Friday, May 01, 2009

Catepillars and Catkins

I am back from a Chicken Run, the momentous harassment event where I select a cooked chicken and suffer extra gangstalking and whatever other stunts du jour. I duly take it back to my apartment, cut the skin off (often a fugly orange paprika color) and feed myself directly from the carcass, usually just the wings. Again, the perps find the latter process fascinating and put on extra noise when the knife or fork contacts the carcass, when I put a piece of chicken on the fork and again into my mouth, when arranging the skin to be forked to then put it in the bag for tossing out and endless other minutae that I wouldn't give thought to excepting for the constantly adroit timing of noise to my actions. And I had "background" backup beeper noise the entire time, when there is absolutely no reason for this noise to occur for that long, some 8 minutes, in this neighborhood.

I got to the supermarket at about 1130h, before the supposed lunch time crowd, and it seemed that there were relatively few shoppers when I arrived. I acquired only the cooked chicken, and then had a curly haired short and dumpy dude cruise in for his gangstalking tour at the chicken display. Irksome, but not a big deal and so I went to the checkouts, and lo, if some 20 "customers" hadn't all arrived at the checkouts in the one minute interim that I was at the cooked chicken display. Checkout obstructions, aka "hold-ups", are quite common in the TI community, and as I had only the one item to purchase, it was a bigger perp deal than usual. I picked the shortest line, which backed up into the through aisle, convenient for passing gangstalkers, and lo, if the short and dumpy dude didn't arrive behind me. He then told the woman in front of me that she had a catepillar on her back. I then looked and it was a catkin, and removed it, telling her it wasn't so bad as first mentioned. I got to notice her fugly calligraphic Asian motif tatoo on the back of her neck, in the typical deep green color. And that was about it; heavy on the "cat" word, doing the chivalrous thing to remove the object from the back of her sweater and tossing it aside. And for those new readers, tatoos are a decidedly prominent component of the Unfavored gangstalkers, as are the curly haired types.

There has been plenty of catkin "action" in the last week, and it might be the yellowish color they have is also a major perp attraction. They are decidedly heavy on this color of late, but only after suitable introductions of greyscale colors of white, silver-grey, mid-greys and black colors in clothing or vehicle form.

And I am getting more "coincidences" over words, terms and even visual props of late; whatever is to be learned from this aspect of the fuckover-scape seems to be of greater interest. As is parallel behavior; doing the same thing that I am doing at the same time. My perp abetting parents have changed their tea drinking habits to be imbibing tea at the very same moment as me, also picking up the teacup at the same moment, and the rest of this fucking tiresome trait that has been long reported by this TI and many others similarly afflicted.

A forced hour long nap after lunch, and I usually loathe them as I am rendered sleepy for some time afterward. A new variant on an old jerkaround; near serial loud mufflered vehicle noise that magically gets through my earmuffs, and then the "reaction" (read, scripted move) is to have me remove the earmuffs and use my fingers to plug my ears from these long trailing off noises. Normally I would take off the earmuffs once every ten minutes or so, and now it is one hotrod noise after the other, removing the earmuffs each time. One would think a raceway is below, but a two late secondary artery that enters a residential zone in a block is the only street, as seen in the many pictures from the balcony. Search on the "pictures" tag.

This is the date at which I start the part time cleaning job at 1630h instead of an hour earlier, so perhaps this change in the timing is the big deal for the sickos today. It is always difficult to know the reasons for the escalated noise and gangstalking, though one can speculate based on prior, or iminent events. The in-apartment door slamming noises have also ramped up, and this is quite a feat when every door has hydraulic closure control, which prevents that very problem from occuring. But in Perp World (cue sirens noise getting through earmuffs), any noise from any source no matter how illogical is expected. Last night before the nut shave bath I noticed that someone had gobbed into the bathtub, green and red it was. As in, who but some sick asshole would make such a mess and leave it there? I have no idea how it got there, as it didn't come from me. Any sinus clearing that occurs is always in the shower, and is swept down by the running water. Perhaps the ruse was to have me use a dark green 3M pad to remove it, as I also used one at the cleaning job yesterday, removing some strange embedded crud from an area that gets mopped every day. Go figure.

There has been the "usual" teleported crumbs today, so this inanity hasn't changed any; bread, tortilla and chocolate all have a crumbing tendency, and they arrive in quantity whenever my back is turned, and of late, even while watching the dinner plate or chocolate bar, the crumb will materialize out of thin air and land in front of me. This crumb particle exposure, which was played out in spades two days ago when building a backyard vegetable box at my parent's place, also was arranged for the lunch time break I took while there. I was building the box of 4'x8' natural wood landscape ties, and there were no end of faked excuses for dirt to "fly in" and end up on top of the flat horizontal bearing surface of the tie, and for me to dust it off. I cannot recount how many times the dirt particle, crumb-like, ended up on the fresh wood surface, but at least 30x. When I was eating a late lunch there was the same dirt like crumbs on the dining room table, only 2' from me. I have no idea what caused this or was the putative source, but the assholes couldn't let me go for less than 20 minutes without seeing this crumb dispersion pattern on a horizontal surface. It is freaking bizarre as it is deranged for anyone to harass their victim for over seven years, and still be into playing with fucking crumbs without showing their face to front for this insanity (theirs).

But that is how it goes, one bullshit stunt after another, and my entire physicality and world view is warped in conventional physics terms. And more of late, more blatant examples as well; more prevalent tailing/gangstalking, crumb games (per above), and other events that are equally contrived like email blocking.

I can only assume, at least for now to avoid being characterized as over-conspiratorial, that the swine flu epidemic that is in the news is of organic origin and wasn't created for some dark purpose. But I reckon that all those people wearing surgical masks make for a perfect target for the perps in their color reference games; white or blue material at their face and out in public. It was about a month ago when one gangstalker was wearing a surgical mask while out in public at the supermarket, but I won't read anything more into this, even if I claim that there are no coincidences in my life, just arrangements.

And too, the perps have a little game going with "pigs", and have done for years, and I don't know what it is all about, possibly something from the recall deletion years, aged 3 to 5 y.o.

Last night I was reading about an accomplished designer of stereo music gear, and he mentioned that he first began demonstrating technical curiousity when he was three years old, and performed chemistry experiments then. I assume that he was a wunderkind, and of course he wasn't messed with by some mysterious agency that continues to replicate some of their actions of the day; running black vehicles with tinted windows around me, planting excessive numbers of wheelchair gangstalkers, running loud motorcycles around me, arranging gangstalkers with Scottish accents, and eeping the freakshow circulating around me, often with excessive amounts of red hair, unnatural green colored hair, tattoos and the like. Imagine, a childhood free from knowledge purging and traumatization associations, if indeed that is the case.

Another managed SNAFU; the part time cleaning job start time was to change to 1830h from 1730h as of May 01, today. I am about to start cleaning the dishes after dinner when at 1745h I get a phone call from the boss man asking if I was coming to work tonight. I explain what he told me and that the new, later start time was what I was going by. He doesn't answer this directly, but wants me there right away. After cleaning the dishes and transiting the gangstalker hordes enroute, I get there at 1815h, and the car dealership is locked up, contrary to my experiences of the last month. They always have Sales staff until 1830h, and often past 1900h when we coordinate with them as to who is going to set the alarm system (i.e., the last party to leave the building). And of course the boss man never told me that the place would be locked or indicated a door to come through. But as it "happened", the downstairs basement business was open, and I got through there, having known the route when we would coordinate building departure with them. The boss man didn't seem too surprised as to how I got in the building, but anyhow, I had to coordinate this new "late start" with him. Oddly, he took the time to scrape off some tar on the floor of the Service area I regularly clean. He always told me that these tar spots were the repsonsibility of the "floor man", and so I left them. Now, they are in the job description. Given the perps abidding interest in all things related to asphalt, tar and petroleum products, I find it an interesting coincidence that he got into this topic tonight. Needless to say, I raced through the job tonight, and was then dispatched to do the regular vacuuming while the boss man idled away his waiting time (for me to finish) by revving up his motor scooter. It would seem that the plan is to have him rev his scooter up while I am doing various tasks, and tonight our respective task timing was much different than the usual work evening.

I now find out that the part time job start time is going to be 1800h beginning on Monday. It is most strange to have these divergent instructions all the time, but this is how it is in this managed surreal bubble world that I am kept in. And, too, if I am to have a job, they want to ensure that there is maximal fuckups possible, as it seems that pissing around with the work environment and all my "reactions" (read, scripted response) need to be exercised for ulterior motives.

And it was only when I started this last journal entry did I see that the perps had me "forget" to post yesterday's blog posting, now done. You can be sure that it wasn't me "overlooking" what I do regularly each day at this time.

Enough of blogging tonight; I am getting distracted by this ongoing pretend scenario of designing a PC to build that has the latest and fastest components, and none of it is doable on my income. I don't know what the perps get out of these covetous games, and the bookmarking of the relevant web pages, but they have been totally consistent in noisestalking me when I bookmark a web page and I rarely notice the side action any more.

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