Monday, June 01, 2009


That is, a new power supply unit, that 6" box where the wall AC cord comes in and a whole bunch of DC wires come out connected to internal PC components. The way it unfolded is that I "need" 900W for any future upgrades, far more than my 400W fanless PSU I have had since 2006. Anyhow, the choice and specification didn't go according to my plan, but I am used to that now, no fucking choices in anything, no matter the reasonableness and research. It is one of those PC upgrades that is a "who cares", as there is no major visible change, and isn't even any heavier than the 400W unit. As it happens, the part has a three year warranty and he was, via email, dismissive of my PSU choice of another brand that had a five year warranty. I am no expert, so I went with his choice to engender some kind of appreciative engagement, as I am hoping to rebuild this PC in the fall, though I have not worked out the financing, always a perpetual jerkaround given the $300/month chocolate habit I am stiffed with for the perp's tiresome brown color games.

But it was a major gangstalking event in both directions, taking my PC out and into my parent's vehicle and driving it to the suburban abode that is a PC repair and build business. They started out my having my mother arrive with no advance warning unlike she usually does, this time she was waiting outside when I called. So I pulled all the connections off and packed it into the elevator. And lo, if my black and silver colored PC didn't bring a negro gangstalker at the next floor, packing a plastic bag. (Isn't that the official signature of a gangstalker?). Anyhow, he says hello, and I reply in kind. He gets off first, leads out the front door to the right and I go strainght ahead to cross the street to my mother's vehicle. When putting the PC in the vehicle I note the negro had doubled back, and was putting his plastic bag in the city trash bin, only two feet from me when I crossed the road. Then he hung around it for some mysterious reason. So... it would seem that he was dispatched to loiter in my trail and play dumbshit games with plastic bags. Most strange. Then when driving through downtown, a mighty vehicular gangstalking came on, and lo, if there wasn't a two hundred strong street protest as well that I was obliged to slowly drive by.

Then there was the ambulance stunt when I was about to turn left off the main thoroughfare to the last hundred yards to the suburban PC builder. I don't know what exactly happened because I must of got blanked out by the assholes. The ambulance was at least 150' behind me and I was about to turn left, with turn signal going, to get out of his way. The next thing I notice is that the ambulance driver had suddenly arrived in my driver side mirror, the asshole driving up the oncoming lane next to me and somehow I didn't notice until almost turning into his path. I had to suddenly change my plans to not turn, and proceed straight ahead and then take a right turn at the next traffic signal, the cycle timing sequence duly messed up with other emergency vehicles passing through. Anyhow, it took a one block 180 degree turn around to get back to where I wanted to to go. It was that exciting for the assholes.

And it was also beserk with gangstalking vehicles when going to the early afternoon doctor's appointment, for all the use it was. I get to talk to the kindly brown man with near zero empathy and a strange lack of curiousness. I tell him the most amazing things, all of which are true, and much of the time he doesn't seem to be listening. I told him that I measured a 500 gauss magnetic flux around me last week and he didn't even bother to write it down. I wonder why. Sitting in the waiting room is also a time for the weirds to be loitering around. Two dude buddies "happened" to meet there and did their "dude talk" thing which the perps seem totally obsessed with me overhearing at every venue there is, including outside my apartment door. These staged dude chats erupted within a week of the perps first striking in 2002, and I could never figure out why all these dude chats were erupting around me all the time. It mellowed some by mid-2003, but has been more prevalent in the past year. But the reality is that there are many kinds of chats arranged around me; excitable women nattering, various foreign languages, men and women chats and the aforementioned dude chats which seem to be the piece de resistance. Go figure.

I am back from the part time car dealership cleaning job. I got some extra attention from a supposed customer's child, brown skinned note, who wandered over to my cleaning tote and had his paws on my cleaning solution, thankfully to no harm.

Another bullshit event was having a flailing insect on the floor and when I was to vacuum it up, why it burst apart and spread blood on the floor. One of the Fuckwit Sales dudes was doing his disinterested sentry lounging act 2' away, and wasn't too moved by it even if I did explain it to him. And lo, if the adjacent vehicle, only 1' away, wasn't the same deep red color. I had to go some 60' away to get a cloth to clean it up, and that was when I first encountered the above child in the play area. As to whose blood it was that burst out of the mosquito/faux insect I don't know; the perps have a way of extracting it without any visible means, much like what is done with cattle mutilations.

When picking up my PC at the suburban PC builder today, duly gangstalked with a large color coordinated vehicle contingent around and oncoming, as well as three partial street closures, one being a two boom truck job on the traffic signals at one intersection, I had some more small child gangstalking/nusaince games. I knocked at the front door and the wife, and the two boys were there, seemingly ready for me, and was vaguely directed to an office out back. One boy followed me out the front door to the back, the other went through the house to meet me there and show me which building it was. I met up with the PC builder and we went to another room where he does his builds, with the boy following. While he was disconnecting my PC and putting the panels on, they boy "found" a flashlight, turned it on and started flicking it in my eyes. He wasn't even three feet tall, so the the beam came down from below, and I had to tell him that I didn't like it. The perps work all manner of games in to have light flickered at me and coming from below my horizontal perception range, such as arranging subgrade parking garage ramps to have a vehicle aiming its headlights from below horizontal. I have no idea as to what is so important about aiming lights at me from this angle, but it has been highly consistent. And the fuckers don't miss a trick to have it assigned to some "wayward" child games. Fucking beserk that anyone would let their children be used like this, but this isn't the first time.

Other associated games today was substantial (for me) cash withdrawal to pay for the PSU and the install. All of it in 20's, which are green and with a laser etched stripe in them. Regular readers will know the perps are beserk over the contents of my wallet with respect to bill colors and their number. They continue to keep their interest in colors, incremental changes with each paper thickness, and all the more so if it is financial transaction related.

Enough kvetching for a day, and onto what might be a long one tomorrow, as nothing is scheduled.

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