Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Online Down Time

This is being written in Notepad and if all is OK, selected, copied and pasted into this blog posting. The assholes have taken out both my phone and internet access this morning, now over an hour worth of no service. It is the same supplier and is the second service interuption in three weeks. Last time it was just the phone, not the internet connection. All the modem button pressing and reset options were applied to no result.

For now, the winner of the Britsh Columbia provincial election of yesterday will remain unknown, and I got fucked out of looking up the news last night as well, up to three hours past the polls closure. This just might be coincidence, and the real reason for the timing of the ISP interuption might be something altogether different.

They have been laying on plenty of heavy vision perturbing plasma and maser games this morning. In the former instance yellow and red light flashes in all shapes and sizes have been erupting, and in the latter, the incessant black wispy trails and balls are floating and flitting in various formations, some together in parallel, others singly. As usual, all objects and belongings have a vibratory pulsating quality to them, as well as the fleeting blackish waves, also evident outside. The perps even allowed one of these to be photographed on my parent's camera; a picture of my in-town brother showed a blackish spot on the adjacent wall of no seeming conventional cause. As usual, I "happened" to not detect it when looking at the photos, and when I re-looked at them, why, I "noticed" all of a sudden. I never missed one jerkaround or stunt until mid 2006, but now my detection capabilities of all things normal are entirely governed by my tormentors.

And lo, if the garbage truck hasn't just made the second visitation today, getting its full repetoire of noise in, and through the earmuffs I have on; hissing air pressure release, clunking, 20 second long rumbling, backup beeping, hydraulics groaning and a few other. Having two garbage truck visitations in one morning is a new record, yet another incremental broach of keeping a cover story going.

My phone and internet access came up about 30 minutes ago, just before lunch making. And only three provoked rage-fications when making lunch from scratch, all taking place while handling the frypan to clean and dry it with a background cacaphony of jackhammers, backup beepers, passing heavy duty vehicles. Imagine that, getting only three provocations in those circumstances when they lay on 15 or more routinely.

With all the offline activity I got the photos uploaded and I will duly bring a few in each posting until all the selected ones are posted. Nothing you haven't seen before.

I have awakened from a forced one hour nap and am suffering the usual post-nap trashed feeling. And lo, if the wind howl noise didn't start up and cause me yet again, (third time) to seal off the bottom of the sliding door to the open balcony with masking tape. What one (nap recovery) and has to do with the other (masking tape on the metal door threshold) I have no idea, but I am sure there is a very important connection to the assholes who created this little stunt. This is the third time in two months that I have been compelled to seal off the door as the wind howl gets started up. The door was sealed the entire winter, and now the rapid turnover of yet more door sealing, now mid-May. I suppose this has to do with the perps interests in adhesives, but don't ask me for any more specific details. Perhaps I should look up "masking tape" in Wikipedia to see what it is made of.

I did look it up, and paper forms much of the fiber; nothing too damning in the repetoire of perp interests that I can detect.

Some pix.

Taken 04-08-2009. One of those photo ops that are made for just this. Other action that is also somewhat strange is the three white vehicles parked on the left side street heading away from the camera. An even spacing with some black colored vehicles, a red one and a middle blue colored one.

Taken 04-17-2009, 1746h, 42sec. Two slightly different silver -grey vehicles, though I am not sure it is the paint but rather some enhanced lighting tricks. One behind the tree for whatever reason the perps have, likely a totally different interaction than seeing the rightmost one directly without the tree screen. Deep greens (and deep blues) are popular colors to go with reds, being the color of blood vessels. Also, the inevitable roof pods that became so popular since the harassment began in 2002.

Taken 04-17-2009, 1746h, 48sec. A look around the corner as well; more reds and that funky red pickup truck in the top most picture.

Taken 04-17-2009, 1746h, 51sec. A little extra photo op added for me to take yet another picture. Two similar red colored vehicles side by side, the closest one stopped at the traffic light.

I did the part time car dealership cleaning job tonight; the usual well timed staff entrances and exits with impeccable timing to arrive immediately before, after or during any of the doorways where I am vacuuming or cleaning the glass. They take the strangest of routes to do this, ones that make no sense (coming through a locked section of the building, and presumably aren't concerned about keeping the cover story intact anymore. I see they put a new roof pod display in one of the show rooms, some 9' off the floor and backed by a metal mesh hanging support. And nicely angled down to present the contents, being partially opened. I suppose having these large plastic, vinyl I think, pods hanging over my head while working on the vacuuming might just be another attempt of the assholes to get these substances in my proximity for repeat monitoring. When I was vacuuming the floor under one of the roof pods I notices two of the trademark plastic trimmings the perps like to add in my proximity. These are black tight spirals of 2" long, as if they came off a lathe. That is how it goes; strange crap from nowhere as a portable adjunct to whatever they fuck they are after and won't show up to expedite.

I have been dispatched to vacuum one of the work offices twice this week, and at least once it seemed totally needless. It does make me wonder just whose office it is; that is, who is the real person behind the morphover? As always, I have no idea, and for now, its the rude blondish staff Fuckwit who likes to buzz around me, even doing his back and forths in front of me once.

And they added a second skinheaded male into the mix tonight as a visitor; the seeming staff member skinhead is carefully keeping his ball cap on these days, but one look at this new apalling skinhead tonight was enough to ensure he was in peripherial vision only for the rest of his presentations.

I see that the two women sales staff members aren't there this week, so perhaps their "introductory" role as Favoreds for the Unfavored males isn't required anymore.

And the black Miata with the brown soft top has now been removed from the Service garage at the car dealership. It was in there for some 8 weeks being moved around to all the bays and in many orientations and juxtapositions with other vehicles, and the hood was never opened up. Some repair job that.

Enough blathering tonight, and off to prepare and ponder my fate tomorrow, a Thursday, yoga class.


Anonymous said...

I noticed in the first picture, there's a guy just standing still, facing the camera, staring. That's one tactics they pull. In the second picture, that torn plastic bag in the tree looks like a long-necked bird flying. They do play mind games with trash like this -- doing a sort of spontaneous "origami" art with litter by molding, shaping, folding the litter certain ways. Also, I noticed the woman carrying a plastic bag -- something I get a good deal of.

Third picture: I've seen a very similar red pickup truck around here that looks near identical. Sounds like more revelation games/benchmarking. Then I noticed the person loitering around the open car door further up the street on the right. Got jabbed in the nuts after I posted that last sentence.

In the next picture, it's revealed the woman has black spandex pants on... something they like to use on occasion. That reminds me of the time in 2006 that I saw a male firefighter, of all people, wearing black spandex stretch pants, like he's supposed to be mocking a ballerina or something. He was just hanging around the outside of building where they dispatch ambulances. I used to get gangstalked there a lot for some reason, as well as get the "running nose" trick. When I say "runny nose", it's not the normal "leaking", but rather, a massive gush of runny snot. I that it was odd at the time that so much snot could be squirting out like that. More DEW's, I presume.

My perps quiz me a good bit on who my personal likes/dislikes are: for example, do I like this person? Oh, so you don't like so-and-so? Etc. For some reason, it's important to them to find out the people I like/don't like. Probably, it's to set up skits based around these people, or somehow get them more involved in harassing me.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the two women in the fourth picture, who look identical from the distance it was taken. The woman carrying the plastic bag on the right looks like her right arm is missing, as though she is partially obscured by a corner. Also, I may have skipped a picture or have them out of order as I discussed them. I believe I referenced 3, and I see now there are 4 of them.

Also, it'd be interesting to see that photo which shows the spot on the wall.

AJH said...

Answer to: I noticed in the first picture...

The standing still guy might be someone exiting the apartment building, though even that benign act gets plenty of extra exposure, more than what one would normally expect.

A male firefighter wearing spandex? Hilarious!

I never have mentioned them before, but runny nose attacks are common and for me, often coincident with eating food; enforcing more finger contact while eating, and those color changes going on in one's mouth, less than an inch from one's brain, the seeming all important organ of study. Hence the plethora of food eating gangstalkers in public.

The likes/dislikes or, as I have termed them, Favored and Unfavored is a huge part of the ongoing study. In my case it seems I have long standing aversions to people features in the Unfavored demographic groups, (aka gangstalking freakshow) which seem have been established by traumatizations that they couldn't wipe from my recall until recently, the last year. This same kind of testing might be applied to other TI's to see what the essential neural reaction/energy differences are between all TI's, either from a mild predilection dislike all the way up to a traumatization incurred dislike. Interesting that this is going on with other TI's as I don't believe it has been reported anywhere else until your comments (this and previous).

AJH said...

Answer to: I noticed the two women...

Yes, plastic bags, aka "plastic bag people", to present them in more situations than the vagrants can supply. And too, having me do 1.5 hours of janitorial work 6/days/week, and still they are at it, as well as putting them up trees. I assume, just like with excessive numbers of PVC pipe packing vehicles, that there are polyethylene pollutants in us (TI's and the rest of the population) that are problematic for remote neural energetics research, part of the reason for this epic life rape.

I will see if I can obtain that photo with the grey spot and get it scanned, as it belongs to my mother.

Anonymous said...

I got a cougher/throat clearer on the train this morning. They do love their throat games. Of course when I chose to sit down next to her I had no idea she would start up. A 20 minute ride, clearing the throat the entire ride at one minute intervals interspersed with hard coughing. All, very, unconvincing. I knew there was going to be trouble from the beginning however, when a strange looking little imp of a girl came and sat down across from me. That's what made me move. She has been linked to problems I've had on the train before. So I knew when she sat down there would be trouble.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got a cougher/throat clearer...

I get plenty of the coughing acts when on the public city bus. Sometimes there will be one front and back and will coordinate between them, one following the other. I just amazes me that the expend so much effort in covert methods and won't seek cooperation. I don't get it.