Sunday, May 24, 2009

Less Than Ten Lunchtime Rage-ifications

A Sunday sit-around day, with sunny weather still continuing. Earlier, I made lunch which is routinely invaded with stunts like extra noise from nowhere, flicking olive oil about, foiling my finger motor control, slapping some mess from nowhere on the side of the fridge, sticking the tortillas together so one rips in the center and other jerkarounds. They started the tortilla ripping fuckery up again, having dropped it since late 2006, and true to form, my "reaction" is over the top, aka, rage-fied. No choice in that whatsoever.

But I would say the lunchtime harassment was on the light side, and it maybe that some of the assholes are having a long weekend in the US, where it is Memorial Day. Last weekend we had a holiday here, Victoria Day which was also lighter on the harassment. I expect they will be back at the beserk and insane harassment in full form by Tuesday, May 20. A joint US and Canadian harassment crew no doubt, but I have had Aussies doing their circle-the-room games before sitting beside me at one venue. I suspect the assholes are from many countries, the International SS, Supreme Sickos. There are TI's from all over the world, and the perps like to work the race/skin color angle as much as they can, for whatever they get out of it.

After lunch I read the local newspaper, looking at the job opportunities and the expanded extra job section of listed employers. This was brown food (sprouted wheat tortillas) digestion time, and it was duly noisestalked with the infernal motorcycle noises; Harley Davidson-like, Japanese-high revving ones and the odd buzzy Vespa. Again, I don't know why the like these noises except to note in the first case I utterly loathe the 2 cycle throbbing and gurgling Harley Davidson-like motors.

And plenty of motorcycle noises getting through my earmuffs while reading about the effective slavery in Dubai. This article seemed to be a big deal for my tormentors.

I attended Annie Machon's presentation tonight with my TI pals, possibly with caveats. The speaker is a UK intelligence whistleblower, with experience of seeing the supposed protectors being involved in nefarious activities. The sickos "readied me" by forcing a substantial shit just before my TI pals were come by, with plunging and a shower cleanup. Then they were late by over 10 minutes and I went and got a ticket for myself, as I am fed up with fuckups that automatically "happen" with them in my company. They said they didn't know where it was so I walked back to my place, a whole three blocks and they had just arrived. Then the TI driver said she knew the venue from a 9/11 truther meeting presentation. Anyhow, the usual organized confusion over directions and pointing the wrong way (the driver), and somehow we scored a parking stall not too far away. Then the sudden split-aparts when one takes off without informing the others, and the other had a brown colored coffee drink that she needed to finish up before entering, another split-apart excuse and so it went. We were in the last most bench in the auditorium and lo, if a raft of Fuckwits didn't wander past behind me the entire time, with the odd fucker lingering there on sentry duty. I had the usual Unfavoreds; bald heads, fat people (gut strut), male pony tails, a male crotch grabbing act with his mouth hanging open, and big hats. Plus the woman in front of us was so fucking rude in keeping her hands on her head for extended stretches, elbows up and obstructing my vision. I never seen anything so fucking deliberate as that, but then again, I haven't been allowed to be in a public seating venue for over a year until tonight. There were plenty of plasmic augmentations as well; blue plasma sitting in front of someone's head, striated plasma arrangements overhead, a maser beam coming off one Fuckwit's neck and some red flashes to complement the red clothing some were wearing. And another of those Fuckwit vagrant males who start walking toward me, but not looking at me, and the instant I get tensed up about the asshole doing something to me, he turned around and followed his tracks to the corner where he was doing sentry duty.

As the speaker, Annie Marchon, was from one of the "conventional" spy agencies, MI5, I didn't expect that there was going to be any revelations about the shadow clowns, my particular nemesis. It is always interesting to note the levels of knowledge as to what transpires behind world events. She worked in the aspects of the spy agencies' skullduggeries with respect to the 9/11 tragedies, and that there were many experts who found traces of explosives in the rubble. And that the WTC 7 building essentially coming down as a demolition job. And so while the 9/11 "truthers" who sponsored the speaker are looking for an impartial re-examination of the evidence, I get to ponder the fact that it could well be that there were extra-conventional gravitic fuckery games behind it all. There is one video sequence of a World Trade tower facade wiggling in the wind and then the piece just turns into dust. That is the work of the shadow clowns, writ large. So perhaps in a decade or so that there will be a re-examination of the evidence, perhaps after a number of witnesses having a premature demise, and so it might bring some "closure" to that despicable act. But it won't explain the prevalence of concrete dust, the dumping of many truckloads of soil on the site within two days of the event, and nor the strange melted look to a number of vehicles that were in adjacent parking lots, even police vehicles. And so it goes; the ringside seat in hell.

It is late, and it was a very dull day until the above mentioned speaker, so I am calling this one done.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed they can force bowel movements. It's especially bad when I have a diarrhea-type thing going on, when I have to crap really really bad. I'll be walking down the street, and again, at certain "points" where street theatre and other high-level e-harassment games occur, I'll be doubled over with this intense desire to just pull down my pants and crap out of necessity. But I just stop, or slow down tremendously, till I can get out of the vicinity, and straggle on.

Sometimes, they can force a little micro-pee to happen every now and then, or their favorite, make me start peeing before I can get my pants unzipped or pulled down enough, whichever position I prefer.

It seems they have these "discrete points" along the terrain where the harassment occurs, as though their monitoring can't handle a continuous 2-dimensional topography. There has to be certain "spots" where I can gangstalked or "blasted" with their weapons, and it never occured to me that they have trouble with certain terrestrial locales, such as near certain structures and buildings. Or, maybe there are mines underground (there are plenty of them where I live) or bedrock or something else which makes their surveillance less than optimal.

Tonight, I had two young hotties walk right in front of me, and they were taking up the entire sidewalk so I couldn't pass them. Meanwhile, there was an Unfavored wearing plaid shorts at a 90 degree angle, heading off south for example when the two girls were westbound. I passed the two girls, which wasn't supposed to happen, or else they wouldn't be hogging the entire sidewalk in front of me, and I can see they would both have headed at a 90 degree angle also southbound, like the Unfavored male. All the while they were laughing, as though mocking my agony over seeing an Unfavored. See, they have gangstalkers laugh when I encounter an Unfavored, like it is enragement-humiliation.

Another favorite tactic is to have their operatives talking about "beating the fuck out of someone" in mock anger, or "decking her" and "slapping her", in a belligerent manner.

Usually the females are favored, males unfavored, but sometimes there are favored male/female couples, and other combinations. The do favored male and unfavored females, for example. I find that I am always at their mercy, and the more I "resist" their controlling efforts, the more sadistic the perps become in inflicting agony and grief.

They are always inflicting anger, but it becomes more so when I resist or "fight" them by thinking about slapping them or whatever, and they hate it when I visualize them as "unfavored". They hate it when I do the mental imaging of the perps being ugly or unfavored or gross. sometimes, I picture them (including their gangstalking operatives) as being creepy and scary. They hate that as well. They retaliate by having gangstalkers try to refer to ME as scary, or whatever it is I am visualizing my perps as, they have gangstalkers "return" the favor. See, nobody messes with the perps like that. They are supposed to be messing with me, not the other way around. I also like to visualize my perps are being leeches on society, as well they probably are. I've read they are well-compensated for their crimes, and receive a good pension as well. That's why I can hardly wait to see a situation where they get screwed out of pension or compensation.

Perhaps you've had the bullshitters talking about beating someone up, leaving doubt as to who it is, and maybe speculating they could be talking about you? They do that with me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I try to stay clear of conspiracies, but here is one thing I always wondered: the two space shuttle "accidents". It's kind of funny how the engineers recommended against launching Challenger in 1986, yet the management overrode their decision to go ahead with launch. A planned failure would give NASA the excuse to scrap the space exploration initiative, and focus more on launching spy satellites for "defense" purposes. In reality: the perps have new surveillance toys to play with.

But with Columbia, that has the look of an accident, though it is odd how those panels came off on earlier launches, yet a disaster of that magnitude never happened. Both of those accidents always pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

On the 1986 shuttle "accident": 4 years later, there would be a lawsuit filed against the NSA for doing remote EKG via satellite. 1986, I think, was a very key year for the perps, and it seems like no accident the shuttle disintegrated.

Anonymous said...

One of their stunts involved a 2 Chinese guys that looked a lot like me, dressed like I dress in my house. I find this pretty funny, actually.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've noticed they can force...

It is very rare that they arrange it so that someone is talking about me, by inference or for sure. Maybe twice in some seven years of overt harassment. But they do like me to read of threatened violence, usually an obscure reference and not related to anyone I know. Having a Favored (attractive blonde woman) with an Unfavored (large gutted skinhead dude) is very common now, and even to the point of holding hands and huggie games.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, I try to stay clear...

I don't get into serious conspiracies in this blog as it would detract from the credibility. For a good read on NASA, and the many odd goings on, read "Dark Mission" by Richard Hoagland.

AJH said...

Answer to: One of their stunts...

The copycat dressing isn't too common for me, or perhaps it is and I don't notice, nearly always wearing genertic Levis and a T-shirt. The all time silly Asian "dress up" when I was hiking and encountered a group of four walking in file, They had a pair of adult Asian male twins, one wearing a matched shorts and jacket outfit in light blue, and his brother immediately behind him dressed in identical clothing but in brown. A Caucasian gangstalker was in front, and one behind. Hilarious I thought. That was at least three years ago, and still the brown clothing color games are going on, often with racial variables.

Anonymous said...

I figure the harassment tactics will vary between TI's, depending on who's involved, etc. I've seen evidence that my info has been sent all over the world, so potential perps are ready with harassment games wherever I may roam. I can't escape it by moving to, say, China or Germany. I get a strong sense that the same types of people will be ready over those two countries with the same tactics. For me, it's been more of an "intrusion" type targeting, where everyone everywhere seems to "recognize" me. If I go to a town far away, for example, I'll get passers-by turning their heads and getting a real "good" look at me, with a look of shock. My perps have pictures of me and info about me that are likely in some massive "shared" database.