Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heavy Maser Traffic

I am getting extra black floaters and beams flitting about today, and it is almost getting annoying to be looking at this LCD display for the patterns and wispy masers. Also, yellow plasma games are also playing big, putting them into peripherial vision to get a reaction.

More online PC building pursuits after yesterday's email exchange with a professional builder which identified that my 400W power supply wasn't nearly adequate or that its connectors [intense siren noise now] were sufficient. But like I mentioned yesterday, my PC and all its components are one big ordered playpen for the sickos, possibly because of their color games/energetics study they have cast me into. And it would seem that my past generousity of giving my daughter a spare PC back in 2004 might also be part of the research agenda. The plan is to rebuild this one into a smaller case and give it to my mother; as mentioned though, no dough, no go. And no response from my job applications yesterday, not even berry picking for crissakes. [Another loud siren, through the earmuffs like always].

[A third round of sirens, this being an hour after lunch, and might be the moment that they loose some kind of remote color energetics owing to food digestion. They got me up early at 0630h with breakfast following and no lunch until nearly 1300h. I "somehow" never get hungry any more; the only reminder I have of mealtime is going by the clock.

Back from the part time cleaning job at the car dealership and then a stop-by shopping at the local supermarket with my gangstalking consort. They put on the blackest negro I ever have seen at the adjacent checkout, he in a white top. And lo, if he wasn't also doing a reprise gangstalking in the parking lot immediately after my exiting the supermarket, "somehow" forgeting where his vehicle was and partially retracing his tracks to get to his seeming vehicle. Give me a break, a whole six vehicles there and here he somehow went to the wrong empty corne of a small parking lot for extra redoubling back time. I also had at least five gangstalkers doing a lcoordinated ead-ahead starburst gangstalking pattern; they all seemed to emanate from the same W. exit door and yet there was one at most who preceded me put the door. Somehow, they arranged four more Fuckwits seemingly diverging from the exit doors with me at the center of it and all at various angles, almost uniformly, though at distances from 10' to 20'. Better that than the Fuckwits converging on me which they have been known to do for rousing my angst level.

And more vehicle obstacle courses at the car dealership in the Service garage. As most regular readers will know, I loathe the sight of bright reds and yellows, and exponentially so when those colors are together. Which is one reason I loathe the sight of McDonalds anywhere, or even their packaging. And lo,... if the assholes didn't put a red vehicle on the hoist and a yellow one below and ensure that I had to walk under the red one and 1' from the yellow one parked on the floor. There was a silver-grey and a black colored vehicle as immediate reference colors, as well as a deep dark green, much the same color as the earmuffs that I am wearing now, and have been routinely doing for some months now.

There was plenty of feints and dodges to keep me circulating at work tonight; I do my area in relative peace, but as we cleaners are there while the Sales staff is still there, it makes it problematic to get noisy vaccuming done if there are customers there. And so it was, that the three downstairs Sales locations that I was to vacuum didn't have customers nearby, and so I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs to do the regular work up there. Then the boss man "happened" by to put on this faux annoyance act because I didn't do the downstairs locations, even if the reasons were mutually understood to be valid in advance. Anyhow, it all got done but in a irregular order, and at no time do I sit around if something cannot get done because there is always something else to do. It should be a three man hour job when we get paid for two, but that is the deal, and I don't quibble as it keeps me in chocolate.

The tapping noise has started up, timed exactly when I do the Windows, Select, copy, and paste actions. Fucking absurd that such a routine activity has a phalanx of shadow clowns all over it, now for seven years of this insane hell.

I am getting the restless feet and legs along with some knee torquing torture tonight while chasing down PC power supply prices and determining which might be the better deal. As always, late breaking revelations/discoveries arise to change the entire picture and cause a re-think as to which is the better choice.

This one is done.

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