Friday, May 08, 2009

Wallet Contents Action

I don't much follow the contents of my wallet as I use the debit card mostly, and rarely use cash. I have come to know there is a more interested party ovee my wallet contents, and in particular what color they all are. The notes in Canada are in colors, and the checks my mother gives me for doing gardening work at her place are yellow colored. I deposited one check today at the ATM and did the gangstalker gauntlet and even had four outbound gangstalkers reprising on my way back for another gangstalk. The negro woman, the orange anorak and the black velvet evening gown woman (at 0900h no less) and one other all "happened" to be there after I had deposited the check. I suppose the just-removed yellow check was that exciting they had to cover me with some of the same Fuckwits and even had a red vehicle tail me as I walked the two blocks to the ATM. I even had a staring by this Fuckwit coming straight at me when I was on the right side of the 8' wide sidewalk. It is fucking bizarre that so many oncoming pedestrians (har, har) have changed their behavior and began left-hand side walking, like in the UK and Japan. All to walk in my intended track, and the few that I have turned back to see also resort to continue walking in my track. The ATM visit was all over in 10 minutes round trip time, but it is amazing that so many Fuckwits are out and aren't at day jobs. The blackshirts/jacketed shades wearing dudes also came out for my return leg, most of them on Coffee Corps duty, holding the cup in front of them. It is when the Coffee Corps has their gangstalkers coming from a residential neighborhood with a commercial coffee supplied logo on the cup that it gets patently absurd, but for this downtown trip the Coffee Corps has a reasonable cover story. And I suppose wearing a black jacket myself also gets more gangstalker same color wearing and even fabric wearing, though it has increased of late.

And I suppose the yellow action will also continue to be ramped up for the next day or so. I haven't yet figured out what the color dissapation duration is yet, or at least, I don't get to see enough clues. That is, when I dispense with a yellow colored check in my wallet after having it there for four days, how long does the residual after effect of color energetics interaction (or whatever the assholes are hounding me for), last for? I had my yellow wearing, yellow envelope packing and yellow gangstalker action after I deposited the yellow check, but for how long after can the assholes detect the yellow color effects? I suppose any monitoring of "banana stalkers", or other yellow color arrangements will be courtesy of my mind-keepers, but I expect to see extra yellow color action for the next few days at least. My mother often has a hardboiled egg at lunch when I have been doing yardwork there, and often times her consumption to be 20 minutes earlier or later than when I have my lunch. The Surrepticious Sickos (SS) hasn't let me eat an egg since illegal incarceration days since mid 2003. Before that, in their covert days in 2000 to early 2002, they had me eat two eggs for one breakfast and then fucked with me in some way and guided my "determination" that I was having an allergic reaction to eggs, "made worse" by having one more than usual. And how long have human been eating eggs and the assholes are still trying to figure their bullshit out at my expense, aka, unrelenting life rape.

I filled out an online job application to work at the local UPS plant as a package handler. Later I asked the boss man about using his name as a reference and lo, if he hadn't cleaned there for three years. He told me that something better might come along, and that he would see if he could get me a job as a lot "boy" at the car dealership we clean at. Funny he wasn't so helpful about jobs a few weeks ago. He did warn me that the package handler job is for young buff males in their 20's as they expect plenty of hefting and lugging of parcels and work one to the bone. The online job process took some time to navigate, not helped by the resume mangling software that "uploads" it. I finally finished the process at 1712h, and had a brown leftover tortilla for dinner and put on my jacket to head out to the cleaning job. The blonde dude halfwit gangstalker was dressed in brown when the elevator came, and he was engaging me in conversation about the phone book that I had in hand (with yellow pages), as I was taking it for recycling as it is not as useful at the one supplied by the phone company.

Enough for tonight; I am being rendered into an ancy state with outside noise that somehow gets through the earmuffs.


Anonymous said...

Do you get people begging for money? I used to get stalkers doing this, standing at their "posts" or doing whatever it was they were assigned. I got the impression they were asking for money, like I was supposed to be the one funding their stalking duties. So I resorted to just not having any cash at all in my wallet, and using either a debit or charge card. When entering my pin on the number pad, sometimes I get people staring very intently at the number pad, like they're trying to steal my pin or something. I had one older guy just staring so intently at what I was entering back in February, like he wasn't trying to hide his intent to watch me.

Sometimes the cashier will look over at what I'm entering. Very rarely do they look away. I've had 3 cashiers do some sort of look at my fingers as I was entering that pin.

Anonymous said...

I think the UPS job will be pretty hard physically. They have different classes of handlers, though, for different sizes of packages.

AJH said...

Answer to: Do you get people begging for money?

I often get the "stand there" vagrant begging acts, sometimes saying something to me as I walk past. I assume these are sentry type gangstalkers, there for some kind of distance dependent research purposes. My take is that they are on salary (perps) and don't need any money. When I was illegally incarcerated I noticed that the perp/patients would like to present themselves handing money from one perp to the other, spanning the width of the hallway with the coin passing between them directly aligned in front of me. Again, any exchange of money in any form or medium (coins, cash, debit, ATM, credit cards, checks etc.) is of intense perp interest.

I have had a few perp/sickos stare over my shoulder as a ruse to elevate my level of being pissed off, and with everyone else not "happening" to notice. I also get plenty of coincident noise (noisestalking) when entering PIN numbers, as I do when logging into web sites. I suspect this is a different objective than the above mentioned financial transaction interest they have. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think the UPS job will be...

You are probably correct, and as it is a 0500h start time, it represents a major logistical probblem for me to get to the work site as the public transportation system isn't running then. (Acquisition of a bicycle needs $). Perhaps the entire exercise of the job application was for them to monitor me going through the process, as it occured just before a meal (high noisestalk/perp interest time) and before heading out, also an opportunity for more perp action, i.e. gangstalking. The perps often like to put on major sweeps and opportunities for greater exposure (outside time) immediately following a high interest activity that takes place inside. As a related example, my parents have picked me up immediately following online job applications.
Another way of saying it is continuing FUD as to what will be/might be this summer's paying gig, my opportunity to dig myself out of my line of credit balance. Will it be an outside or inside job, or is it to be continuing dulldom, a long running imposed life scenario since 11-20008? Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I've also found that giving final exams and later entering grades are a big event for my perps. They are prepared in advance with "grand finale" style street theatre and extra harassment in the period of time between the submission of final exams (that's when it starts), and the entering of grades.

My perps probably want me to feel extra "special" (in a TI sort of way) with the accompanying harassment and theatre. I know final exams must have lots of psychic energy associated with with. It just seems logical to me.

Some teachers do away with finals altogether in certain situations, but I feel they're very important for that "closure". There has to be a big ramp up of extra energies associated with that event.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've also found that giving final exams...

Interesting that the perps are intensifying the harassment at this juncture. In effect, the scenario is that you are reviewing the work of others, and ultimately casting a mark, or an estimation of the student's understanding. Thanks for the comments.