

A long way of saying that this Saturday blog posting won't be too newsworthy, as this seems to be the most dull day of the week for me. Not even getting a newpaper is allowed anymore when it was routine a year ago. For now, a succession of hotrod noise that somehow gets through my earmuffs, and with an accompanying beeping noise that does the same. And is at the same volume level with or without the earmuffs.

Link fucking; the latest jerkaround where I click on a link and nothing happens. Or, I get a re-direction to a web hosting site. Right now, I cannot get to the site, which maybe temporary or permanent.

Continuing hotrod noise getting through my earmuffs, some 5 per minute, each noisetrack lasting 5 to 10 seconds. Obviously, near continuous motorcycle noise wasn't prefered, assuming the perp care about a cover story or likelihood.

Continuing noise of hotrods and motorcycles still getting through my earmuffs.

And when at the car dealership cleaning job the assholes kept up the same noise there, usually placing it on the side of the building where I was. The building is bounded on three sides by thoroughfares, so there is plenty of noise cover.

The boss man came late to the job tonight, and I was doing the cleanup of the staff lunchroom when he came. He re-directed me to do downstairs work, so the vacuum cleaner and the assembled garbage could have more "fallow time". There is nothing the perps like better than to stop a task and have me vacate the room or proximity for some 20 to 60 minutes. They also got into glove ripping tonight; the nitrile gloves don't normally breakdown by themselves, but they did this time. And then they fucked with me in getting the second pair on, taking extra needless time. And the nitrile gloves mysteriously get wet inside, even with no nicks or tears in them; it just happens when I first contact the wet cleaning cloth for doing the bathroom cleaning. The "wet assault" was scripted later where it routine;y "happened" when I did the mechanic's lunchroom, but now the perps decided I needed to have wet inside my gloves earlier in the cleaning job when I am attending to the bathrooms. Funny how one jerkaround isn't good enough and they have to increase the wet hands stunt for a longer duration.

Another round of outside road traffic noise as mentioned above. The printer has gone on the fritz- no printing whatsoever, just recycling the pages is all it is doing. None of the past battles with partial black ink though. As for the color, I gave up/was relentlessly sabotaged at least five years ago. The printer control panel doesn't even list color as an option any more and the HP driver disk was stolen. I have no idea why the perps need to attack my color printing, rare as it is. Perhaps they just don't want the color ink to be around.

Time to call this one done for the day, a truly dull one.


Anonymous said...

I love you're writing can you post more pictures please

Anonymous said...

I think I'm pretty much done with ink jet printers... they're a pain sometimes, and the ink doesn't last long. I had good luck with the previous laser printer: an Epson ActionLaser 1500. The toner cartridge literally outlasted the life of the printer. The quartz fuser lamp went bad after I bought a "remanufactured" toner cartridge. So in most cases, I recommend just getting a decent but cheap laser printer.

Also, I've noticed the same thing as you... my perps seem to construct circumstances where I'm kept in on nice sunny days, but forced to go out on yucky rainy or drizzly weather. Or they put on extra harassment on nice sunny days, or extra gangstalkers.

AJH said...

Answer to: I love you're writing...

Maybe this week I will post pictures of those I have taken for the past four weeks. Nothing exciting though.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think I'm pretty much done with ink jet printers...

I was doing fine with black ink only, this printer being reliable since I got it in 2000. I may get it seen to as the cartridge isn't that old.
The incidence of sunlight on TI's is very important, and I encounter plenty of gangstalkers at that line on the sidewalk where shadows are cast. They also like to arrange various grey sky conditions, and a touch of rain seems to be important with the prescribing timing, often when just setting off. Thanks for the comments.