Monday, May 04, 2009

Knee Pads

What is it about freaking knees and knee pads that so interests my tormentors? Another hint today was when my mother and I went to Lee Valley Tools' local store opening today, and she insisted that I would need them when doing gardening work at her place. Naturally, there was a bin full of them for less than $4/pair. Just to think I was screwed into getting a pair of knee pads for $55 that fit the knee pockets on my work pants, not used of yet. And last year's daffodil bulb picking work was fraught with extra sensitive knees and I needed a pad for them for all my working days in that capacity. And never mind the Fuckwit gangstalkers in plenty of quantity wearing knee braces. And the three years of hiking I did from 2003 to 2006, there was a misting of water microdrops on my knees and chest (lung) area, and was a highly consistent occurence. And of course there is the knee torquing torture that goes on from time to time, three to five times per month, though I suspect that is a different interest of the perps. And last year I was on the knee pad research for a week or so to deal with the daffodil bulb picking "knee problem", and never did purchase any.

Which begs the question as to what is going to be the summer job, or will there even be one? The daffodil farm is advertising for laborers, and I sent in my resume last week, and now, a week later they are still advertising but didn't contact me at all. I had a good work record there, so I don't know what the deal is. I phoned them today, and they said that they did recieve my resume, but the hiring personnel haven't made their decisions as of yet. Very strange, when it is difficult to get good farm help in the first place. So is this little game about raising the angst and FUD or is it a kiss off in more blatant form? As always, I am the last to know, and it will unfold as scripted.

Other vocational weirdness erupted for the third time over the part time daily cleaning job at the car dealership; the hours were to be changed to a 1800h start and that was the assigned start time. Then today he is on my case because I didn't come in early like I said I would. I never said I would come in early, but I had planned it to do some tar scraping off the tile floor, now under our cleaning mandate, another ersatz change from some months ago. So now, I am to come in at the regular time while he comes in later. Translated, I work longer for the same pay. Given the start time jerkarounds of the past few days, that now makes for three different start times in the last three working days with an additional non-working Sunday in the mix. Again, I have no freaking idea as to why all this bullshit is going on, but suffice to say that having a regular job start time isn't allowed for very long and it is only one more detail that must be fucked with by the Surrepticious Sickos, aka, the SS.

Other mind fuck stunts earlier today was the pressure washing job at my parents' place to remove the moss off their patio. And of course it was an occasion to fuck me royally; making wrong number calls, screwing with my know how on using the phone with a phone list, having me phone my brother twice as to instructions on how to use the pressure washer when it would of been plainly obvious if cognitively unfettered (looking 2' beside it for the high pressure hose, turning on the water supply), and then rage-ifying me over these fucking insane impediments. As always, I have the house to myself when the rage-ification fuckover games begin, and if I hadn't been fucked with I would of known it in advance. The same thing "happens" at my in-town brother's place when he takes off for an errand. As always, I am not allowed to complete the job in one pass as some kind of "unplanned" (read, cognitive dithering and recall depletion) issues arise, and so the job gets postponed to the next day. The deemed impasse to the patio pressure cleaning is that moss and water are flying all over the place and I will need to get my rain gear and also set up tarps to prevent moss over the side of the house.

Back some 15 years ago, I was attempting to clean the moss off a patio and I rented a gasoline powered pressure washer and lo, if the compressor didn't stop working after some five minutes and I could not get it going. I was fucking pissed that the one day I wanted to get this job done I got screwed out of it. Profuse apologies by the rental company and the rest of it, but it was an utter piss off. Now I know why it didn't work; the SS decided that they wanted to abort the activity and fucked the machine operation with their remote manipulations. And here we are, 15 years later and they are still jerking my ass around over pressure washing moss off concrete. How fucking sick and depraved is that and not having the balls to show their face over this insanity? It gets stupider and stupider the more I examine their track record, or more like, am allowed to, as cognitive dithering is now entrenched as an ongoing jerkaround at every moment.

And lo, if there isn't a howling wind on tonight, exactly the same as last Monday. And too, I had a lunch out with my mother last week and today. I had plenty of red colored foods to eat and lo, if there wasn't three identical deep metallic red vehicles afterward leading me in traffic to the next stop, which "happened" to be the store I visited two days ago and got skunked on finding some decent walking shoes. But as it so happened, I was also looking for gumboots as this would aid the pressure washing job and not have my shoes coated in moss particles. I got the gumboots, but the walking shoes weren't to be had in my size so now I will be heading to another branch store to get a pair that were put aside for me.

The perps also had me somewhat pie-eyed again after one pint with a meal with soup. (The perps often go on about planting the term "soup" and I don't know what the deal is). This excessive reaction to one pint of beer also played out last week and it took me most of the afternoon to come off this strange buzz. So perhaps last Monday was a warm up exercise for today. I got plenty of gangstalking at the Lee Valley store, and there was one dayglo raincoated bag that kept hounding me around the store, from the back to near the front where my mother put on some delaying tactics. Other fuglies were red hair, bald heads and big hats. A few yellow dressed Fuckwit tandem cyclists were also hounding me there. Later on, when looking at shoes and gumboots, I got the large women, the working dudes and plain, if not, ugly women doing their loitering in my presence. But as I was being kept relatively "unperceptive", aka pie-eyed, they seemed to have lowered my reaction threshold some. I did not have the usual "reactions", which have been managed for over three years now. These seeming visceral "reactions" to the Unfavored (fuglies mostly), never happened before, so it is rather interesting that they came on for over three years, and can now be selectively turned off. Or was it the pie-eyed state? One cannot be sure of one's own mind in this constant and insane jerkaround that presses on, redefining abuse by another order of magnitude.

Other slightly bizarre action was discovering a plastic gift card in my wallet when at Lee Valley Tools and looking for my customer card. This enabled me to get the gumboots with $10 back in cash no less. My mother made some oblique reference as to how I got the gift card, which translated, means me assuming it was planted there as I had no freaking idea. It wouldn't be the first time that my wallet had unexpected arrivals or disappearences. My WA state driver's licence disappeared from my wallet overnight back in the intense abuse days of 2002. One is not supposed to have two driver licences from differing jurisdictions in North America, and I did. That was very law abiding of the SS to "clear that up", and keeping me in check as a lawful citizen, especially from an organization that operates illegally in western democracies every instant of their existence. More likely, it was the plastic that was pissing them off, and for once they decided not to steal my wallet, as this was getting to be an every two year "occurence". Though they did steal the wallet later as they didn't want me to have both US and Canadian cash at the same time.

I have blogged on wallet contents in the past and how they seem to be so important to the perps, and it was interesting that they also introduced another round of additions and depletions. There was the aforementioned gift card that I "discovered" today, and I got two blue colored $5 bills back from using the gift certificate, and I recieved a yellow colored check from my mother today, just like last Monday, so I can only assume this is all scripted and the check will stay in place until the assholes decide that whatever color energies it might confer can be detected and modelled. Mondays are big days for yellow color games, and they are always coincident with the fact that I don't take my yellow colored pills today. (A tricyclic). So I was not too surprised to see a woman in a large yellow raincoat that was flapping open to the breezes gangstalking me outside the supermarket tonight after the cleaning job. And too, I shouldn't of been too surprised to see a banana stalker carrying his "fruit prop" outside the same supermarket when I was about to enter.

Anyhow, I sense this posting is a little scrambled tonight, but one can be sure it isn't me that isn't doing this out of character blog posting. And the typo sabotage has been outrageous tonight, so I hope that I have caught them all. And of note, I have also discovered that the perps are now messing with these blog postings directly and messing up what I typed. Another breach of their imposed boundaries.

This one is done for the day, and maybe I will get to post it, unlike last week when I got faked out into thinking two posting were published when they were not. All to drive my readership scatty, whoever you are. (The Google Analytics aren't working properly and I have no way of knowing what my readership is; all part of the FUD world I am kept in).


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about the lungs -- I myself have been wondering what they've been up to with the sudden breathing restrictions they sometimes impose on me. They usually lay it on me as I'm about to fall asleep... it feels as though there is a sudden leak in my lungs, and my breathing gets disrupted. I suspect they've been messing with my diaphragm, or other breathing muscles. They do this a couple of times a night, to delay my falling alseep. Sometimes it happens 3-4 times. It probably "feels" like sleep apnea, but without the snoring.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that thing they do with the lungs feels like a sudden "collapsed lungs", but my breathing recovers after they do this. They sometimes like to spike my bottom lip with a little pain/flinching. About 15 minutes ago, they did the "head jerk" thing as I was trying to take a nap. Apparently, they want me awake for a while yet.

All 3 of these are included in their sleep deprivation games.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame about the daffodil picking job... to me it sounds like they are trying to f*ck you out of a job. I had that experience time and time again, unfortunately, since their harassment became overt in 2004. I've also been taken off of certain jobs unexpectedly without warning, with no other explanation other than "it's not working out". I believe the perps were definitely behind this, although I was overworked anyways. It must be a thing for perps... they don't want us to be overworked. They like us to be stressed and overworked at times, but only under their managed "care" with harassment games and gangstalking. They clearly like to be in control of our stress and energy depletion levels. Surprisingly, they let me post here. I guess they like me to be aware of the things they are doing, things that no one else around me will dare acknowledge. It seems like everyone around me is in on their games.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting comment about the lungs...

The second to last yoga instructor who seemed to be in on the game was often mentioning "prana", the life force captured when breathing. I find, or am cognitively impaired/obstructed, these kinds of topics somewhat vague, but I am sure there is much to this from the perps' perspective. I have not followed up on it. I often get my lungs depleted while yelling at the assholes which is how they force me to quieter than I had planned to be.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's a shame about the daffodil picking job...

I don't know what is going on besides loading up the angst level and have the possible employer (daffodil farm) possibly capitulate and to create this seeming "difficulty". Or, they could have something totally different in mind. My sense is that they want me to do farm labor, discerned only by the tan-through shirts they had me order, and that they only tested me once for 20 minutes on tanning with my shirt off last year. Immediately following my shirt being put back on they were all over me, five parties descending on me in the back end of the field where I was. The perps have had me tanning in moderation (tanning booths) prior to overt harassment in 2000 to 2002, something I never did before. Then they had me doing a little tanning in late 08-2003 and none since until last year, the above mentioned 20 minute shirt off event. Hence, my suspicion that they will continue on this moderate tanning campaign for the summer and make sure that I have plenty of gangstalkers around me. It is rare, maybe even unheard of, for them to give up on any of these major initiatives vis a vis me as the subject.

The perps also have a long running harassment/covert research objective around the concepts of employment, paid work, unemployment, layoffs, idle time and the like. Or, in other words, gainful work or the lack thereof. Another parallel objective is that they have a long standing interest on how one's energies interact with the worksite; chair, floor, carpet, desks, building etc. as well as one's clothing colors and food intake colors as part of the variable set. So, if one vacates a job, then there is a greater likelihood the perps can figure out these energetic interactions because of the sudden cessation of the employee's presence. Or, at least, that is my theory based on what I see them do all the time; walk in my tracks, cross my path behind or in front of me, etc. Needless to say, I have a slightly different take on the current unfortuneate economic state, and am somewhat skeptical as to why a profitable company like Microsoft needs to lay off 5,000 employees as one example. I am riffing here, but creating a widespread economic downturn to enhance the perps' covert energetic studies is not outside of their ruthlessness, again, sounding over conspiratorial. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer #2 to: It's a shame about the daffodil picking job...

Adding on about the posting of comments. I am quite sure that this communication via the Comments, is highly managed by my puppet masters. There is a component of anomonymity that the perps like, as I don't even know your name, haven't (to my knowledge) read your story, but you are obviously intimately familiar with the TI experience.
The reason I mention this, is that the perps are almost always decomposing all my cognitive precepts from recognition of name (or username in this case), to reading the comments (always relevant and on topic), and of course replying with relevant details. And I get plenty of 1/2" wide plasma lines flicker and jump around on this LCD display as I type these replies, that I don't get any other time when typing emails and letters. Obviously, this responding, not even by direct email, it of intense perp interest. I am not meaning to discourage your comments in any way, as I find them to be helpful in augmenting the harassment story. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that a lot of shills "hired" to post in forums such as these don't really have much intimate knowledge of the system; in fact, I'd even argue they know even less than TI's do. They're simply outsourced "monkeys" the perps use to provide additional harassment for their victims. Myself, I've been reading a lot of TI blogs since 2006. My first was gangstalkingworld, where I started posting there. I did post my story there, in the forums, but she required registration at one point.

I had to manage my public "profile", as the gangstalking system is just filled to the brim with nuts and spies scouring the 'net for info that I post anywhere. So I find myself just contributing bits and pieces of my story here and there to various forums, knowing full well perps are always gathering intel on their targets. I do like being anonymous, and I don't really like acknowledging the fact that I am in fact a TI. There's something about admitting to it that makes me feel more vulnerable; I am in denial that this much abuse is being heaped on me. At the same time I try to be as realistic as possible.

Another reason is that I like to sit back and study these people studying me (the perps), so I am much like the perps, remaining anonymous, gathering counter-intel on them as they are gathering their own data on me. I find that I have to play their game a little, in order to figure out how it works.

See, a lot of these shills and operatives really know next to nothing; it seems they are coached on what to say and how to say it, and they are given a bit of info on their targets. I just don't think they are in the game long enough to figure out the "big picture", as in who these people are directing the harassment and what the objectives are. They are simply sociopaths the system uses to do its dirty work. Meanwhile, I have a lot of accumulated knowledge over the years I've studied harassment groups, their tactics, and sometimes the perps themselves will "give in" and give me a little bit of info.

The one thing that's interesting is that I've found that the shills and operatives are quite clueless; only the perps and TI's know the true objectives. The only thing they know is what they've been told to do around the target, like for example, stand here, talk like this, do this, etc. It's the bully/sociopaths dream, I'm sure. The system is loaded with these types. I just love to challenge these people the perps send after me. They'll harass me with accusations, I'll challenge them to prove it, and they'll just go silent. I'll give them a little "task" to do, and I know they won't do it because they are supposed to carry out the tasks given to them by their masters in exact detail. Trying to derail them by giving them your own "counter" task really confounds them, and they always go silent and just walk away. Or I'll call them on it later, and ask that person what the purpose of the conversation was. I know they're instructed to say certain things around a target, and asking them if they were making fun of you or what they were talking about forces them to either admit to something or go quiet. Sometimes, they get really confused. Sometimes, I'll say something like, "so I guess I deserve to be harassed?" The operative will all of sudden get quiet. Or "I've noticed a lot of people are harassing me a certain way". It's interesting that the operatives don't even know the scale of the harassment. When I tell them how many people are doing this to me, even they can't believe it. Maybe that's just symptomatic of too many people trying to make names for themselves by getting in on this harassment. Many seem to think it's revolutionary new justice system that benefits them, as they get to play the roles of "jailors". Honestly, I don't know why so many people get involved. I guess they feel they need to get involved harassing a target, and that will make them immune from being a target themselves. Plus, they love to watch a person get destroyed. They really think they are safe from becoming targets. That's just a fallacy, however. That's like the story of this one town cop that got caught speeding close to 100 miles per hour by a state cop. He showed the state cop his badge, but the state cop wasn't impressed and wrote him a ticket anyways.

I've also had some relatives fully convert to shills, as in, they became one of the assholes, with their mentality and everything.