Thursday, May 14, 2009

Head Whack From Nowhere

The perps just crossed the line they drew; ostensible cause or perhaps, even real cause when inflicted with sensory incursions. The whacked me in the head when the nearest thing, the refridgerator, was 10" away. Not even close, and not even the real sensation that would be incurred if it had happened. The "reaction" was screaming rage, no choice in that. It is likely that was my "welcome home" after yoga, and eating my lunch. Regular readers will know that post-yoga is one of the most gangstalked and otherwise fucked with events of the week, apart from Mondays when I return from my parents' place.

Yoga was a big sweat today, me more than anyone in the usual keeping of the targetted fuckery. I never did figure why I was so sweat prone until they started to make it worse once the insane overt abuse began in 2002. I call it the Pseudosweats, and if this year is like most since then, I will be more sweat prone than ever until September.

They also got me riled up at least 30 times while making and eating breakfast. One big event was finishing up the peanut butter jar, and they got me cranked up with the peanut butter hopping off the knife at least twice, never mind other elusive fuckery that was imbued for this normally sticky substance. While fighting the peanut butter to get on the knife the assholes put on a clattering noise as if the knife was banging on the jar, but that wasn't the case. The outside road traffic noise was also amped up at the same time, as if a succession of heavy duty vehicles were passing by, all at 0730h for crissakes. No major road traffic was noted before or after, and yet the noise "happened" while dealing with the suddenly recalcitrant peanut butter, the last of it in the jar. Just the usual beserk bullshit.

Now the doldrums, excepting for the road traffic noise getting through the earmuffs; hotrods and Harley (motorcycle). And a big Harley was propped outside this apartment building, at a parking stall. It was there for my outbound and inbound travel legs for yoga class. It is the same motorcycle that was parked across the street in a parking lot stall, next to the sidewalk. I don't yet know why they like to show me motorcycles, especially the 1950's look, though the noise of them is likely useful for neural energetics research, if it is as detailed as I think it it is; cellular level.

Taken 04-22-2009, 1753h. A little odd color configuration of vehicles in and of itself, but not in the entire series of what color gets "featured" with another. In other words, I don't consider this picture a damning indictment of arranged vehicle colors, but you tell me if my sense of normal is becoming distorted after seven years of this bullshit. The ladder bearing vehicle is on the street on the left.

Taken 04-23-2009, 1744h. Two white colored vehicles, a dark blue and a silver grey vehicle in file in the parking stalls to "back up" (serve as a color reference) to the fugly yellow Smart Car. The vehicles on the street on the left are heavy to white with the yellow trim ladder bearing strangely loitering tradesvan backing up and about to either park or drive down the street for more yellow action. That same tradesvan has been parking on the street for some months now, and it does strike me as odd that someone would do this. To say nothing of the prevalent ladder bearing vehicles in my proximity, aka, the Ladder Patrol.

Taken 04-24-2009, 1750h. The odd one out, the navy blue pickup truck is the one parked behind the tree with the plastic bag in it. Funny how they seem to need to "back up" a non-greyscale color (navy blue) with greyscale colored vehicles, the silver-greys. That I owned a silver-grey Volvo 245 for 16 years just wasn't good enough for the assholes.

Taken 04-22-2009, 1753h. I count 16 vehicles here; and two are black, one is green (through the tree), one is navy blue, three are red (in file, with the navy blue inserted) and the remainder are white or silver-grey. It seems anomalous to me, but I see this all the time now. Of 16 vehicles, only seven aren't of the same color theme. Strange to me.

Done my part time cleaning job tonight at the car dealership. Some weird bullshit, and the brown fleece vest staff/Fuckwit was all over me again, and even doing the run when outside, and I was inside, visible through the upstairs windows. I suppose this running act may cause greater energetics interactions much like swiping a magnet past a coil. The faster the swipe of the magnet, the greater the generated electricity is in the coil, much what an electric generator does. And they put on a blonde woman in white capri pants, and I first saw her from the back as she was passing by and I was taking the vacuum cleaner with the new white installed bag (minutes before) through a narrow hallway. I suppose she was arranged to keep the FUD as she seemed to be the same blonde woman viewed from behind that is a regular staff member (but not this week). So I assumed it was the regular staff member blonde woman at first, and lo, if she didn't double back and she was new to me. I have no idea if she was staff or spouse of staff, though she didn't seem to be a customer. And she wasn't the same blonde upstairs that shot me a glowering look for absoutely no reason a few days ago. Maybe she was arranged to be a Favored person (attractive blonde woman) wearing an Unfavored garment color (clinical white color capri pants). And too, having me make recognition mistakes is a huge part of the perp setups games, and there is at least a half dozen minor such jerkarounds in any given day.

And the recognition and person name mistakes have been artfully contrived since I started the part time job. The Sales Manager name is B, and that is on the window glass of his office. So when I started I assumed that the person who regularly inhabited the office was B, and his comportment of walking around and overseeing things reflected that he was a manager. A few months later, a more formal dressed man started to inhabit this same office. The boss man had various edicts and negotiations with a person named B, so I assumed it was the first person who inhabited the Sales Managers office. And one day, B was ready for me when coming in as he was pissed about the washroom cleaning, which happened to be over the on the boss man's side. After that contrived brouhaha was long over, I even called the person I "knew" as B by that name, and he said hello back. A few weeks ago it was arranged for me to overhear that the second inhabitant of the office was B, and that the other person was not the Sales Manager. Eventually I met the B and had the occasion to ask his name and he said his name was D. I related the origins of my confusion as to the multiple inhabitants of the office, and he said that he often switches duties with the (real) B. Fine, I finally got it straight after being misled by a succession of stunts: the real D was in B's office for many weeks (over four) when I first started, no one introduced themselves early on, the thought-to-be B did not correct me when I called him by the wrong name, and of course he acted in an overseeing managerial capacity like a Sales Manager. This little stunt over having me get the Sales Manager's name wrong played out over the past five months. Just an example of the FUD games that are many and continuous and of no seeming purpose but to play mind-fuck games, and the "get it wrong" jerkaround.

But to increase the FUD and take it to yet more heightened absurdity, I have seen only B or D at the car dealership, and neither together. So... could it be that they are one and the same person, just with alternate morphover versions? Of course I cannot answer that, but it helps keeping the FUD going by having me ponder (read planted notions) as to if that is true, and for keeping me on the alert to see both these individuals together. A recent FUD enhancing moment was last week when D had his after work ice hockey gear in B's office in preparation for heading out the door. Go figure as to why all this bullshit was started, artfully sustained and gradually revealed with some residual doubt as to who they, if it is they even, really are. It was yesterday when the cleaning job boss man dropped a few names as an elicitation for me to tell this whole story of getting the names of the managers wrong. Apparently, there is a Boss of All whom I haven't met yet. One wonders as to why the perps go to such lengths to be so deliberately obscure as to who has what name.

A similar stunt was arranged four days ago when my parents picked me up. There is an elderly man who puts on the gangstalk from time to time, and dodders around wtih his cane. The sickos plant the notion that he is my father, but morphed over. My reaction to this bullshit is to ignore it as best as I can as it is totally pointless speculation. So... when my parents are there to pick me up for the last time with both together in their vehicle, it so "happens" the doddering cane act was also outside, so they are two wholly different persons. Though, they could of been situationally swapped in some gangstalk encounters in morphover form, just to add to the senseless speculation. But as my father was headed to his care home this week, it was the last opportunity for these individuals to be recognized as truly separate persons, and so they arranged this final declarative stunt. Another go figure; two years of senseless FUD over who might be who and entirely by planted notions, and then they nix it by having them observed in close proximity at the same time. Freaking bizarre.

And some newfound body strength when at yoga today. There is no question that my flexibility and fitness level is being maintained by another party. Two weeks ago the yoga instructor went heavy on push ups as part of the plank and on-mat cobra positions. I was never too good at pushups, even after all the strength and weight training twice per week, mid 2007 to mid 2008. So it was interesting that I was reasonably capable of doing some pushups two weeks ago, but not all five in repeated poses/sets. But today, I could do five in succession and that was entirely unexpected as I haven't done any other exercise but yoga once per week. A rare beneficial intrusion and amelioration, assuming it is permanent.

I am calling this one done for the day, and off to view the comments.


Anonymous said...

I was getting "ladder stalking" yesterday too. It was a pickup with a ladder in the back. I saw a number of incidences and photos that involved ladders over the past couple of days. I'm sure it has some meaning for them, and maybe you or me seeing them is benchmarking.

Two days ago, there just "happened" to be a large truck with huge stacks of lumber on the back, that all of a sudden needed to back into this one guy's driveway. And darn if it just happened to be timed to when I was in a big hurry to get somewhere. This stunt involved two "flaggers" that needed to jump out timed to my arrival and direct traffic and check the trucker's visibility.

They do that all the time: the more of a hurry I'm in, the more I see things arranged to slow me down, probably to get me pissed off.

It seems like these fuckers are multiplying so much since I first realized I was being gangstalked in 2006. In 2006, I had all the usual things happen, like shocks and touches, and forced awakenings.

In 2004 I was pulled out of a dream, and was sent into a forced dream where I got to see my grandmother lying there in a hospital bed, having recently died. Two months later, I got a chance to see here for real. She died after a successful operation, and I'm still wondering to this day if her death wasn't planned by the perps. It's odd how my mother kept insisting that I go to the hospital and "say goodbye" (read: see her in her expired state). When I got there, the surroundings, the bed, her body and face were exactly as it appeared in my "dream" that the perps showed me.

Either that was planned, or as I believe, they can read minds a number of months or days in the future. Something about their synthetic telepathy tells me they can look into the future. My theory has been that brain waves can transcend the space-time continuum, which is why some people see "ghosts". My theory: the person in the present experiencing the "ghost" is in an altered state or dreaming. In that state, the brain is very receptive to brain waves of people in the past or future. So what they are seeing is a kind of psychic projection of the person based on their brainwaves.

My theory is based on my hypothesis that electromagnetic waves can transcend the space-time continuum. So, the reading brainwaves in the past/future has to do with special relativity (my theory).

Anonymous said...

Another thing: sometimes I get a very bad job evaluation, and it seems out of place. I believe some of that is planned as a form of beat-down or traumatization.

Anonymous said...

More about radio waves and radiation across the space-time continuum: since radio waves can travel from point A to B in non-relativistic 3-D space, it seems logical to me they can also travel from C to D in relativistic, 4-D spacetime. Hence, it's possible to detect light, electromagnetic radiation, and brain waves from different points in time in addition to different points in 3D space.

I'm not sure if you've heard of any such theory. It's something I assumed for many years.

Anonymous said...

There was a symphony of noise on the train coming home last night. You must be tired of my train stories, but honestly its just so bizarre and annoying, people's behavior. Two mothers with young children got on, I've seen them before. Not only were the children screaming and shrieking the mothers were talking quite loudly, entertaining them in silly voices and gabbing about their common aquantainces. Next, a man sitting in front of me got up to leave (or so I thought) but he came back and wouldn't you know it struck up a conversation with someone else. Someone he just coincidentally happened to recognize right then...Except that the person wasn't a friend it was someone he had met like once before. You could hear them trying to find stuff to talk about. So obvious!! At the same time the shrieking kids got louder and louder. A man next to me looked up from his book, quizically. It was just really bizarre the noise level. And none of them had any shame or concern for others on the train, naturally, as it was all by design.

AJH said...

Answer to: I was getting "ladder stalking"...

I suspect the ladders are paraded around as some kind of localized micro-cavities structure effect, modifying nearby energy fields. See Grebennikov's work:

I don't subscribe to the notion of seeing into the future, so much as the perps creating these interactions in advance. Some, not all, but I could be wrong. I suspect the science behind ghosts and other paranormal activity is very complicated, otherwise Einstein and others would of theorized it long ago.

AJH said...

Answer to: Another thing: sometimes I get a very bad job evaluation...

There is no question the perps like to arrange trashing sessions, pumelling the victim TI with unwararranted criticisms. I had a number of high school teachers ream me out, and to this day, the rationale wasn't substantive in any way. Same as the sudden behaviour changes for no reason; I an ex-wife and a few other work colleagues pull this on me.

AJH said...

Answer to: There was a symphony of noise...

I never tire of reporting on the public behavior weirdness on trains, buses etc. The perps seem to be able to manipulate one's sensitivity to noise, or the overall noise level, and turn a moderate noise into an intolerable din.

AJH said...

Answer to: More about radio waves and radiation...

I don't get into attempting to understand what science the perps utilize. It seems to be that my mind-keepers won't even let me go there. All I do is collect interesting discoveries and theories that might describe what the perps are doing and their methods.