Monday, May 18, 2009

A Soil Slinging Stat Holiday

A statutory national holiday today, Victoria Day, and nothing directly with this city by the same name. But, there is a huge parade which gets plenty of American marching bands doing a practice run for the Memorial Day weekend, the next one. As usual, I pass on big crowd events owing to relentless pursuit/gangstalking. And for the perps, it is a big deal because for a duration of some four hours, they have bands and parade vehicles travelling down the main streets of the city, and most TI's are aware of how the perps like to modify vehicle traffic, have gangstalkers jaywalking as well as other asphalt-human interactions studies they seem to be so relentlessly pursuing among other things. As part of this scenario I have quite a different take when there are protest groups blocking roadways, especially if the group has some racial angle, meaning brown skinned. Last week it was the Tamils (like E. Indians) shutting down the major expressway on a Sunday in Toronto. No wonder these protests are allowed to pull this bullshit; it is a brown skinned to asphalt/concrete energy interaction test. Which, I admit, is seemingly eccentric, but after being hounded by the sickos and their color games (especially brown colors) for seven years every waking second, and sending in their gangstalkers to walk exactly over top of where I walk (e.g. left-hand drive pedestrians), as well as other feints to that end, I have an different perspective on world events and just what they might be all about.

I did three hours of sieving compost that I had started in January at my parent's place. The pile was specially groomed with layers of soil, plant material, rot accelerant and then wetted and covered. I took it apart and put it through the seive, though used looking, is inexplicably smaller than the one I used last year for the same purpose. And as there is likely only one such sieve, I asked my mother where the larger one went and I got some vague blow-off answer. Translated, the sickos decided they wanted the job to take longer this year and replaced the sieve, same mesh size though. And my mother who has been perp abetting from the get-go, has the task of being vague as to where the first one was placed, as it had gone missing and was more effective. But as the perps find composting to be so interesting, I was not too surprised to have my noise accompaniment on a long weekend Monday; aircraft, lawnmowers, hotrods in the neighborhood, and other noises were artfully arranged and segued. Often the noises would erupt when I mopped my brow, also seeming extra accelerated. I would have to say it was on the light side, not the usual Monday abuse levels.

As well, the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery was in present at all times, but not too intense or relentless. I had less than ten soil-up-my-gloves stunts, and even less runny noses which are becoming more common as a jerkaround stunt. There was plenty of games of adding plant material that did not make it through the seive added back to the sieved soil when I wasn't looking, and there had to have been over 50 jerkarounds when I was attempting to grasp the myriad plastic garbage that the perps seem to have added into the soil. In fact, that is what took the most time, pulling these small plastic pieces of refuse out and putting them into a garbage bag. The perps made sure my finger control was extra messed up with the gloves on and even teleported some of it out of my hand as it was firmly grasped before it "floated" out. So it would seem to a degree, some, but not all, of the sickos took the day off.

Too, the drive to downtown at 1330h had much less traffic, though I did get heavy coverage early on, and I also got my "foliage stalking" as well; this is where they place cut foliage, usually from gardening activity in a pickup or trailer and ensure the vehicle is placed near me, often for extended durations. Today, they put the foliage bearing pickup about 80' ahead in the lane to my right and had it covered fore and aft with black colored vehicles. I had my usual consort of silver-grey and white vehicles around me which developed into more complexity further on by adding mid-grey colors. They also put a way fugly metallic puke yellow BMW ahead but made sure to place an intervening black Jeep between us, and another black vehicle ahead of the BMW. Given that Monday is the day I don't take my yellow colored medication capsules, the perps put on extra yellow gangstalking vehicles as well as cyclists and today was no exception. The Yellow Cabs were out in force as well, often doing their egress act with doors and trunk ajar.

Onto some pix, the last of the most blatant vehicle arrangements of the last most upload from the camera.

Taken 05-08-2009, 0724h 11sec. A zoom-in of this absurd parking arrangement that goes on around this parking lot. There is no work site or other local activity which would serve as a cover story as to why these vehicles are parked there at that time of day. Through the trees peekabo games again; a silver-grey pickup with a red jerry can for gasoline in the box, a second silver-grey pickup, then a red pickup all on the grass and not in the parking lot, but adjacent to it. The two vehicles in the parking lot appear to have some strange "localized" lighting on them to mask expectable features. A white trades van with orange stringered (fiberglass) ladders is parked on the street, also playing peekaboo through the trees.

Taken 05-08-2009, 0724h 17sec. As is often the case, a flush of vehicles are arranged immediately after sighting the parked vehicle pattern. Two mid-grey vehicles are in transit with a white trades van with orange livery. Nothing too incriminating though.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 19sec. A cute sequence of parked vehicles; two same red colored vehicles parked in file with an intervening same red and white two tone VW van. (I suffered those for at least three years, per perp dictate no doubt). A black pickup seems to be "anchoring" or doing color reference duty.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 31sec. A wide angle view of all the associated "support action"; more ladder vehicles (two), another same red vehicle in transit on the road on the left side leading to the top of the picture, and another parked red vehicle in the shade opposite of it.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 37sec. Along comes the mobile traffic; a lead black vehicle with the mid-grey SUV with the open sun roof stopped so it is short of going behind the tree. A portion of the red vehicle behind it is visible through the sunroof. All the vehicle glass appears extra reflective for no apparent reason as all vehicles are in the shade; such manipulation of light (IMHO) is common in my circumstances, and this is a relatively tame example.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 40sec. Now, the mid-grey vehicle, once stopped short of being obsured by the tree has now moved ahead so that the tree is between it and the camera. And in doing so, a slightly different red vehicle moved in behind it to then complete a very nice two ranks of three vehicles configuration with the black pickup on "color reference" duty; aided by the additional black mobile vehicle at the lead (left) end of the mobile vehicles. It doesn't come any cuter than this to spell orchestration IMHO.

I got carried away playing PC building games again; my mandated fantasy realm. No dough, so no go.

This one is done and hopefully the above pictures get wider coverage some day. When that wretched NY Times reporter (forgot somehow, how could I?) interviewed me I told her about the pictures, and that I had no means to arrange their contents, and she never looked as far as I know.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've noticed how these big events are pretty scary for TI's. The last time there was a parade here, there were some "modifications" to the show. More notably, there was some extra harassment, stalking, and laughter. Really, I don't know what the laughter is for. Maybe it's to traumatize me by making me feel I'm being laughed at. Or, it could be a humiliation tactic. They like to have hot "babes" out there "posing", i.e., showing off, and I just think they look like idiots, no matter what the education level.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, I've noticed how these big events...

I suspect the laughter and other human voice sounds are to have the emotional center of one's brain, the amygdala, respond. Voice, human and animal sounds reach deeper into the brain region the perps are most interested in. Hence the dog barking noise which is patently absurd in this neighborhood as pets aren't allowed in most of the rental properties in this area.

Anonymous said...

There must be something intrinsic to laughter, though, that I'm getting exposed to it so much. I figure it has more of a "musical" type property to it than normal speech. Since I am a musical person, my perps probably want vocalizations that closely resemble music in order to get my brain to react more favorably. And of course, I get females with a sort of pleasant, giggly, melodic laughter. I also get asshole guys with the loud "hearty" laughter, too, though. So part of their study must be in contrasting laughter: the asshole male laugh is similar to rap "music", much like the pleasant, giggly female laughter is like "normal" music. So the contrasting types must be important to them.

AJH said...

Answer to: There must be something intrinsic to laughter...

As for the perps planning "musical" properties I suspect you are correct. I cannot put any object down, e.g. mug on the table, without three or more raps, as if it was bouncing on the surface and these are rendered into a musical-like series of sounds. I also get "dude talk", the collection of males putting on the chat and bonhomie for the "hearty" laughter.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting that you are getting these "male bonding" scenes including the all-important bonhomie. For example, just as I'm driving past a series of houses, I'll see a guy walking over to his neighbor with the "hey Frank, don't you think it's too hot out for this stuff? Hahahaha (hearty laughter follows)". I see a bunch of scenes like this, too well-timed and recurring for it to be coincidence. Also, I get the people on bikes driving along the shoulder of the road, making it look like they are going somewhere, but it all looks too "planned". Also, it looks really out of place to have a well-dressed female walking along the road, looking all demure and lady-like, when the road happens to be the shoulder of a dangerous and busy highway (with no sidewalk). They must be out of their minds to think that doesn't look "planned".

Last night, I got some people saying "Monster" as I was walking away, and I figure that must refer to "". It looks like they are suggesting I should look for a real job on, and get out of part-time teaching (which can take insane amounts of prep time anyways for what the pay is).

AJH said...

Answer to: That's interesting that you are getting these "male bonding"...

The faux male jocularity act; usually in public or outside my door in the rooming house days, the last residence. A little more discreet here.

I sometimes get hints as to what to do or who it really was in morphed over form, say, the last "medical student" when at the last doctor's visit. I don't pay much attention to these if I can help it as there is such a large percentage of FUD, and there is nothing they like better than to have me get the wrong idea, at least for a time.