Monday, May 25, 2009

WTF Moments + next day addition

More WTF moments today, like any where there is any degree of interaction with others. At tonight's car dealership cleaning job the boss man was on his "hurry up" campaign and indicated we were nearly done and I wrapped up my part of it (lights out, doors locked, final garbage toss out and mop bucket put away), and then he didn't come through to the Service garage where his scooter was parked. I put on my jacket and pondered the open hoods of some of the vehicles, and ended up waiting some 10 minutes. Then he makes out that he was coming back to mop and the mop bucket had been emptied. Normally, when he sends me to the Service garage for the final wrap up chores, he is done, or nearly done too. Or, even ahead of me, revving his scooter while I do the last of the work. This time, a long wait and then when he came he tells me that we have to do cleaning of the cubicle wall glass every two weeks, as if this were some kind of retribution for standing around, which of course it wasn't. Anyhow, I thought this first time "miscommunication" stunt of 10 minutes was all to keep me loitering in a location I wouldn't ordinarily do so. Then he sends me back to where he was to coordinate with the Sales personnel as to who is going to set the alarms. Which he could/should of done for spending 10 minutes there in the first place. Anyhow, I go through and it is a major dude flush as there were four of them clustered together at the front door and another doing the sweep-in-front of me gangstalk routine.

I got some 30 gangstalkers on my walk back, especially at street corners where I changed direction, this forced loitering stunt being a big deal for the assholes. Normally on the cleaning job there is no spare time whatsoever, and yet he somehow worked in this 10 minute long respite, all to have me stand around with my jacket on. Fucking stupid.

Another WTF moment was this morning when my mother wanted me to act as technical translator for the slipping clutch on her Ford Escape. My notion was that one can get a clutch adjusted and get another 10 to 20,000km or so out of it. She had an appointment with them to look at it based on this information, as if adjustment was needed it wouldn't take very long. When we got to the Ford dealership, along with the cavalcade of vehicle color and type formations, (aka vehicular gangstalking), there was this weird greasy fat man standing outside the entrance door, on "sentry" duty. I take a look at this fucker, and as soon as I had him lined up he swivels his head 90 degrees for no reason whatsoever except to avoid my gaze. While talking to the Service guy inside, it looked as if the weird fat guy's adult daughter was standing some 5' behind us, also on sentry duty and looking away when I cased her out. She could of gone to three other availible service desks, but no, she had to hang around behind me.

When we got to the Service desk and I explained the reason for the appointment, the guy tells me that the clutch is hydraulic and is self-adjusting and any slippage is entirely due to excessive wear. Oh, a new fact to update my notion of modern day vehicle clutch design. So... WTF, why didn't they tell that to my mother when she was making the appointment? Anyhow, a new appointment was made to get the work done in two days. This stupid clutch slippage game has been playing for at least eight weeks with my mother saying she doesn't notice it at all. Could be, but I doubt it.

Whenever the perps teach me an update to my knowledge, or put more details together on a story I already know, this moment seems to be of intense interest to them. Call it "knowledge assimilation stalking" for a mouthful. Similarly, the "understand it" moment, perhaps when something entirely new is revealed, is also of perp interest. It is plain tiresome to be under the microscope for every cognitive moment of my existence. Been there, done that, for 47 years before the assholes went overt on me in 2002.

At the Service desks in the Ford dealership they bounded each one with glass on either side, and I couldn't but fail to notice they lined up some posing dude to be seen through two or three panels of this glass. He stayed lined up for the ten minutes we were there. And in another adjacent office, and behind the Service guy I spoke with, they had a skinheaded male actively moving about in his office, often moving behind the Service guy, popping out, moving across his office etc. Another total creep-out are these skinheaded gangstalking males, no matter if they are in a suit, tie or otherwise.

On the Monday gardening front, the rare Monday instance I do it without staying over on a Sunday night, I did more soil slinging, always a big deal for the perps. There were two sources; the purchased delivery of three weeks ago and then that which came from their compost pile under black plastic for the winter. And no end of noisestalking erupted when I mixed them together as there was an excess for the garden box I built some three weeks ago. I have remarked on past composting events that the perps have arranged, as well as sending Ms. C of the story to take a Masters Composter's course.

I don't get what the perps are after with respect to compost, except to note that they extended this stunt/interest by having me eat lunch from a cucumber that was partially rotten when it came from the fridge after soil slinging. I cut off the rotten portions and ate some of the good portions and the notion got planted that eating sound food could still have some of the decay "energies" from the rotten portion, and that the assholes wanted to be able to detect them externally and remotely after ingesting their arranged food portions. Speculative, but it fits the pattern.

Another WTF moment was yesterday when I looked at my Mastercard bill and saw that I was billed April 30 by the outfit that sold me the ordered shirts, still not yet delivered. They said they had a problem getting my billing through on April 15, so I replied late in the day with the needed information (again), and I got an email May 17 saying it will be shipped May 18. No mention that the billing got cleared up over the weekend, but seemingly it did. The entire story doesn't hold any water as they billed me April 30, told me it had shipped, (two people told me it had shipped), and after I enquire about no delivery on May 14, I get an email response May15 that they have a problem with the billing address. Well they didn't have any problem as they had already billed me on April 30. And nor did anyone contact me in the interim to resolve the "problem". The whole thing is totally nutty, contrived and fucked up, and all I want is this infernal litany of fuck-ups to be over. Hopefully the shirts are OK, and no returns.

Another WTF moment was yesterday when I saw my electicity bill with the statement "Past Due"; I never recieved the first bill and then I get the second one indicating no payment. I have had many mail obstructions and jerkarounds in holding my mail, especially if it is a bill, and I sick fed up of getting my mail fucked with by timorous assholes who have no business fucking with it. Leave my mail alone you assholes.

This one is done for today, and at least I got out, even if to step into a scripted show.

The World SS has me pursuing/coveting the PC 5.25" bay inserts one can acquire to have DVD, CD, photo, etc. display and be manipulated by a remote control. A Home Theatre PC (HTPC) in the form of an inserted box into the PC bay drive. This seems a better option than having a dedicated HTPC for the limited use it would get. The mantra, planted or not, is to get a Network Server to have all audio, visual, photo and all other important archived information that could be backed up. Not that I have the scratch to have two PC's on the go of course, but this is a perfect example of the kind of covetous games that are set up for me. Invariably, they turn to nothing as some kind of staged event will render the plan obsolete or impractical for the circumstances, e.g. no money.

--new, 05-26-2008
An additional WTF moment was when my mother and I visited my father in the old folks place where he is staying, now into his second week there. He was sequestered in with the singalong that was on when we arrived so we sat outside in the courtyard until he was sprung free by the nurse, who knew we were there to see him. A near hour goes by with the usual attendant masers and plasma beams flitting about, and during that time my mother brings out a small photo album. She shows it to me, then I later page through it, and some of it had pictures of her Alaska cruise with her sister some ten or more years ago. Anyhow, on that theme she makes this strange comment about me not being allowed into the US until ten years have passed. And I say that there is no time limitation if they want to refuse me border entry, which they had done in 2003, three times in four visitations (see below), even if to clean out my apartment. Another WTF; no rationale was stated as to why I would be limited access to the US (until 2013 by her account), and no time limitation was inferred by anybody, not even the border patrol personnel. So where did all this bullshit come from and why was some insane obstructing skullduggery accorded a patina of legitimacy?

For the record, I had a TN visa which is dependent upon employment and when they pulled that all I wanted to do was then clean out my apartment in Seattle in 2003. (By then, they had already refused me US access once, stopping me going to Port Angeles via passenger boat as I wanted to deposit a check in my US Bank of America account at one of their ATMs there). The next time I went down it "so happened" that Ms. C's mother had died and she asked me to come down for the funeral. I did the dutiful thing, and drove to Seattle and attended the funeral, gave her emotional comfort and the rest of the social events. I cleaned out some of my apartment then, especially the delicate items like a custom portrait of my daughter, and headed back to Canada to make sure all items were securely stored and looked after. They let me through the Pacific crossing no problem. Then a few weeks later with my in-town brother to join me there in Seattle, and somehow he couldn't come with me, they pulled their guns on me for no reason except to turn me back. My purpose was that I wanted to clean out my apartment for good, and they wouldn't allow me because I might become a "ward of the state", same bullshit reason I got when they wouldn't let me go to Port Angeles to visit a ATM for crissakes. And as my brother hadn't was to arrive the next morning, I informed him that there was no reason for him to go to Seattle because I wasn't allowed in. Once I got back, my mother said to try again, as I was well aware that I had a secret "persona non grata" status with the INS at every crossing. I drove to the Port Angeles car ferry and waited there, seemingly passing the border inspection at the ferry dock, and when loading the vehicles they pulled mine out and went on about the same bullshit again, giving me the notice that I might become a "ward of the state". That was the third and last time I attempted to get to my stuff in Seattle, and eventually I had to get my parents to go there, manage the move to a storage locker, and then a few months later, call upon a colleague and his father to drive a truck down to get my stuff. Totally bizarre, insane obstructing bullshit. Since then, I have no interest in crossing any borders anywhere, and as long as I don't have a job, they have an immediate angle to refuse me entry.


Anonymous said...

Some of the latest stunts involve someone "losing" his or her keys, and having to stand in front of a door where I will have to pass to get out of building in order to "get" them. Well, the door was locked, and they had to call security, and while waiting for security, I had to pass them and interact with them.

I saw a variation on this 3 weeks ago, where this one guy locks his keys in his car, and lo, if he didn't have to call his "friend" to deliver a spare set to him while he waited near me.

In both scenarios, there were two people involved: a person and his or her male friend, and either a security guard of a friend to get them out of the jam. In the first case, this person had left her keys in the now locked room. So both scenarios involved keys locked in a 1)room 2) car.

AJH said...

Answer to: Some of the latest stunts...

Any excuse to have someone loitering for a reason, especially at the entrance to a building or around vehicles. But there is another component to this, as they often noisestalk me or flash me with plasma beams the instant I grasp my keys, put them in the lock and/or turn the key to actually unlock it. My family gangstalkers are always going on about keys. Go figure.