Saturday, July 29, 2006

TT Brown and Me

This is the second time around to mention Thomas Townsend Brown. An earlier mention was here, though I would not be surprised if the perps planted this theme again.

To be up front, as far as I know, there is no familial relation to me or my family with Thomas Townsend Brown. My mother is a Brown family member from Suffolk County in England b. ~1926. Thomas Townsend Brown is a third generation American born in Zanesville Ohio on March 18, 1905. His brilliant mind was apparent very early on. And too, his intellectual brilliance is nothing that I share with him either.

But as the perps direct all of my attention and curiousity, nothing that I do (in the collective sense of being mind-controlled) is random or off-script IMHO. Since the collective "I" has been following the TT Brown biography in progress and the forum of keen members who add their experiences and observations, there maybe some clues in this the perps want me to find.

From this site, here is a brief introduction of TT Brown's work history: half of his life was spent conducting classified military research -- perhaps the most classified research that has ever been conducted in either the public or the private sectors.

The other half of Brown's life was engaged in a variety of covert intelligence operations that commenced well before World War II.

Indeed, it seems that Brown was part of an internecine network of companies and agencies whose operations were well hidden within the international framework of a military and intelligence apparatus that started with the OSS and eventually evolved into the CIA, the NSA, and an entire alphabet soup of national security, defense, and intelligence agencies.

Moreover, it appears that those networks continue to operate behind an impenetrable cloak of secrecy to this day.

And to connect the dots with me, albeit tenously, TT Brown began his work in gravitics: in 1921 Brown discovered what was later called the Biefeld-Brown effect (16 years old then). And could it be that the above mentioned mysterious organization is the same one with their substantial gangstalker operations and action-at-a-distance gravitics capabilities who continue to make my life a living hell as they pursue mind-control research and their other related objectives? (These other objectives summarized from my perspective here). Very likely; if this planet had more than one such nefarious organization there wouldn't be one IMHO.

And it may well be that the only connection is that of TT Brown's work is being applied to me as per the operational abilities of the perps. In casting back to my childhood, the significant number of physical "coincidences"/adversity was one that I was aware of. As I saw it, even then, I was born under a black cloud (intentional pun); if anything went wrong in class or school, it seemed to happen to me more than most.

(And I just got body zapped with a simutaneous ceiling knock and a heavy duty vehicle noise outside- a three bagger).

TT Brown spoke of a multi-generational project, which may well explain the continued harassment I get with parental abettance, and it would seem, my daughter is under their spell, though not in the adverse circumstances like my own.

There are a few other common habits or items I have found in this current harassment operation, but are too trivial to detail. But it does seem very strange that one of America's greatest scientist's work is largely classified. In reading the Thomas Townsend Brown biography to date, his trail in working for the naval Research Laboratory goes cold about 1933.

Anyhow, this post didn't work out, as I have taken three days to collect it all together, and am obviously being dithered by any relative yardstick. Another mystery; a TT Brown trait was extensive family relocation; his daughter was in 48 schools in the 12 years of education, the last most being two years in one school. Talk about planned moving, but no one knows why.

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